The Rosslyn Matrix

Ancient Map discovered in Rosslyn Chapels crypt

Just when you think there can't be anything left to dig up when it comes to secret codes and Rosslyn Chapel, another layer is unearthed. The latest mystery - involving a carving scratched on the wall of the crypt - doesn't involve the Knights Templar, the bloodline of Christ, or any ancient secret societies. But for Ashley Cowie - who has spent the best part of a decade trying to work out its meaning - the carving has huge global significance when it comes to the history of ancient navigation. 'What is down there is an example of a lost system for measuring time and distance, involving both latitude and longitude. It's a priceless mapping treasure.'

Cowies theory that the carving is a navigational teaching board forms the basis of a new book, "The Rosslyn Matrix" where he presents his case for Rosslyn Chapel’s history being less cryptic and more cartographic. When Cowies hypothesis was handed to the academic community, Dr Robert Lomas from Bradford University conducted a statistical analysis on the theory and published the results in his best selling novel 'The book of Hiram', the fourth book in the Hiram Key series. His study concluded that Cowies theory has a 1 in 128 chance of being incorrect, a result which rubber stamps the discovery.

At first glance, the mysterious carving looks a bit like a miniature electricity pylon or an oil drill with a latticed construction of uprights and grids. At the top is the outline of a misshapen chalice cup which has a five pointed star on one of the sides. Inside the cup shape, stacked on top of each other, are four diamond shaped lozenges of different lengths and widths.

The crypt is part of an older building the 15th century chapel was built on top of, and it had been used as a workshop during chapel construction. The scratching on the south wall seems to have been dismissed as a workman's sketch for one of the roof pinnacles. 'I can say with confidence this carving does not represent a pinnacle, or any three dimensional church spire design,' says Cowie. 'This becomes obvious when you break down the elements of the carving and unravel the geometric layers.' Which is where he has the edge on most of us.

Where we see an electricity pylon or a badly drawn cup, Cowie sees a multi-layered, geometrically defined, mathematical template. And that's just one carving. Before he gets down to the nitty gritty, the first forty pages of his book colourfully illustrate the geometry underlying the architecture of the church and with graphic precision - his analysis of what he believes Rosslyn Chapel is not. 'It is not a copy of Solomon's or Herod's Temple. There is no 'Grail Trail' link with a Paris based meridian, and mathematical analyses of original ground plans show it to be an unfinished collegiate church.'

Not a knight in sight…
'I challenge anybody to show me a Knight Templar symbol in there' he says - no doubt opening up a very big can of worms. ‘When Rosslyn was built it had nothing to do with Freemasonry either', he claims - 'such concepts are illusions performed by modern authors and distract us from the real reasons such places were built' - his new book completely ignores such ideas.

Cowie speaks with the righteousness of the newly converted. 'Yes, I went down all the usual roads and got involved with all the esoteric stuff, Knights Templar included. I've come out the other end with my feet now firmly on terra firma.'

A decade and more has passed since the young fish merchant with a love of local history first brushed the dirt off an old crest on a ruined Caithness farmhouse lintel. Researching into the background of what turned out to be the engrailed cross of the St Clairs, led to a fascination with the skills of the family of ancient master builders and their craftsmen.

Determined to remain unfazed by the current hype, he examined William St Clair's fifteenth century Rosslyn Chapel from a practical perspective. 'As Earls of Orkney and Caithness, William and his predecessors learned their navigational skills from their Norwegian overlords who were experienced explorers.' The carving is what he believes to be the Chapel's most enduring legacy and the discovery makes a hugely important contribution to Scottish scientific history.

Getting him to explain its importance in a few short paragraphs is impossible, and the following synopsis will no doubt cause him much angst…
The lozenges at the top are ancient symbols showing degrees of latitude. They're created by observing and recording shadows at solstice sunrises and sunsets which produce different shapes at each degree of latitude. Tall, thin lozenges relate to northern places like Norway, which the top lozenge on the carving represents; wide and squat signifies a Mediterranean band, as in the bottom one. The middle two lozenges are the latitudes for Orkney (northern Scotland) and Rosslyn (southern Scotland).

The pylon shaped grid is a longitudinal slice of 15 degrees (1/24th of the 360 degree globe) and its vertical central line is an ancient meridian. And the cup shape isn't a cup, or grail chalice. It's an astronomical drawing of the orbits traced by the morning and evening star, a.k.a. planet Venus. All the elements in the carving were important to ancient navigators for place determination, synchronising dates, times and locations.

Cowie has certainly opened up many new avenues of approach, where a rich heritage and long standing cultural tradition take the place of myth and magic.

And Rosslyn Chapel are very happy to stock 'The Rosslyn Matrix' on their shelves. 'It's an interesting and refreshing new perspective on Rosslyn and Cowies book is selling more than all our other titles, including the Da Vinci Code,' says Stuart Beattie, Project Leader of the Chapel Trust.

