Rense Schedule 31/05 - 05/06

The latest schedule for the Jeff Rense radio show is available - Thursday's show looks great with a remote viewing special. Here's the line-up for the coming week:

  • Tuesday, June 01: George Filer - MUFON UFO Report, Dan Briody - Inside The Carlyle Group
  • Wednesday, June 02: Nancy Talbott - Poland Crop Circle Encounter, John Carman - Former Customs Agent
    On Illegal Immigration
  • Thursday, June 03: Paul Smith - Remote Viewing, Russell Targ - Legendary Psi Pioneer
  • Friday, June 04: Dave Oester/Sharon Gill - Multiple Recordings
    Of Same EVP
  • Saturday, June 05: Best of Rense

    As always, you can catch up on older shows in the archives.
  • C2C Schedule 31/05 - 03/06

    For those that tune in to the "Coast to Coast AM" show, here's the schedule for the first half of the week:

    • Monday, May 31: First Hour: Prof. David M. Jacobs will present an update on the alien abduction issue, then George Noory will host a night of Open Lines, in this special live Memorial Day broadcast.
    • Tuesday, June 1: Jack Cashill has investigated the downing of TWA flight 800, as well as the untimely death of Ron Brown and contends these events are key to understanding the roots of current global terrorism.
    • Wednesday, June 2: Pediatrician and neuroscientist, Dr. Melvin Morse, will share his insight from years of working with children who have had near-death experiences.
    • Thursday, June 3: Author Randall Fitzgerald will discuss the role of luck in our lives based on the most recent findings from the realm of parapsychological research.

    All shows listed are hosted by George Noory, and are broadcast live from 10pm - 2am (Pacific Time).

    News Briefs 01-06-2004

    I need a chiropractor...anybody good with their hands?

    • Paranormal investigators earn their keep at Royal Navy hangman's cell.
    • Conman's role in IVF prayer-power miracle exposed.
    • Supernatural tourism a lucrative niche market for tour operators.
    • THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW - why the world's press are wrong and Whitley Strieber is right.
    • The Bear Lake Monster has returned from the depths.
    • Killer rash breaks out in New York City. I feel itchy already, and I'm half a world away.
    • The strange life of self-declared genius, panty-fetishist and esoteric author Colin Wilson. DREAMING TO SOME PURPOSE: The Autobiography of Colin Wilson is available from Amazon US and UK.
    • MacBeth's castle unearthed in Inverness? Not good enough, I want to see an archaeologist saying "This castle hath a pleasant seat; the air nimbly and sweetly recommends itself, unto our gentle senses."
    • Mel Gibson guaranteed to be panned for his proposed movie on Britain's warrior queen Boudicca, say experts. Just like that little film about Jesus I suppose, gosh what a disaster that was for his bank balance.
    • Mitochondrial mutations blamed for aging. And here I was thinking it was time.
    • Astronomers discover youngest planet, only just turned one (million).
    • Get yer weeping Mary, hurry before they sell out.
    • Global winter followed dino impact. Jump on the bandwagon...
    • Campaigners gather in fight to save Silbury Hill.
    • Archaeologists discover World War II plane that crashed near Buckingham Palace.
    • The Genesis Mission sounds kooky - collect the solar wind, fall to Earth and be caught in mid-air during descent by a helicopter. Sounds like good television, bidders please.

    Quote of the Day:

    The mind has exactly the same power as the hands: not merely to grasp the world, but to change it.

    Colin Wilson

    New Poll - Weeping and Bleeding Statues

    Mexican UFOs

    We bring our "Mexican UFOs" survey to a close with 346-votes. 41% believe that the UFOs were 'Alien Craft', while 30% perferred
    'Other Intelligent Phenomenon' as an explanation. 15% believed those IR images were 'Other Natural Phenomenon', but 13% suspected 'Government Trickery'. Only 1% of TDG voters bought the 'Atmospheric Gases' explanation. Grailers are Believers, but not in swamp gas.

    Weeping Icons

    What's up with weeping and bleeding religious icons?

    The latest occurrence of religious icons that weep and/or bleed is in a Vietnamese Catholic community chapel in the Brisbane suburb of Inala. The mystery began over a week ago when rose-scented oil began leaking from a statue of Mary and a crucifix which were kept in the priest's chambers. But things really escalated when blood reportedly flowed from statues and a crucifix above the altar during mass. the Church has dispatched a team to investigate the incident. The story was reported in TDG on Tuesday, 25/05/2004, by Greg.

