Part 4: Ritual Slit Weave Tapestry with Jack Cassin

This is the fourth and final post in a series of interpretations of a single textile by myself and Jack Cassin.

Possible ritual apron? Egyptian ceremonial cloth?

Telepathy or Coincidence

I had been working with this person for over a year in a stressful project with tight deadlines. We got along pretty well which it was a blessing considering the amount of hours of work, the stress and the fact that we were sharing the same small office.

One day I was focused in my morning‘s routine when this melody kept going and going in my mind as only minds know how to do in a loop. My co worker arrived and while he was putting his stuff on his desk he began to whistle the same melody.

How could that be possible? How could be possible that at the same moment I was thinking in this melody he started to whistle it? Was that a telepathy phenomena or just a very odd coincidence? Could two people’s thoughts get in some kind of harmony after sharing long time together or they just get to know each other so well that start to anticipate the other behaviours?

A study, led by Sydney's University of Technology, has found that some couples are so in tune that their brains begin to work in synchronisation - with parts of their nervous systems beating in harmony.

The scientists studied the brains and heartbeats of 30 volunteers during counselling sessions by counsellors and found identical patterns of brain activity in those who had become so close they were "physiologically aligned".

That means they reached a state in which their nervous systems were ticking in harmony, helping them to know each other's thoughts and emotions. The scientists believe the findings also shed light on the behaviour of couples, close friends or family members.

The brain is an electrochemical organ; researchers have speculated that a fully functioning brain can generate as much as 10 watts of electrical power. Electrical activity emanating from the brain is displayed in the form of brainwaves. Radio waves and brain waves are both forms of electromagnetic radiation—waves of energy that travel at the speed of light.

The difference between brain waves, radio waves, and other electromagnetic waves (such as visible light, X-rays and Gamma rays) lies in their frequency—that is, how often the waves peak and trough in a second. Radio waves, which include radio and other wireless transmission signals, as well as other natural signals in the same frequency, peak and trough at between 50 and 1000 megahertz—that’s between 50 million and one billion oscillations per second.

The human brain also emits waves, like when a person focuses her attention or remembers something. This activity fires thousands of neurons simultaneously at the same frequency generating a wave—but at a rate closer to 10 to 100 cycles per second.

But the Radio Wave Theory to explain telepathy has some skeptic’s argument against it. If telepathy works like radio waves and people often speak of "vibes" as though there were telepathic and "brain waves" go from one person to another, then we ought to be able to detect it coming from people's brains. But we cannot. The brain's electrical activity can be detected at best only a few centimetres away from the skull.

There would also need to be a wave transmitter in one brain and a wave receiver in the other brain. No sign of either has ever been detected in any human brain. Also, the strength of the "signal" ought to decay with distance.

My co worker and I were a little more than a metre of distance though, so maybe that was enough for him to perceive my musical waves. Or maybe it was just a song broadcasted by a radio channel that same morning that we both could have listened and provoked our predisposition to sign it later.

Telepathy or coincidence? You tell me. Most probably you have a similar story or other theory to share. So, please be my guest

By Viviana Gomez - September 16, 2012

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Possible Egyptian ritual cloth

Part 3 of interpretations by myself and Jack Cassin on a
possible Egyptian ritual cloth.

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Long time Lucid Dreamer Charlie Morley shares his insights into exploring the non-physical realities

Lucid Dreaming teacher and Gateways of the Mind speaker, Charlie Morley talks Lucid Dreaming Specifics.

What kind of Lucid Dreaming practice do you teach and why is it beneficial?

I teach a holistic approach to lucid dreaming called Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep which was developed by the well know mindfulness meditation teacher Rob Nairn and myself. In this approach we use a combination of lucid dreaming and conscious sleeping techniques from both the Western psychological and Tibetan Buddhist schools, all set within a framework of daytime mindfulness and awareness training. By combining Western and Eastern techniques we can take the ancient power of the Tibetan Buddhist approach to dream work and make it accessible to Western practitioners without any homogenisation of the two traditions.

