News Briefs 15-07-2004

Questions about Global Warming, the "real" Arthur and missing missiles. If you have an opinion or comment on todays' news, share it with the readers.

Quote of the Day:

Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one he must more approve of the homage of Reason than of blindfolded fear.

Thomas Jefferson

News Briefs 14-07-2004

Of Ice Ages, Arthurian Legends and Lost Pelicans. Post your thoughts.

  • Where have all the pelicans gone?
  • MI5 for the US? Were The Professionals MI5? Surely the US could do better than Bodie and Doyle?
  • Sustainable oil?
  • Sistine Chapel of the Ice Age. A little bit of an exaggeration.
  • Terraforming Mars, the noble experiment?
  • The WHO vaccine conspiracy.
  • Arthur's round table gets around.
  • Quest for the truth about Arthur and Scotland.
  • 200000 year-old homosapien fossil excavated.
  • Supposedly sterile mule gives birth. Does that not really mess about with evolution?
  • Will store tags tag you?
  • Pi and Phi Have Been in the Spotlight. What about e?
  • Can space travel or climbing Everest help doctors keep intensive care patients alive?
  • Climate warning from the deep.
  • Bacteria tested in Mars simulator.
  • Will compasses point south?
  • Did cosmic rays cause ice ages? Having ruled out the obvious they go for something as spurious as ice ages.
  • Nuclear siren song beguiles Blair.
  • New Beatles songs found.
  • Whitehall keeps the secret state alive.
  • Ancient skeleton collection yields cancer clues.
  • Neutrinos topple matter theory.
  • Mission to deflect an asteroid.
  • Melting ice: the threat to London's future.
  • New study suggests that even men who aren't color blind may see the world differently than women do.

Quote of the Day:

I froze your tears and made a dagger,
And stabbed it in my cock forever.
It stays there like Excalibur,
Are you my Arthur? Say you are.
Take this cool dark steeled blade,
Steal it, sheath it, in your lake.
I'd drown with you to be together.
Must you breathe? Cos I need Heaven.

David Brent

Radio 13-07-2004

Once again, the radio schedules for the first half of the week. Where do all these guests come from?

Jeff Rense Show: Tuesday sees Jeff talking to Peter Davenport about eyewitness UFO reports, Wednesday has Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo on the recent news of attacks by a strange animal in Chile as well as regular Jim Marrs, Thursday is Patricia Doyle on emerging diseases and Friday sees Brian Vike discussing BC UFO phenomena

Coast to Coast AM: Monday night divination scholar Michael Tsarion will be discussing Atlantis, aliens and genetic manipulations, Tuesday July 13th Stephen Mehler (of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association) talks about his work with Abd’ El Hakim Awyam, master of indigenous traditions of ancient Khemit (Egypt), Wednesday night George Noory talks to internationally acclaimed psychic medium Hans King, while on Thursday author R. Gary Patterson will share some intriguing premonitions, coincidences, and other urban legends about some of the world’s most beloved and mysterious pop icons

Put on your dancing shoes and tap-dance to the weird stuff.

The Inner West

Does walking into a book shop, looking for intelligent titles on esoteric subjects, give you the cold shivers? Scanning through the 'New Age' or 'Self-Help and Spirituality' sections, hoping to find that rare jewel amongst the reams of pop titles written with the dollar in mind? Check out my review of The Inner West (Amazon US and UK), an anthology of essays written on the Western esoteric tradition (or more properly, traditions). Thanks Mitch.

UFO Effects

The NIDS website has linked to an extremely interesting report by the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena, titled "A Preliminary Study of Sixty Four Pilot Sighting Reports Involving Alleged Electro-Magnetic Effects on Aircraft Systems" (May 2001). The paper is not all smooth reading, with its purpose being to outline statistical occurrences of anomalous effects on aircraft, but the conclusions are definitely worth a discussion. Not to mention there is some excellent material in the case reports quoted in the second half of the essay.

News Briefs 13-07-2004

Why is the word abbreviation so long?

