Amazon deliveries continued in New York after Hurricane Sandy

Just two days after Hurricane Sandy hit, a man named Nate ordered a bicycle from Amazon at 4 p.m. -- and was amazed that it showed up on his doorstep by 8 a.m. the next morning! "I'm trying to figure out how I can order stuff from Amazon to be delivered to the people who need it on Staten Island or the Jersey Shore," Nate remembered later, "because apparently Amazon are the only people who can get things places right now...!"

Amazon's pre-Black Friday sales shot up last week for post-hurricane items like gas-powered generators. (And Nate's bicycle cost less than a week's worth of taxis.) In fact, New York's transportation department reported 17,000 more bicyclists on the Brooklyn Bridge (and the three other biggest bridges in Manhattan, Queensboro, and WIlliamsburg). One of Nate's friends even joked, "Maybe the government should commandeer Amazon until the crisis is over."

"Apparently," Nate replied, "they could 16 hours!"