The techniques that I teach are hopefully a way to fill the gap left between the often superficial scope of Western lucid dreaming practices and the often inaccessible Tibetan Dream Yoga practices. Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep is for people who want to go beyond lucid dreaming into something so much deeper. We sleep for about 30 years but we only dream for 6 of them, so although lucid dreaming is a deeply beneficial skill to learn it is limited in its use. Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep aims to move beyond these limits by offering practices which allow for our capacity for mindful awareness to be trained during all stages of sleep and waking with the aims of becoming lucid in our daytime lives as well as in our dreams.

Is it possible to share a Lucid Dream with someone else or meet up with them consciously in the dream?
It is possible but quite rare. Most accounts I have heard go something like this: 2 people aim to have a lucid dream on the same night and then aim to meet up within their lucid dreams. They both succeed in becoming lucid and they both meet up with a projection of their friend and believe that because they have interacted with that projection that they have had a shared lucid dream. However, unless they have exchanged some sort of password which can then be verified by a third party (perhaps to whom they e-mail their dream reports) we cannot say that this is verified proof. In many cases they may simply have been dealing with their own self-created projection of their friend, rather than the actual projected consciousness of their friend as in a true shared lucid dream. Anyway, all this is not to say that it isn’t possible to project an aspect of your own consciousness from the lucid dream state into another person’s lucid dream. It is definitely possible, we just need to check and verify the facts before we draw conclusions because this kind of stuff can easily become just another spiritual ego trip.

As both an Out-Of-Body Experience and Lucid Dreams can be induced through sleep and both seem very real, what is the difference between the two and how can you tell if you are dreaming or out of body?
If we have only experienced a handful of each then OBE’s and lucid dreams can often seem confusingly similar but once you have enough of both of them you will be able to distinguish them most of the time. Scientifically they can be distinguished quite easily because lucid dreams and OBE’s are distinct phenomena with distinct physiological correlates. The problem is that as you’re having an OBE you are unlikely to be aware that because you are not displaying the brain activation of REM sleep you cannot be having a lucid dream, so we depend on our subjective experience, which at the time can appear almost indistinguishable to a lucid dream.

Conversely, but much more commonly, as people are experiencing their first dozen or so lucid dreams, they lack a reference point for the unbelievable realism of the lucid dream state so they start to jump to conclusions, believing that their experiences are “far too real to be any type of dream!” And so they decide that they are having OBE’s rather than lucid dreams. So many experiences which are labelled as OBE’s are often actually misinterpreted lucid dreams, but once you start to have full on OBE’s you’ll be hard pressed to mistake the two. And once people have experienced an OBE from the waking state, rather than from sleep onset, they will definitely be no confusion between the two.

Within Tibetan Buddhism, although the terminology is slightly different, there is a distinction drawn between dream yoga training “in your head” (lucid dreaming) and the practice of going “out of your head” (OBE’s) although usually both are referred to collectively as dream yoga.

If you decided to leave the dream in a lucid dream, where would or could you go?

I wouldn’t, and perhaps couldn’t, leave it until I was fully lucid in this shared dream of waking life. Within Tibetan Buddhism the dream state is seen as a “dream within a dream” because waking life is the primary shared illusion. The reason we train in lucid dreaming is to be able, one day, to become lucid in this shared dream of waking life so until I’ve done that I will be needing the training ground of my lucid dreams.

As LD deals directly with the sub-conscious or subtle mind can it be used as a form of personal psychotherapy?

Absolutely. As I said in my TED talk “thousands of people are paying thousands of therapists thousands of dollars every week to do what you can do in your sleep.” Just recently I was teaching in Cape Town and I was saying how the deep level of Shadow integration (one of the direct therapeutic applications of lucid dreaming) which can be reached in a single lucid dream, might take up to 6 months of regular therapy in the waking state. Suddenly a therapist from the audience raised his hand and said “That’s incorrect.”

