Botanists take a crack at the Voynich Manuscript

Researchers conclude it originates from Mexico!

Article appears in HerbalGram, a publication of the American Botanical Council.

Ancient Textiles, Ancient Pottery, and the Multi-tiered Cosmos

A precursor to a conversation with ceramic artist Dana Morton of Earthborne Art.

The ancient association between textiles and ceramics and their role in the multi-tiered cosmos ideology.

Last Farewell - The 'goodbye ghost' manifestation

The room was in the darkness when he woke up and saw his friend at the end of his bed. They attended grade 2 together and they were best friends. His friend had been absent from school the last whole week. He only knew his friend was very ill and had to stay at the hospital. Now he was there smiling at him. He smiled back and then his friend walked out of the room. He didn't follow him. He knew.

Tales of widows seeing their late husband sitting on the foot of their bed or children encountering the manifestation of their dead sibling in their bedroom are legion, and even recently departed family pets have even been occasionally reported. Many had been written about spirits and ghosts, but this particular phenomena is usually the shortest in duration of all encounters where the spirit simply stays behind to give to a loved one, the last farewell.

The 'goodbye ghost' is a manifestation that appears—often only once—to either say goodbye to a loved one bereaved by their loss or to simply send a signal that they are well and have passed over successfully. These manifestations can be as simple as turning on lights or tuning a radio to a particular station the deceased was known to favor while alive to something as dramatic as a full-body manifestation.

However, these reports must be examined within the context of the many ways grief can manifest itself in one's imagination to produce the very fantasy a bereaved loved one 'needs' to bring closure to a tragic event. Grief hallucinations are a normal reaction to bereavement but are rarely discussed, because people fear they might be considered insane or mentally destabilised by their loss.

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Hello, I hope your are all having a great start to the New Year!

I have made discoveries that will help answer many of the questions you folks have about the world we live in. I just read a post about whether there is life after death and I believe my discoveries help answer that and many other questions.

I recently put together the video below to show some of my evidence one picture after another, and at nearly a half hour long you will see more obvious 'stuff' than you have ever seen before. And it just happens to be repeatable evidence meaning I can incorporate myself into scenes with creatures unknown to science.

At the end you get a better understanding of why I did this video. It wasn't initially intended to be seen by the public, but to find someone that deals with this stuff to sit down with me and go over my evidence and knowledge, which is far beyond anything I've expressed publicly.

My discoveries are doing a number on my life. Once you see the video you'll realize just how mind consuming such discoveries would be, and making a living the way I'm used to has become almost impossible.

I am not looking to get this out for the entire world can see, just to find someone who may be able to allow me to be a scientist so I can learn more about what is going on without losing my home.

I realize this is an unusual post, but would appreciate some intelligent feedback and maybe even advice.

Thanks so much and I'll look forward to hearing the good, bad and the ugly. Unfortunately I'm used to it by now, but I do respect all comments and opinions. Most of the people closest to my heart are folks that would rather not know about this stuff.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.


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- Over 250 amazing images showing everything you can never imagine.

More developments in cloaking

two researchers in The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering have demonstrated an effective invisibility cloak that is thin, scalable and adaptive to different types and sizes of objects.

Transparent Machines

Sort of true, sort of mental image, sort of false alarmism. Sort of true, though!

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Scientists Prove God Exists? German Scientists Say They Have

Two scientists believe that they have proven that God exists.

Analyzing a theorem from the late Austrian mathematician Kurt Gödel with a Macbook has proven that God exists, say the two scientists–Christoph Benzmüller of Berlin’s Free University and his colleague, Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo of the Technical University in Vienna.

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Bigotry towards Psychics: Why it is No Different to Racism and Homophobia

I’ve been planning on writing an article like this for some time and was finally inspired to actually do so by coming across what I can only describe as a shocking piece of bigotry and hate speech from this article from the Guardian -

The article was published in December 2006 and seems to have either gone unnoticed or people have passed by without complaint. Which I find a little disturbing, and it also speaks volumes about our current culture, in which bigotry towards psychics, mediums and other people involved in New Age or occult practices is still socially acceptable.

Guardian writer Julie Bindel was taken to task for allegedly transphobic comments, but as far as I can tell, there appears to have been no criticism of the prejudice in Charlie Brooker’s article.

Let’s go through some of the pertinent (and most disgusting) comments:

Article’s title: “When it comes to psychics, my stance is hardcore: they must die alone in windowless cells.”

Need I say more? I’ve seen people advocate better treatment for mass murderers.