    But the Brisbane weeping/bleeding episode is not a unique event. Unexplained accounts of religious icons that weep and bleed have been observed on many occasions. From, here's a short list:

    What's your opinion on weeping and bleeding religious icons? Hoaxes and frauds, pranks, messages, miracles? Is it some sort of mass hallucination? Is it completely bogus, or is some of it genuine? Does faith have the mental force to cause the event? Your opinion is as valid as anyone else's. Participate in the survey, cast your vote, and make your comment.

    News Briefs 31-05-2004

    Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the US. Unfortunately, this will be my last post as a regular TDG news poster, as the demands of other aspects of life are causing me to want to give up this commitment. Still, I'll continue to lurk around this great site and may even fill in as a backup to the other guys from time to time. Thanks to everyone who has offered their support along the way. Certainly is an interesting variety of news out there this weekend...

    Quote of the Day:

    The belief in the possibility of a short decisive war appears to be one of the most ancient and dangerous of human illusions.

    Robert Lynd (1879-1949) Anglo-Irish essayist, journalist

    Biblical Code

    The website of the Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS) - publishers of Biblical Archaeology Review - has a critical review of Dan Brown's THE DAVINCI CODE posted. Describing the novel as a "runaway bestseller that is far closer to pure fiction than to historical fiction", the review takes a closer look at some of the 'points' made in the book. While perhaps a little humourless, certainly an interesting read.

    News Briefs 28-05-2004

    Sorry for the delay. I have no cats in my chimney, nor am I moving, but I did not have electricity for four hours while the thunderstorms rolled across north Texas. Conspiracy, synchronicity, offending the gods, bad luck?

    • An intriguing theory now permeating oil company research staffs suggests that crude oil may actually be a natural inorganic product, not resulting from dead dinosaurs or other organic degradation. Mark my word, folks, this could change the world.
    • Not only is the universe wider than we thought, it also looks like the Eiffel Tower topped with a never-ending spire. Will you be surprised when we discover a restaurant at the very top?
    • Engineers are working on a quieter sky by developing silent aircraft.
    • Puzzling ancient Greeks by apparently sweating blood was always a favorite hippopotamus pastime, but now we know it's just sunblock.
    • Tiny genetic changes between chimpanzee and human DNA are helping to explain how people and apes can be so close, yet so far apart.
    • The first use of genetic testing to study dolphin social behavior shows males are not the homebodies that researchers once thought.
    • A giant mushroom baffles the experts. I like them baffled.
    • Weeping Marys in southwest Brisbane have inspired a statue-buying frenzy.
    • Two inventors have come up with a simple technique for harvesting energy from waste heat.
    • DNA analysis of Bronze Age bones will answer an ancient question.
    • Biophysicist W. C. Levengood's Crop Circle Reports are available for first time on the Internet. Somehow, those two drunks Doug and Dave microwaved the wheat stems while making the crop formations, I suppose.
    • Scientists explain that the scenarios depicted in the movie Day After Tomorrow are not possible. Why didn't scientists have to explain that Godzilla was fiction when he destroyed New York and Tokyo?
    • Tiny bacteria, perhaps millions of years old, have been retrieved from a glacial deep freeze. Man, I hope these guys are being careful.
    • Humans resemble molecules?
    • A bears' hibernation may hold the key to longer space travel. I've always thought that bears knew more than they were letting on.
    • First, the movie, now scientists prepare to turn fiction into fact with the first full-face transplant.
    • Scientists look at the moon to shed light on Earth's climate.
    • Scientists have discovered more than 100 species of bacteria living in a toxic, radioactive environment that most would have thought inhospitable to all forms of life. Bacteria are tough, man.
    • The Earth may be brightening up. Yeah, last week they told us it was getting darker.
    • The Big Bang Theory is busted by 33-top scientists.
    • California's Mojave Desert will become the home of a new spaceport.
    • Venus is about to begin a trek across the face of the Sun.
    • One of the Mars rovers will begin a deep sleep mode. Sweet dreams, Opportunity.
    • The raw ingredients for life have been detected in planetary construction zones.
    • NASA's Spitzer telescope finds evidence for a young planet around a distant star that may be less than one-million years old.
    • The new Vision for Space Exploration calls for first stops on the Moon and Mars, continuing on to go where no whatever has gone before.

