Portugese UFOs

Following hot on the heels of the 'Mexican UFOs', comes a great deal of excitement about unidentified aerial phenomena in Portugal. While much of the information is yet to hit the 'Western' press, we're lucky enough here at TDG that member Zenedra speaks Portugese and has managed to translate one of the reports for us:

Colonel Carlos Barbosa of the Air force, said to Lusa [this newspaper I am assuming], that the radars of the defence area registered something during 2 or three minutes that wasn't any aeroplane. On the other hand, the radars of NAV, the radar that guards the air space of Portugal, detected nothing, according to Paulo Lagarto (manager).

The phenomenon is described as a bright light that is intense, white, with smoke and without sound, and it was also detected by controllers of air traffic in Beja and Montijo and also sighted by the firemen in the airport of Lisbon, according to Colonel Carlos Barbosa.

The investigator, a specialist in meteors and meteorites, dismissed also the fact that it was a meteor because it was seen all over Portugal, from north and south.

Thanks Zenedra.

Talisman Delays

Robert Bauval has posted plenty of messages on the Talisman Bulletin Board since the book launch last week. Among the messages is a warning that Penguin Books have been having some distribution problems and as such delivery of Talisman to some outlets may be delayed. You can always grab it from Amazon UK in a pinch.

Also, Fuzzy sends word that there is now a message board devoted to Talisman over at Graham Hancock's website. Stop in there for a chat about the book if it catches your fancy. Anybody purchased it yet, got comments to share?

News Briefs 03-06-2004

I had forgotten about the joys of dial-up internet. The kind of joy you experience by poking a hot needle through your eyeball...

  • It's a solstice celebration for SpaceShipOne: June 21 set as launch date for attempt at first privately-funded manned space flight.
  • Meanwhile, NASA now optimistic about chances of success with robotic mission to save Hubble Space Telescope (HST).
  • Speaking of robots, those Martian rovers just keep roving.
  • The 'nightmare scenario waiting to happen' - chances of 'dirty bomb' attack rise significantly.
  • But who needs a dirty bomb when you can count on your own government to dose you up on plutonium?
  • Archaeologists search for lost Torah near Auschwitz.
  • Afghanistan's fabled Bactrian Gold to tour the world.
  • The archives of the Royal Geographic Society to be opened to the public.
  • Major excavation to open Viking graves.
  • Following hot on the heels of the cicada plague, comes the massive stink as they all die and rot. Ewww.
  • Asperger's Syndrome - not just a medical condition, but perhaps the creator of geniuses.
  • Retired chemistry professor to test Brisbane's weeping statues. And Randi's not one to miss an opportunity to get his name up in lights, as he offers his $1million prize if the church can prove the phenomenon is supernatural. Can someone offer a $1million prize to prove that James Randi's prize is bona fide (see here and here)?
  • Star Dreams: A documentary about crop circles.
  • Man-made chemicals are affecting the development of children's brains.
  • Forget cold fusion, here comes banana power.
  • Alaskan quake of 2002 unblocked geysers in Yellowstone Park.
  • Genetically-modifed virus explodes cancer cells. Is that like the opposite to a dirty bomb?
  • University unveils tool to check student essays for plagiarism from 4.5 billion webpages.
  • Cattle mutilation in Rio Cuarto - hoax or the real deal?
  • Book review of Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order, by Steven Strogatz (Amazon US).
  • Sir Paul McCartney reveals Beatles' drug use. My lord, I had no idea...the 60s have lost their innocence for me now. Just think of the subversity - elevator music created by LSD-crazed junkies. Where's the Christian Right when they're needed?

Quote of the Day:

Without anomalies and their validation, later incorporation, and explanation, we would not have any progress in science. We have a fundamental problem in science of somehow trying to balance openness with conservatism, and imagination and creativity with criticism.

Marcello Truzzi

New Scientist 05/06

The latest print issue of New Scientist is available on newsstands, with a list of content posted on the website. The main feature this week is on the 'Second Rock from the Sun', Venus: "just in time for Venus's first transit of the sun in 120 years, New Scientist brings you a complete guide to the planet, including where and when to watch the transit." Also hints of a hidden side to multiple sclerosis (MS), and plenty of other things besides. Some items have been posted online for you to read, so check it out.

News Briefs 02-06-2004

So, what's made the Pole Star brighten up its act? Post your thoughts.

  • Over the past two millennia, the star Polaris has brightened by 250%, and astronomers have no idea why.
  • Man-made calamity the world is ignoring.
  • Dinosaurs wiped out in a few hours.
  • We are all dimmed.
  • Dinosaur skull is evidence Africa broke off later than thought.
  • Stormy bands on ringed world.
  • Planet Earth dims then brightens.
  • Study examines how brain creates detailed recollections.
  • New theory finds common ground between conflicting evidence for first stars.
  • How the City of London runs the world. Is the Bank trying to steer market views on rates?
  • Putin and the mythical NGO conspiracy.
  • Folds at surface show ancient seismic stresses still at work.
  • Dark energy tied to human origins.
  • Bananas to generate electricity?
  • The march of the killer toads.
  • No such thing as paranoia; Part 1. Part 2


  • Mystery hand falls from the sky.
  • A square of dark chocolate a day could keep the cardiologist away.
  • Comet theory: the cause of the glowing tail. Or is it antimatter?
  • We can lament the mischief of hackers, thieves, and tricksters, or we can learn lessons in innovation from them.
  • Up in the air!
  • Pumped-up dummy does the ironing. Remember the autopilot in Airplane?
  • GM virus explodes cancer cells.
  • Earthquakes beget earthquakes near and far. More like making stretch marks.
  • Dead Sea to disappear in 50 years.

