As IF You Don't Have Too Much To Do Already: INFINITY DAY 8 8 2013 is Coming! ( Again. )

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Well; here we go again!

Another seemingly futile attempt to get almost all Humanity to REALLY THINK...deeply, critically and logically.

But hey; don't we all just love fools who think the World would really give a hoot about WISDOM, LOVE, SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY?

Infinity Day is also known as Universal & International Infinity Day, and is a day held on the 8th of August of each year in order to celebrate and promote Philosophy and Philosophizing, not just for professional academics and published philosophers, but for everyone. The reason why it is called Infinity Day is because it is generally agreed among certain philosophers and other intellectuals that the concept, idea and potential reality of infinity is the ultimate one that the human mind can conceive, in terms of relevance and importance to true philosophical enquiry.

Infinity Day was first conceived and created by Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, a Philosopher and Science-Fiction author, who is also known as The Original New York City Free Advice Man (see The New Yorker magazine's August 17, 1987 issue) in 1987. It has been celebrated in the form of peaceful, non-violent and lawful (by official permit)demonstrations for philosophical enquiry, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and ethics in society, throughout the world. The first Infinity Day was held in New York City in 1987. Thereafter the founder took it to Washington (DC, USA), Budapest and London.


PS: You don't have to prove you're smarter than me; I already know that! But only in certain ways.

King David's Palace Found?

Israeli archaeologists have uncovered evidence of what they believe is a royal palace in Khirbet Qeiyafa (Biblical Sha'arayim) dating to the time of King David.

News story -

Original Israeli Antiquities Authority press release -

Hebrew University dig site (not updated this year, but nice photo gallery) -

Art and Evolution: Part I (Cognitive Lines)

Part 1 in a series on art and cognitive evolution.

Zahi Loose and Talking Hidden Chamber

The irrepressible Dr. Hawass has escaped charges of corruption and started a world tour! Speaking in Canada, he praises the robot explorations of the Great Pyramid that he consistently delayed and blocked. He also related a belief in a hidden chamber with Khufu's actual burial.

Italian Library Find!

You never know what may be sitting on the back shelves! This time it's an 850 year-old Torah scroll.

Worm Hole Report

Really slow news day, or another installment of Primeval?

The ongoing dilemma of to report or not to report begs the question: what if this was a real worm hole?

Somebody has checked to see if Brighton is still there... right?

How The Grail Sites Were Found

Willehalm Institute Press Release

Amsterdam, May 9, 2013 - “An Important Event in the Whole Field of Grail Research”, with these words Adalbert Count Keyzerlingk, author of "The Birth of a New Agriculture: Koberwitz 1924 and the Introduction of Biodynamics" and a Grail researcher in his own right, praised the book "How the Grail Sites Were Found – Wolfram von Eschenbach as a Historian" in a letter to the author Werner Greub in 1985 on the occasion of an exhibition in the Local Museum Trotte of the village of Arlesheim near Basle, Switzerland. This six-months long lasting exhibition commemorated the 200th anniversary of the Arlesheim Hermitage as an English Garden, during which attention was also paid to Greub’s research report purporting to show that this ancient Celtic holy place is the Grail landscape Terre de salvaesche with the proposed site of the Grail castle Munsalvaesche described in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Grail romance Parzival.

It was during this exhibition that the original German version of this first volume of an extensive Grail trilogy from the time of Zarathustra to Rudolf Steiner was first presented to the public and the press - more than 10 years after it was published by the Goetheanum, School for Spiritual Science, the research and development center of the General Anthroposophical Society in the neighboring village of Dornach. 28 years later, on May 3 last, the first English book edition was finally presented by the publisher Robert J. Kelder of the Willehalm Institute Press Foundation in the framework of the exhibition “The Virtues – Towards a New Courtesy” running from April 3 to May 10 in Amsterdam City Hall. Afterwards, based on the ground-breaking research report on hitherto unknown spiritual aspects of the life and work of the medieval founder of the original House of Orange and patron saint of the knights, a PowerPoint presentation “The Siege and Liberation of Orange” was given (in Dutch) as a further elaboration of the forthcoming petition to the recently inaugurated King William-Alexander to establish a new Willehalm Order of Knights of the Word to embrace and embody The Virtues. This petition is scheduled to be formally announced to the public on May 28, to commemorate the 1200th anniversary of the assumed day of death of this original William of Orange of legendary fame, immortalized by Wolfram von Eschenbach’s in his epic poem Willehalm.

Further in-depth information on the contents and availability of this book and on its publisher with many links to the introductions of earlier ring-band editions, various chapters and appendices can be found in a review entitled "Parzival Reconsidered" (see, in which sufficient study material is presented to judge - short of reading the book itself or better, visit the discovered Grail sites themselves - whether the above praise showered on this work by Count Keijzerlingk is indeed legitimate. Moreover, wherever this pain-staking, solid Swiss research report warrants further archaeological research with “ground-penetrating radar” into the existence of the subterranean Grail temple in the Arlesheimer Hermitage, the proposed location of the central Grail landscape "Terre de salvaesche" and the Grail Castle Munsalvaesche from Wolfram von Eschenbach’s "Parzival".

The Neurology of Curtains

Please visit my blog for a new post on textiles and neurology! Very exciting!!!

On the Dual REality of Existence

Check out my new text, "On the Dual Reality of Existence" that proposes how immortality will be obtained, the quantum nature of so-called spirit entities and how they came to exist and the reason for reincarnation along with conclusions relative to other currently inexplicable phenomena. This is not a theology text; it is a thinking man's text written in a style similar to that of the discussion section of a scientific publication. Currently available at Amazon Books.

Bert Warren, Ph.D

We the Skythians - The Lie of the land of Aegypt (New Book)


Giza Geometry is finally resolved. This rediscovery is about far more than a math principle and 'points to' the place where the modern era of history bang - Scotland. Historians neglected to analyze geodesy and gematria both which were utilized to reveal the purpose of the pyramids. 20 years of research, built upon an intuition, rediscovered the vibrational patterns that Giza describes and the people who designed them. Once you find the zero meridian at Giza, you can measure everything; the entire world grid! This book is a game changer and has its conceptual feet planted firmly on Earth's terra firma.

I am not selling the book and do not profit in any way. I am though friend's with the author, David Ritchie, and spent 9 weeks with him in Scotland last year further refining my interest in this subject matter and affirming the authenticity of the material. I believe the world will change in positive ways once a true account of history, an unintentional consequence of the Giza resolutions, becomes a field of historical research once again. This will be a threat to academia given its sonic mathematical principles and the historic deceptions that will undermine entire careers and even religious foundations.

We the Skythians is one of the more challenging books that I have ever read. The logic is simple and the math relies on prime numbers from which Giza reveals itself to be a mnemonic device literally pointing to places in the landscape where historical artifacts are revealed.....though not in the places where post 7th century history tells us. It's in the Bible, it's in the maps and it's i the mountains and an apt tagline. The numbers don't lie. Giza is the zero prime meridian through which the entire megalithic temple building efforts are based upon.

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It's also available on Amazon UK as a coffee table sized book due the necessity of high quality maps. The maps canbe purchased in laminated format separately. There is also an e-book format for digital readers.....

Note: There is an article summarizing this book in the first issue of the Heretic Magazine by the author.