  • Robert Bauval tells us about France's followers of Isis.
  • Scientists reopen the Romanov mystery after DNA results are challenged.
  • Archaeologists discover ancient graffiti on China's Great Wall.
  • Star chart in ancient Japanese tomb to undergo restoration.
  • Descendants relive 200-year-old duel to the death. Except this time they went for beers afterward.
  • Readers respond to Bigfoot hoax story.
  • Ghost-hunting night at the local pub raises money for charity.
  • A night at a pub sounds better than this charity-driven world-record attempt at firewalking - where 28 people were treated for burns. Leave it to the yogis folks.
  • Forget about the water witches - this dude is a corpse witch.
  • UFO hangs over Baku.
  • Amnesic memory may have put man in twilight zone.
  • Educate yourself about our latest poll subject: Terraforming Mars - the Noble Experiment?
  • Get ready for the next space superpower - Kazakhstan.
  • Mobile TV coming of age. How about they channel funds into making TV watchable first.
  • Researchers warn AIDS vaccine still years away.
  • Major study finds no evidence for Gulf-war syndrome.
  • Fertility expert Lord Winston accuses Prince Charles of scientific scare-mongering.
  • Terahertz wand to unmask terrorists. Gotta get me some terahertz glasses...
  • Hi-fi failure helps to make beer better. These are a few of my favourite things...
  • Europe plans to build, I mean lab, beneath the Alps.
  • Indonesia's man-eating lizards invade London. Okay, so they're at London Zoo...just thought I'd try my hand at a little sensationalism.

Quote of the Day:

The after-death state is very much like the dream-state, and its dreams are the children of the mentality of the dreamer.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

National Treasure

Certainly looks like authors and script-writers are starting to cotton on to the topics we've been interested in for years. Fresh on the heels of the book The DaVinci Code comes the movie National Treasure. The movie stars Nicolas Cage, with the plot revolving around a secret treasure with a tradition involving ancient Egypt, the Knights Templar, and Freemasonry. Throw in Oak Island's money pit, and it sounds like just another day at TDG. So what do you y'all think - will you enjoy it, or pick it to pieces? Thanks to Akemsuegauuij for the heads-up (see this blog).

Reading Phenomena

For anyone looking for some cool articles, there's been a few nice updates over at the Phenomena website. You've got to expect that with writers of the calibre of Rich Dolan, Nick Redfern and Randall Fitzgerald contributing weekly pieces. Here's the latest from each:

  • Rich Dolan predicts how different the future is likely to be in (Not) Knowing the Future.
  • Randall Fitzgerald heads into the twilight zone in Psychokinesis And The Angry Child

    Plenty of other content to check through, take a browse.
  • News Briefs 12-07-2004

    Spent the weekend camping on Moreton Island. Back to civilisation now...ugh.

    • The occult beginnings of our powered world: a review of Dark Light: Electricity and Anxiety from the Telegraph to the X-Ray (Amazon US and UK), by Professor Linda Simon.
    • The next space probe will be staying close to home, checking our atmosphere. Hope it doesn't fall in that big ozone hole.
    • Farms may be getting futuristic: have your own R2-D2 check your crop.
    • Last Halloween's solar storms were the most powerful ever measured, with the blast rushing past the Earth at 8 million kilometres/hour. Now, it's even reached the Voyager probes (11 billion kilometres away). And: solar storms may have torn away Mars water.
    • Scientists worry that Mars Express might be in trouble.
    • Smoke: bad for us lung-using critters. Not so for plants though.
    • Whenever the tourist season is getting a bit slow, you can count on the Bear Lake monster to rustle up some business.
    • Third lion sighting in four days sparks police response.
    • More on the urban legends conference mentioned earlier last week.
    • Is there a spirit world?
    • Perspiring deity signals impending catastrophe. You have to admit, when a god starts sweating you know there's trouble. And: wooden cross cries resin tears each on anniversary of bloody battle. Not to mention: Brisbane miracle report still weeks away. Tech stocks are down, invest in weeping icons and watch your funds grow.
    • Scientists discover pattern to whale beachings.
    • New discoveries reveal more of Karnak's secrets.
    • Dementia may have played a large part in recent history. That and just plain stupidity.
    • New type of AIDS drug offers hope.
    • On the 28th of July, 2003, Eric Williams blacked out while driving and crashed into Gordon White's living room. One year on, they meet again after Eric blacks out and drives into Gordon's living room...again.
    • The latest newsletter from James Randi, in case you require salvation from your own gullibility.
    • Stocked up on skepticism? The Philadelphia Experiment - new evidence surfaces.
    • Ghost-hunters hear sound of girl laughing.
    • Medici family's secret crypt unearthed.
    • Forget about those boring old baseball cards. Go get yourself some infectious disease cards from the CDC. I'll give ya Cryptosporidiosis if you've got spare Recreational
      Water Illness.

    Quote of the Day:

    If you go to one demonstration and then go home, that's something, but the people in power can live with that. What they can't live with is sustained pressure that keeps building, organisations that keep doing things, people that keep learning lessons from the last time and doing it better the next time.

