Undergrad physics major debunks Norway Spiral missile theory (Reality Sandwich)

Arash Amini is an undergraduate Physics major at the University of Illinois-Chicago. His mathematics paper, “On the Norway Spirals and Their Physically Impossible 'Ripple' Propagation” serves to debunk the assertion made by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Amini uses time lapsed photography, video footage, and basic trigonometry to attempt to prove the Norway Spiral could not have been caused by a failed submarine launched missile:



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I'm experiencing a very interesting bit of synchronicities on account of this funky Norway spiral. Or rather, it's not me the one experiencing the synchronicities, but somehow I played a part in it.

I you want to know what I'm talking about, please read these links:





Now, about the spiral: I remember I joked about it saying it was either the Russian missile, a prank by the guys running the HAARP installation, or the lord Kukulcan arriving through an interdimensional portal to wage judgement upon us all ;)

Whatever it really was, it seems to have created all sorts of interesting ripples across paranormal blogs, and that may in the end be more important than the source of the event itself...

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