Brooker openly calls for all psychics and mediums to be placed in jail – “I think every psychic and medium in this country belongs in prison. Even the ones demented enough to believe in what they’re doing. In fact, especially them. Give them windowless cells and make them crap in buckets.”

He then goes on to disaparage people who believe in psychics, grudgingly admitting that they have the right to believe what they want, but calling them “dangerous idiots.”

In my opinion, it’s Mr Brooker who more properly qualifies as a “dangerous idiot”.

Brooker is calling for the oppression and marginalisation of a group of people, a minority group who are different, a group that is outside what is considered “normal” or “mainstream”. Why? Because he *believes* they are all either fraudulent or mentally ill.

Well, there are also people out there who “believe” that all gay people are either fraudulent or mentally ill. That way of thinking may, thankfully, be less prevalent than it used to be, but it still, sadly, exists. Some people, for example think that gay people “make themselves gay” for show (which covers the fraudulent part), others believe that homosexuality is some kind of mental illness that needs to be treated.

See the similarity? If someone proposed (due to their beliefs) that all gay people be herded into prison, there would justifiably be an outcry and a storm of criticism. But when someone suggests the same thing of psychics and mediums, we have silence.

I agree that genuinely fraudulent psychics are a problem and perhaps some sort of jail sentence would be an appropriate punishment. But there is a huge difference between saying that genuinely fraudulent psychics should face the long arm of the law and saying that *all* psychics and mediums belong in prison.

Many psychics and mediums (in my opinion the majority) are quite genuine and sincere in what they do. They honestly believe they have an ability and their objective is to comfort people and help with the grieving process. They want people to be comforted by the fact that their loved ones still exist and that they will one day be reunited.

Even Brooker admits that not all psychics and mediums are frauds and that there are those who “believe in what they are doing.” (Brooker calls them “demented” – charming!) If they believe they have the ability then, regardless of whether or not they actually have it, they are not fraudulent, and therefore are not guilty of any crime. Yet Brooker still advocates sending these individuals to prison. “Even the ones demented enough to believe in what they’re doing. In fact, especially them.”

Let’s just think about this for a minute.

If Brooker believes these people are mentally ill, why is he saying they should go to prison and live amongst criminals? Shouldn’t he be encouraging sympathy and empathy instead? Shouldn’t he be advocating help for these people, rather than imprisonment? Shouldn’t he be calling for humane treatment instead? Are mental illness and self-delusion crimes now?

Silly me for thinking that the appropriate way to treat the mentally ill (or those thought to be mentally ill) is to show compassion, tolerance and to offer services that can help them. I suppose Brooker and his ilk think they should all be rounded up and placed in jail cells (or possibly concentration camps?)

Not only is Brooker displaying hate and bigotry against psychics and mediums, he’s also demonstrating how heartless he is to people he considers to be mentally unwell. Not only is he a bigot, but he has no compassion to boot.

There is also good evidence (including scientific evidence) to suggest that some paranormal phenomena exist and that some psychics and mediums have a genuine ability. Instead of calling for their persecution, perhaps Brooker’s time could be better spent reading some of the large body of research that has been conducted for over a century.

And that’s exactly what Brooker is calling for. He’s saying that *all* psychics and mediums in the country should be in prison. Not just some, not just the ones that are actually fraudulent, but *all* people calling themselves psychics or mediums. He’s encouraging the persecution and oppression of a minority group. He’s also demonising people who believe in psychics and calling them “dangerous”. Hmmm, remind you of other people who like to label gay people or people of different races as “dangerous”?

It’s no different to racism or homophobia in my opinion. The reason I think this is because I believe that psychic ability, such as clairvoyance, is a natural ability that people are born with. I think everyone has the potential to develop these skills, and that some people are born with a more “natural” ability for it. Rather like someone can learn to be a painter, but others are natural painters, who need little coaching or education.

I think people are naturally imbued with psychic ability (or the potential to develop it) and in that sense it’s no different to the race someone is born into, or the sexuality someone is born with. They didn’t choose it – they were born that way. So bigotry against psychics and mediums is no different to racism or homophobia, in my opinion, and it’s equally as disgusting. The difference is, that racism and homophobia are no longer so socially acceptable. But, as the lack of criticism of this article attests, bigotry against psychics and mediums largely is still socially acceptable.

If someone wrote an article for the Guardian stating that all non-white people belong in prison, or that all gay people belong in prison, it would quite rightly cause outrage. But because the target was psychics and mediums, there was nothing.