    Thanks Marlin.

    Quote of the Day:

    Now, my suspicion is that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose... I suspect that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of, in any philosophy.

    J.B.S. Haldane

    TOOL for Rennes Mystery

    TOOL drummer Danny Carey's website has been updated with a lot of new material added to the Rennes-le-Chateau section. As Danny's friend, and occult impresario, Blair Blake explains in "Feasting with the King's Shadow" (25/05), the new material...

    ...includes evidence of arcane knowledge of a mysterious post-mortem endogenous substance called “The Residuum of Paradise” that was known to certain ancient Egyptian priests prior to the Hyksos period. Also called “The Glitter of the Sleepers” and “The Dream of the Dreamless”, the ‘death-born’ Eucharistic substance may have been the secret of the true consolamentum ceremony of the Cathar Perfecti and of the Baphometic heads used by the medieval Knight’s Templar.

    For those of you who are new to Danny's website, the Rennes section can be found under "Philosophy"/"Science and the Occult". You'll then be taken on a tour of the Rennes mystery (Flash required)...if you feel trapped at any point start hunting around the images for secret links. Wow - TOOL, the RlC mystery, and the strange effects of DMT...could it cover my interests any more comprehensively? Thanks Blair.


    Today is launch day for the latest release from Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval - TALISMAN (Amazon UK). Definitely sounds like a good read, you can find more information and some related articles to read (including an appendix from the book) at the official website.

    On a related note, after a lengthy absence due to travel Robert Bauval has posted some messages to his bulletin board, mainly just pictures of himself with other notables (e.g. Robert Schoch). I'm sure we'll be seeing the activity on these sites, as well as, ramp up now that the book has hit the shelves.

    News Briefs 27-05-2004

    Moving house at the moment, so it's hit and run...

    • Want to put that new discovery about the size of the Universe into perspective? Here's a good attempt, but it still boggles the brain. Not quite the Total Perspective Vortex, but who can afford to have that sense of perspective?
    • Vaguely related to the Hitchhikers Guide, Jodrell Bank to be hooked up with 5 other telescopes in the UK to create an array named Merlin.
    • Area 51 snoops dig up trouble.
    • A genetic deficiency has linked anxiety and alcholism, with deficient mice drinking 50% more alcohol than healthy counterparts. I just want to see the little wine glasses they use, must be tiny.
    • Volcanic eruption in Iceland may have killed upwards of 10,000 people in England in 1783.
    • Buddha's new birthplace discovered?
    • Most dinosaurs fried within hours of asteroid impact says study. Mmmm, brontosaurus burger.
    • History repeating on a small scale - Rafah Zoo levelled by Israeli tanks.
    • Research finds that full Moon is not to blame for epilectic seizures.
    • Robert Ballard says the wreck of the Titanic is being destroyed by film crews, tourist operators and trophy hunters. How the heck do you get married on the bow of a ship more than 3 kilometres underwater?
    • Author of physics and occult books, and one-time sparring partner of Joe McCarthy, Al Shadowitz dies.
    • An audio report about Easter Island.
    • Israeli Antiquities Authority warns that the eastern wall of the Temple Mount is in "immediate danger of collapse."
    • A follow-up and debate over the recent finding pushing back the date of human use of fire.
    • When a hippopotamus sweats, it's taking good care of itself.
    • Ghost snapped at Welsh castle. Is it just me or does it just look like a shadow?
    • Scientists have found a way to make a blue rose. Lot of talk about holy grails in the news lately, feeding (seeding?) the meme...
    • The cultural and moral divides over the future use of biotech engineering. A worthy topic of discussion.
    • Leaked UK report says nuclear plants are vulnerable to a terrorist attack which could kill millions.
    • The Telepathic Cat: an excerpt from Ghost Stories of Pets and Animals.
    • While humans and chimps might be close on the genetic level, the chromosomes tell a different story.
    • Vampire bats kill 22 in Brazil. Van Helsing, get yourself out of that crappy movie and do something worthwhile with your time!
    • An Astrobiology chat with science author and physicist Lawrence Krauss.
    • Mini-microbes redefine the planetary requirements for life.

    Quote of the Day:

    We have only to believe. And the more threatening and irreducible reality appears, the more firmly and desperately we must believe. Then, little by little, we shall see the universal horror unbend, and then smile upon us, and then take us in its more than human arms.

    Pierre Teilhard de Chardin