Dr. Thomas B. Roberts Discusses his book: Spiritual Growth with Entheogens: Psychoactive Sacramentals and Human Transformation."

Ayahuasca Pictures, Images and Photos

Podcast interview on O.T.O Grand lodge website. "Thelema Now!"

Professor Thomas B. Roberts Ph.D. discusses his new book "Spiritual Growth with Entheogens: Psychoactive Sacramentals and Human Transformation." During the interview, Dr. Robert talks about the continuing study of using psychedelics to both heal mental scars, promote stronger self-awareness and how we can return to the primary spiritual encounters at the basis of all religion.


Forbidden symbols

hey, i just published my new website showing the signs and symbols of ufo-cults, bikers, gangs, rouge masonic groups, peaceniks, nazi-satanists etc..

i have been a grailer for Years, and i am sure u will enjoy :)

The Fish, The Pentagram and The Black Sun:
Signs and symbols of cults, gangs and secret societies



Lost Tombs of the Maccabees


I had absolutely no idea such a thing ever existed. Apparently, there are more ancient wonders just laying under the soil waiting to be found.

Descriptions suggest seven (!) pyramids plus other structures originally visible from the Mediterranean Sea 18 miles away.

Shipibo Textiles and Entoptic Imagery

Latest Bohemia: Magical Textiles post exploring the relationship between traditional textiles and shamanism.


Textiles and Altered States of Consciousness

Textiles and the Multi-Tiered Cosmos: Indonesian Sarita Cloths. Examining sarita (funeral) cloths to determine any neurological origins.


Gateways of the Mind - A 2-day exploration into the non-physical states of Lucid dreaming and OBE's

3rd-4th November 2012, Royal Geographical Society, London, UK

Consisting of a 2-day conference and focused workshops this unique event will bring together, for the first time, leading researchers, authors and experienced practitioners to explore and discuss Lucid Dreaming and Out of Body Experiences.

Presenting both ancient and modern theories and practices from different cultures including western science, Tibetan Buddhism and the Toltec / Mexica (Aztec) tradition - this event will offer the attendee both the opportunity to learn from the experts and pioneers, discuss personal experience and then integrate the teachings into their practice with careful guidance and advice.

Gateways of the Mind will demonstrate how we can all benefit from the non-physical realities. All 5 speakers have between them thousands of first hand accounts of personal exploration, and will talk extensively about their practices and techniques whilst demonstrating how everyone can explore these non-physical realities and what the practical benefits can be to all of us in today’s world and on our spiritual path.

In addition to the 1 & 1/2 hr presentations from each of the speakers on key themes there will also be 2 mini-workshops included in the 2-day conference with the chance to book for an additional 1-day Lucid Dreaming workshop following the event and hosted by Robert Waggoner & Charlie Morley.

Wrapping up the conference will be a live 'question time' panel debate involving all 5 of the speakers. Utilising a mix of event key theme questions and direct audience participation - this will be your chance to put questions directly to the experts.
Speakers on the programme are:
- Charlie Morley - "From the basics to the borderline - An introduction to Lucid Dreaming"
- Robert Waggoner - "Exploring Beyond Lucid Dreaming to Non-Dual Awareness"
- Dr Michael Katz - "Dreaming & Awakening - Tibetan Dream Yoga"
- Sergio Magana - "The Nahual, The Art Of Dreaming On The Toltec/Mexica Wisdom Path"
- Graham Nicholls - Out of Body Experiences: Exploring the Nature of Reality"

For all event info - www.gatewaysofthemind.com including last chance to book at early bird discount rate

Latest from the Baltic Anomaly - 15 June 2012

Divers have checked the site and returned with video. Object appears to be possibly sandstone or cement. Described as "mushroom"-shaped. Images include a small stone circle on top!?

Ocean X:


Swedish newspaper with video:


How Psy-Ops Is Trashing the Garden of Eden

What’s not often understood about evil is that it’s never spiritual, but it is always political. It is about trying to make us believe that people who our manipulators want us to conquer or rise up against are essentially and inherently evil because “they follow evil spirits” ~ like Lucifer or the Archons. Our manipulators use scriptural texts to do this. However, the stories in these ancient texts, known as myths, are not about literal devils and demons, but are metaphorical teaching stories. This means that the ‘devils’ in them are no more real than Voldemort or Sauron.

The Garden of Eden story as told in Genesis is a politicised version of a spiritual teaching story which first appears in the Sumerian literature. Most of the Genesis, in fact, is a rehash of Sumerian myths, and part of the role of ancient myths was to teach cosmology in holographic, multi-dimensional terms (positive and negative polarities became devas and demons) which they mapped on to what we call today the Kabbalah.

Read more of this article at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon: http://ishtarsgate.wordpress.com/2012/06...

La Ciudad Blanca - The Lost White City!

High tech jungle mapping in Honduras may have revealed the location of a legendary lost city.

This is the Facebook page of the sponsoring entity, UTL Scientific LLC, formed by film-maker Steven Elkins (check the video at the bottom; looks like a grand plaza):


Some quick background on the legend and the object of adventurers since the conquistadors:


University of Houston press release with the essential facts:


More background - website of The National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (the science guys with the cool lasers):


Unlike previous uses of the laser mapping, no one was certain if anything might actually be there or not. Now someone needs to get in there and take some pics!

Only for Addicted to Paranormal TV Shows

Are you addicted to paranormal TV shows? I can’t help it. I go from one to another looking for that something that I never really find. I don’t consider myself a believer, neither a skeptic and that’s the problem. I belong, like many others; to that group in the middle looking for that elusive evidence to validate or not our suspicious about the existence of paranormal phenomena. The term 'Paranormal' is defined as a phenomenon or an experience that is beyond or unexplained by conventional theories of science.

Paranormal television shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures are becoming incredibly popular. We watch them, then, to give proof and validation to some of our experiences or fears. If anyone is looking for more scientific proof, rather than anecdotal evidence, these shows promote to provide that.

The paranormal/supernatural-investigation subgenre has cropped up on cable television over the last few years, which includes “Ghost Hunters,” “Destination Truth,” “Ghost Adventures,” “Ghost Hunters International”, “Fact or Faked” and a few others. Each one promises to take a skeptical approach in its investigations and to rely on science to confirm or disprove paranormal claims. So far not one has been able to consistently keep that promise, but we still watching them hoping that in one episode that promise will fulfilled.