I thought to myself “well Charlie, that’s what you get for making sweeping statements in public!” and then just as I got myself ready to be chastised, he continued: “It would actually take more like 6 years of therapy. It appears that lucid dreaming is a much more direct route.”

I believe that lucid dreaming as a therapeutic tool has massive potential and I also believe that there will come a time when we will have lucid dream therapists whose job will be to advice patients on how they can work with own psychology directly through their lucid dreams.

Please express your reasons for taking part in the Gateways Of The Mind conference in London in November?

Because it’s going to be amazing! This is the first time ever that lucid dreaming and OBE exploration has had such a high profile platform in the UK. I believe that lucid dreaming will be a household term within the next 2 years. We are reaching a tipping point and the Gateways of The Mind conference is going to help make this tipping point happen. Every month there is new research into sleep and dream science being made public, much of it focusing on lucid dreams, and every month there are new mainstream articles on lucid dreaming being released. The BBC news online, The Times, Metro, Science Daily and The New Scientist have all released articles on lucid dreaming since the beginning of the year. Lucid dreaming is become very zeitgeisty and having the Gateways of The Mind conference coming up in November is going to further fuel this “spirit of the times”. I can’t wait, and the speaker line up is massive! It’s going to be so much fun! I am so grateful to be talking at the event and it will be an honour to be introducing all the other speakers too. See you in November!

For more info on the event please visit - or email to

Win 2 tickets to attend upcoming large scale event on Lucid Dreaming and OBE's in London Nov 2012

Hi all

I thought readers on these forum boards might be interested to know of an exciting and unique event that my company is organising later this year on lucid dreaming, OBE's and astral projection.

We are also offering the chance to win 2 free tickets!

The event is called Gateways of the Mind and it will take place on the 3rd-4th November 2012 at the Royal Geographical Society in London.
Its a 2-day conference along with various focused workshops. This unique event will bring together, for the first time, leading researchers, authors and experienced practitioners to explore and discuss Lucid Dreaming and Out of Body Experiences.

Presenting both ancient and modern theories and practices from different cultures including western science, Tibetan Buddhism and the Toltec / Mexica (Aztec) tradition - this event will offer the attendee both the opportunity to learn from the experts and pioneers, discuss personal experience and then integrate the teachings into their practice with careful guidance and advice.

Gateways of the Mind will demonstrate how we can all benefit from the non-physical realities. All 5 speakers have between them thousands of first hand accounts of personal exploration, and will talk extensively about their practices and techniques whilst demonstrating how everyone can explore these non-physical realities and what the practical benefits can be to all of us in today’s world and on our spiritual path.
The key speakers are:
- Robert Waggoner
- Charlie Morley
- Michael Katz
- Sergio Magana
- Graham Nicholls

For full speaker profiles please use this link -

In addition to the 1 & 1/2 hr presentations from each of the speakers on key themes there will also be 2 mini-workshops included in the 2-day conference with the chance to book for an additional 1-day Lucid Dreaming workshop following the event and hosted by Robert Waggoner & Charlie Morley.

Wrapping up the conference will be a live 'question time' panel debate involving all 5 of the speakers. Utilising a mix of event key theme questions and direct audience participation - this will be your chance to put questions directly to the experts.

For full info on the event - please visit the event website -

Win 2 free tickets to the event!
All you need to do is email us at requesting to sign up for our newsletter and you will automatically be entered into the draw. But hurry as the draw will take place on August 20th!

If you have any further questions about the event please also feel free to email us at the same above email address.
We also have a very active FB page - Gateways of the Mind which has both regular event updates and lots of general LD and OBE info and news from all over the world.
If you use Twitter please feel free to follow us @gatewaysofmind

I look forward to seeing you at the event

Davyd Farrell
Conference Director
Archetype Events

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