    Noam Chomsky

    News Briefs 09-07-2004

    I'm designing my home aided by a crash-course in Feng Shui. But we've all got time for the news............

    • Dino-gold. German scientists have unearthed the biggest collection of dinosaur fossils ever found in the country, including bones that could belong to previously unknown species.
    • Fossil findings and a fresh analysis of a prized set of human bones challenge the art/creativity theory.
    • An ancient African skull fills a gap, but fuels a debate.
    • What happened in 30,000BC that caused a dramatic increase in human longevity?
    • An entire 2800-year-old Egyptian mummy has been explored in 3D stereo vision for the first time using imaging techniques better known to medicine.
    • Who circumnavigated the globe 87-years before Italian explorer Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) and 114-years before Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521)?
    • Lake Vostok, deep beneath the Antarctic ice, appears to be divided into two deep basins.
    • The Skull Valley Band of Goshute Indians question the transfer of Utah's Range Creek from private to federal ownership.
    • Bin Laden is guiding plots against U.S., hoping to influence the presidential vote.
    • Shhhh! Don't tell Greg, but weblog authors are calling it quits or scaling back their sites.
    • Find yourself a sanctified chicken for the Loa. It is estimated that 60-million people practice voodoo worldwide.
    • Keep your distance. Residents in Canberra have been warned not to bother starving kangaroos.
    • Edinburgh alligator sellers are stung by undercover cops. Yes, that Edinburgh. With an alligator.
    • Scientists discover a pattern to whales beaching themselves.
    • Australian scientists have caught the world's smallest fish.
    • Brain implants have been used to read the minds of monkeys. This makes me extremely uncomfortable.
    • The 'Weed from hell' has been found in Texas. Maybe the fire ants will like it.
    • Millions of people may have been injected with a tainted polio vaccine.
    • Researchers report the preferences for hourglass-figured women emerges around the age of puberty. Sounds like easy money on the reasearch grant scene.
    • Kim Jong Il introduces hamburgers to North Korea as quality food. He still has not given in to the allure of a Big Mac.
    • 'Hey Dude, I'm dead.' Talking tombstones bear a message from the grave. What will your message be?
    • Deep in the Congolese jungle, rebel groups unite in their desire to exterminate the pygmies.
    • Loud noise prompts women to eat. There's a punch-line in there somewhere but it eludes me.
    • Estonia was accused of amorality and gross historical insensitivity after they honored veterans of the Nazi Waffen-SS. Go figure.
    • The Pentagon envisions a fleet of blimps guarding the U.S. coastlines.
    • Researchers look to tiny spheres of glass storing hydrogen in future cars.
    • The General Electric Company announced the development of the world's best performing carbon nanotube diode.
    • Shabby crop circles made by sloppy humans were unceremoniously plowed under by the farmer who doesn't need people the fields wearing aluminum-foil hats.
    • A rather exotic crop formation appeared in Solano County, California. With pics.
    • The fourth 2004 crop formation in Poland has multiple parts. With pics.
    • The Spanish Fork, Utah crop formation and was accompanied by mysterious lights.
    • Residents report bright lights In sky over five US states. Great video from police dash camera.
    • Here's an interesting article, God Vs. UFOs by Angela V. Michaels.
    • Old galaxies shed a new light on a young universe.
    • SpaceShipOne, the world's first private space craft, is back on course and ready for the next trip.
    • The JPL is planning on extended missions for the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. Maybe these robots need a union.
    • The Cassini space probe is sending back to earth ultraviolet photographs that tantalize astronomers. Expand the pics. More".
    • Let's take a peek at what the Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) at ESA’s European Space Technology Research Centre (ESTEC) sees for the future.
    • Blast waves from solar storms are blowing through our solar system.
    • Hubble comes to home computers.
    • Better technology and robust funding fuel search for intelligent life beyond Earth.
    • Life is unlikely in our asteroid-ridden neighbor.
    • The month of July 2004 has two full moons, which means one of them is a Blue Moon. There was a time, not long ago, when people saw blue moons almost every night. Blue, the color.
    • The wicked winds of Titan are being measured from Hawaii.
    • Titan reveals its mysterious surface.
    • SG-1, Season Eight, begins tonight on the Sci-Fi Channel with New Order in the US. 2-hours of my life down the tube.

    Thanks Greg.

    Quote of the Day:

    My findings at this time are that ample evidence exists that an estimated 80% of crop circles are man-made. On the other hand, 20% revealed no evidence of human involvement. A handful of these 20% also displayed the newly discovered magnetic profile (all these were simple formations).

    Colin Andrews