Listening To Boredom

"There is yet another way out of boredom, however. Not a better one, perhaps,
from your point of view, and not necessarily secure, but straight and
inexpensive. When hit by boredom , let yourself be crushed by it; submerge, hit
bottom. In general, with things unpleasant, the rule is: The sooner you hit
bottom, the faster you surface. The idea here is to exact a full look at the
worst. The reason boredom deserves such scrutiny is that it represents pure,
undiluted time in all its repetitive, redundant, monotonous splendor."

"If it takes will-paralyzing boredom to bring your insignificance home, then
hail the boredom. You are insignificant because you are finite. Yet infinity is
not terribly lively, not terribly emotional. Your boredom , at least, tells you
that much. And the more finite a thing is, the more it is charged with life,
emotions, joy, fears, compassion."


Listening to boredom. (excerpt from 'In Praise of Boredom'; adapted from
Dartmouth College commencement address) Joseph Brodsky.
Harper's Magazine, March 1995 v290 n1738 p11(3)
Listening to boredom. (excerpt from 'In Praise of Boredom'; adapted from
Dartmouth College commencement address) Joseph Brodsky.
Harper's Magazine, March 1995 v290 n1738 p11(3)

Abstract: Boredom is a natural condition of modern life that plagues rich and
poor alike. Even unusually gifted individuals who create lucrative innovations
must endure boredom. Advice for new college graduates on how to survive tedium
is presented.

A substantial part of what lies ahead of you is going to be claimed by boredom
. The reason I'd like to talk to you about it today, on this lofty occasion, is
that I believe no liberal arts college prepares you for that eventuality.
Neither the humanities nor science offers courses in boredom . At best, they
may acquaint you with the sensation by incurring it. But what is a casual
contact to an incurable malaise? The worst monotonous drone coming from a
lectern or the most eye-splitting textbook written in turgid English is nothing
in comparison to the psychological Sahara that starts right in your bedroom and
spurns the horizon.

Known under several aliases--anguish, ennui, tedium, the doldrums, humdrum, the
blahs, apathy, listlessness, stolidity, lethargy, languor, etc.--boredom is a
complex phenomenon and by and large a product of repetition. It would seem,
then, that the best remedy against it would be constant inventiveness and
originality. That is what you, young and new-fangled, would hope for. Alas,
life won't supply you with that option, for life's main medium is precisely

One may argue, of course, that repeated attempts at originality and
inventiveness are the vehicle of progress and, in the same breath,
civilization. As benefits of hindsight go, however, this one is not the most
valuable. For if we divide the history of our species by scientific
discoveries, not to mention new ethical concepts, the result will not be very
impressive. We'll get, technically speaking, centuries of boredom. The very
notion of originality or innovation spells out the monotony of standard
reality, of life.

The other trouble with originality and inventiveness is that they literally pay
off. Provided that you are capable of either, you will become well-off rather
fast. Desirable as that may be, most of you know firthand that nobody is as
bored as the rich, for money buys time, and time is repetitive. Assuming that
you are not heading for poverty, one can expect your being hit by boredom as
soon as the first tools of self-gratification become available to you. Thanks
to modern technology, those tools are as numerous as boredom's symptoms. In
light of their function--to render you oblivious to the redundancy of
time--their abundance is revealing.

As for poverty, boredom is the most brutal part of its misery, and escape from
it takes more radical forms: violent rebellion or drug addiction. Both are
temporary, for the misery of poverty is infinite; both, because of that
infinity, are costly. In general, a man shooting heroin into his vein does so
largely for the same reason you rent a video: to dodge the redundancy of time.
The difference, though, is that he spends more than he's got, and that his
means of escaping become as redundant as what he is escaping from faster than
yours. On the whole, the difference in tactility between a syringe's needle and
a stereo's push button roughly corresponds to the difference between the
acuteness of time's impact upon the have-nots and the dullness of its impact on
the haves. But, whether rich or poor, you will inevitably be afflicted by
monotony. Potential haves, you'll be bored with your work, your friends, your
spouses, your lovers, the view from your window, the furniture or wallpaper in
your room, your thoughts, yourselves. Accordingly, you'll try to devise ways of
escape. Apart from the self-gratifying gadgets I mentioned before, you may take
up changing your job, residence, company, country, climate; you may take up
promiscuity, alcohol, travel, cooking lessons, drugs, psychoanalysis.