Quote of the Day:

A thing worth having is a thing worth cheating for.

W. C. Fields

Gérard de Sède est Mort

Another large part of the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau moved from reality to legend on the weekend with the passing of French author Gérard de Sède. De Sède was known mainly for his role in popularizing the legend of Rennes-le-Chateau through his book Le Tresor Maudit (since translated into English as The Accursed Treasure of Rennes-le-Chateau, see Amazon UK), which Henry Lincoln first stumbled across to start the HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL juggernaut. Through his association with Pierre Plantard and Phillipe de Cherisey, de Sède occupied a central place in the mystery. However, he was also the author of many other French 'mystery' books and, though a controversial figure, was warmly regarded by many researchers. Gérard de Sède was 82. Thanks Filip.

Rense Schedule 31/05 - 05/06

The latest schedule for the Jeff Rense radio show is available - Thursday's show looks great with a remote viewing special. Here's the line-up for the coming week:

  • Tuesday, June 01: George Filer - MUFON UFO Report, Dan Briody - Inside The Carlyle Group
  • Wednesday, June 02: Nancy Talbott - Poland Crop Circle Encounter, John Carman - Former Customs Agent
    On Illegal Immigration
  • Thursday, June 03: Paul Smith - Remote Viewing, Russell Targ - Legendary Psi Pioneer
  • Friday, June 04: Dave Oester/Sharon Gill - Multiple Recordings
    Of Same EVP
  • Saturday, June 05: Best of Rense

    As always, you can catch up on older shows in the archives.
  • C2C Schedule 31/05 - 03/06

    For those that tune in to the "Coast to Coast AM" show, here's the schedule for the first half of the week:

    • Monday, May 31: First Hour: Prof. David M. Jacobs will present an update on the alien abduction issue, then George Noory will host a night of Open Lines, in this special live Memorial Day broadcast.
    • Tuesday, June 1: Jack Cashill has investigated the downing of TWA flight 800, as well as the untimely death of Ron Brown and contends these events are key to understanding the roots of current global terrorism.
    • Wednesday, June 2: Pediatrician and neuroscientist, Dr. Melvin Morse, will share his insight from years of working with children who have had near-death experiences.
    • Thursday, June 3: Author Randall Fitzgerald will discuss the role of luck in our lives based on the most recent findings from the realm of parapsychological research.

    All shows listed are hosted by George Noory, and are broadcast live from 10pm - 2am (Pacific Time).

    News Briefs 01-06-2004

    I need a chiropractor...anybody good with their hands?

    • Paranormal investigators earn their keep at Royal Navy hangman's cell.
    • Conman's role in IVF prayer-power miracle exposed.
    • Supernatural tourism a lucrative niche market for tour operators.
    • THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW - why the world's press are wrong and Whitley Strieber is right.
    • The Bear Lake Monster has returned from the depths.
    • Killer rash breaks out in New York City. I feel itchy already, and I'm half a world away.
    • The strange life of self-declared genius, panty-fetishist and esoteric author Colin Wilson. DREAMING TO SOME PURPOSE: The Autobiography of Colin Wilson is available from Amazon US and UK.
    • MacBeth's castle unearthed in Inverness? Not good enough, I want to see an archaeologist saying "This castle hath a pleasant seat; the air nimbly and sweetly recommends itself, unto our gentle senses."
    • Mel Gibson guaranteed to be panned for his proposed movie on Britain's warrior queen Boudicca, say experts. Just like that little film about Jesus I suppose, gosh what a disaster that was for his bank balance.
    • Mitochondrial mutations blamed for aging. And here I was thinking it was time.
    • Astronomers discover youngest planet, only just turned one (million).
    • Get yer weeping Mary, hurry before they sell out.
    • Global winter followed dino impact. Jump on the bandwagon...
    • Campaigners gather in fight to save Silbury Hill.
    • Archaeologists discover World War II plane that crashed near Buckingham Palace.
    • The Genesis Mission sounds kooky - collect the solar wind, fall to Earth and be caught in mid-air during descent by a helicopter. Sounds like good television, bidders please.

    Quote of the Day:

    The mind has exactly the same power as the hands: not merely to grasp the world, but to change it.

    Colin Wilson

    New Poll - Weeping and Bleeding Statues

    Mexican UFOs

    We bring our "Mexican UFOs" survey to a close with 346-votes. 41% believe that the UFOs were 'Alien Craft', while 30% perferred
    'Other Intelligent Phenomenon' as an explanation. 15% believed those IR images were 'Other Natural Phenomenon', but 13% suspected 'Government Trickery'. Only 1% of TDG voters bought the 'Atmospheric Gases' explanation. Grailers are Believers, but not in swamp gas.

    Weeping Icons

    What's up with weeping and bleeding religious icons?

    The latest occurrence of religious icons that weep and/or bleed is in a Vietnamese Catholic community chapel in the Brisbane suburb of Inala. The mystery began over a week ago when rose-scented oil began leaking from a statue of Mary and a crucifix which were kept in the priest's chambers. But things really escalated when blood reportedly flowed from statues and a crucifix above the altar during mass. the Church has dispatched a team to investigate the incident. The story was reported in TDG on Tuesday, 25/05/2004, by Greg.

    But the Brisbane weeping/bleeding episode is not a unique event. Unexplained accounts of religious icons that weep and bleed have been observed on many occasions. From About.com, here's a short list:

    What's your opinion on weeping and bleeding religious icons? Hoaxes and frauds, pranks, messages, miracles? Is it some sort of mass hallucination? Is it completely bogus, or is some of it genuine? Does faith have the mental force to cause the event? Your opinion is as valid as anyone else's. Participate in the survey, cast your vote, and make your comment.