Ashley will be delivering numerous lectures and doing signings this summer about his book and is set to release his second book at the Orkney International Science Festival in September. The festival organisers are advising people to pre book tickets or to get there early to assure a seat. With a series of three books on their way, a signed copy of Cowie's first book might just be a very good investment. Further details can be found at

Were all the pharoahs of Cushite blood ?

History has somewhat been unjust to the Egyptians, I had a coversation the other day with a person from the Israelite faith in my community and all can be said was how bad the Egyptians were. But if you look through the biblical times a few of the great leaders of the bible had some connection to this pariah country. Moses, Jacob, Yeshua and the list can go on. Was this so bad, the bible mention the Egyptians as enemies of The God of Jacob.Were they all from Cushite descendants.

Rock Pile Creates Controversy

Near the Massachusetts border at least 100 stone piles (about 3 feet high and 4 feet wide) lie on private land in this northern Rhode Island town of about 10,600 people. Developers are pressing to put 122 house lots on the location which has stirred much controversy over whether or not this is a sacred burial ground. No mention of any human remains being found yet. Detractors say that they are merely piles of rocks from early colonial agricultural operations. State experts have stated they are keeping watch on the site for further finds which may or may not confirm local Native American tribe's concerns.

King Herod's Tomb Found

An Israeli archaeologist says he has found the tomb of King Herod, the ruler of Judea while it was under Roman administration in the first century BC.

Incredible Photographic Image Reflections From Stone

I have found a photographic record of humanity etched in stones. Incredible images of the events, places and individuals that have only been described in writings and tales.

1.Enki and the Ark: The ancient deity who saved humanity. Images from the Altrahasis deciphered from the cuneiform of ancient Sumeria.

2. Enlil and Ekur: The temple in Nippur that was built like mountain, said to be the spaceport of the Nefilim. Enlil the ancient deity looking downward at his temple.

3. The Unicorn and Leviathan as described in the sciptures of Job 41.

4. The Unicorn emerging from the arm of Jesus.

5. A star map of Orion embedded in the photoglyphic image of Enki.

6. Enki wearing a mask of the Mayan deity Pacal II.

7. An ancient warning for modern humanity based on the time table of the Mayan callendar. The coordinates of an unknown celestial object expected to interface with our planet in the near future.

It is all too real, for me at least. I have posted these incredible images at:

Fire ants may have met their match


The U.S. government is seeking commercial partners to develop the SINV-1 virus into a pesticide to control fire ants.

Imported red fire ants have plagued farmers, ranchers and others for decades. Now the reviled pests are facing a bug of their own.

Researchers have pinpointed a naturally occurring virus that kills the ants, which arrived in the U.S. in the 1930s and now cause $6 billion in damage annually nationwide, including about $1.2 billion in Texas.

The virus caught the attention of U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers in Florida in 2002. The agency is now seeking commercial partners to develop the virus into a pesticide to control fire ants.

Hey, I've got an idea...let's release a virus into the wild. What's the worst that could happen?

Uncovering A Conspiracy

This link is to a movie that shows in detail the shielding of known criminal activity within the Catholic Church. On a personal note I noticed that it recieved a 100% rating, that is something that you don't see too often on this site. I have not yet found a copy of this movie to watch but I'm keeping the local video store on the look out for it. I look forward to seeing how this turns out. I had not seen any previews on it prior to noticing the release on the Rotten Tomatoes website. If anyone has seen it, please post your thoughts. Thanks, Pam

Giza Pyramids

This time last year I visited the Pyramids at Giza, and after reading the article by Zawi Hawass I found myself agreeing with him, I was so disapointed in the way it's handled. Buses everywhere plastic bags rubbish and nowhere to put the constant plastic bottles which have to be taken with you, the place is being desecrated it's such a shame. I went into the second pyramid with people being herded in like cattle it's not only dangerous but must be having a bad effect on the entire area. Such a shame. Cairo is spread right up to the Sphinx.

Deniers of Global Warming

As a friend of mine put it, the credentials attached to the names of some of the scientists who deny any human fault in Global Warming is so impressive, it just begs an audience. The National Post in Canada is running a series of articles on these inconvenient prophets, with a summary of nineteen articles listed on

Makes me wonder how long it will be before the EU passes laws to hush the climate change policy critics ...

Plus Ultra Podcast Episode I- Interview with Peter Levenda

Introducing Plus Ultra, “the Podcast for the Odd Cast”, with your host, Tracy R. Twyman.

Scientia, Historia, Ars, Politica, Occulto

There is More Beyond


Feature Interview: Peter Levenda, author of the three-part series, Sinister Forces, as well as Unholy Alliance: A History of the Nazi Involvement With the Occult; translator of the Necronomicon

Contribution: Kevin Leon Thompson of IAO Society for the Exploration of Esoteric Science

Theme and Bumper Music by: Kevin Leon Thompson

Also includes: “Cease to Exist” by Charles Manson

Plus Ultra Coat of Arms Designed by: Brian Albert


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The second half of the Peter Levenda interview conducted by Tracy Twyman is coming next week.