In fact, you may lump all these together, and for a while that may work. Until
the day, of course, when you wake up in your bedroom amidst a new family and a
different wallpaper, in a different state and climate, with a heap of bills
from your travel agent and your shrink, yet with the same stale feeling toward
the light of day pouring through your window. You'll put on your loafers only
to discover that they're lacking bootstraps by which to lift yourself up from
what you recognize. Depending on your temperament and your age, you will either
panic or resign yourself to the familiarity of the sensation, or else you'll go
through the rigmarole of change once more. Neurosis and depression will enter
your lexicon; pills, your medicine cabinet.

Basically, there is nothing wrong with turning life into the constant quest for
alternatives, into leapfrogging jobs, spouses, and surroundings, provided that
you can afford the alimony and jumbled memories. This predicament, after all,
has been sufficiently glamorized onscreen and in Romantic poetry. The rub,
however, is that before long this quest turns into a full-time occupation, with
your need for an alternative coming to match a drug addict's daily fix.

There is yet another way out of boredom, however. Not a better one, perhaps,
from your point of view, and not necessarily secure, but straight and
inexpensive. When hit by boredom , let yourself be crushed by it; submerge, hit
bottom. In general, with things unpleasant, the rule is: The sooner you hit
bottom, the faster you surface. The idea here is to exact a full look at the
worst. The reason boredom deserves such scrutiny is that it represents pure,
undiluted time in all its repetitive, redundant, monotonous splendor.

Boredom is your window on the properties of time that one tends to ignore to
the likely peril of one's mental equilibrium. It is your window on time's
infinity. Once this window opens, don't try to shut it; on the contrary, throw
it wide open. For boredom speaks the language of time, and it teaches you the
most valuable lesson of your life: the lesson of your utter insignificance. It
is valuable to you, as well as to those you are to rub shoulders with. "You are
finite," time tells you in the voice of boredom, "and whatever you do is, from
my point of view, futile." As music to your ears, this, of course, may not
count; yet the sense of futility, of the limited significance of even your
best, most ardent actions, is better than the illusion of their consequences
and the attendant self-aggrandizement.

For boredom is an invasion of time into your set of values. It puts your
existence into its proper perspective, the net result of which is precision and
humility. The former, it must be noted, breeds the latter. The more you learn
about your own size, the more humble and the more compassionate you become to
your likes, to the dust aswirl in a sunbeam or already immobile atop your

If it takes will-paralyzing boredom to bring your insignificance home, then
hail the boredom. You are insignificant because you are finite. Yet infinity is
not terribly lively, not terribly emotional. Your boredom , at least, tells you
that much. And the more finite a thing is, the more it is charged with life,
emotions, joy, fears, compassion.

What's good about boredom, about anguish and the sense of meaninglessness of
your own, of everything else's existence, is that it is not a deception. Try to
embrace, or let yourself be embraced by, boredom and anguish, which are larger
than you anyhow. No doubt you'll find that bosom smothering, yet try to endure
it as long as you can, and then some more. Above all, don't think you've goofed
somewhere along the line, don't try to retrace your steps to correct the error.
No, as W. H. Auden said, "Believe your pain." This awful bear hug is no
mistake. Nothing that disturbs you ever is

As IF You Don't Have Too Much To Do Already: INFINITY DAY 8 8 2013 is Coming! ( Again. )

See video

Well; here we go again!

Another seemingly futile attempt to get almost all Humanity to REALLY THINK...deeply, critically and logically.

But hey; don't we all just love fools who think the World would really give a hoot about WISDOM, LOVE, SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY?

Infinity Day is also known as Universal & International Infinity Day, and is a day held on the 8th of August of each year in order to celebrate and promote Philosophy and Philosophizing, not just for professional academics and published philosophers, but for everyone. The reason why it is called Infinity Day is because it is generally agreed among certain philosophers and other intellectuals that the concept, idea and potential reality of infinity is the ultimate one that the human mind can conceive, in terms of relevance and importance to true philosophical enquiry.

Infinity Day was first conceived and created by Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, a Philosopher and Science-Fiction author, who is also known as The Original New York City Free Advice Man (see The New Yorker magazine's August 17, 1987 issue) in 1987. It has been celebrated in the form of peaceful, non-violent and lawful (by official permit)demonstrations for philosophical enquiry, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and ethics in society, throughout the world. The first Infinity Day was held in New York City in 1987. Thereafter the founder took it to Washington (DC, USA), Budapest and London.


PS: You don't have to prove you're smarter than me; I already know that! But only in certain ways.