Egypt Code Release Date

Official word from Robert Bauval's publisher (Century/Random House) is that his much anticipated - though delayed - book The Egypt Code will be released in a few weeks time, on October 5th:

"The Egypt Code" develops the pyramid-stars correlation, challenging the long held assumption by many Egyptologists that the pyramids were tombs principally meant to house the bodies of dead kings. In addition to this theory, Robert Bauval also reveals an amazing 'Grand Unified Plan', which involves the wonderful temple of Upper Egypt. "The Egypt Code" is unlike any other book before it and covers the whole of Egypt's ancient civilisation in a manner never before attempted. Much has been written as to 'how' the Egyptians might have aligned their monuments with such high precision, but the question that has always remained unanswered is 'why?'- why did the ancients put so much emphasis on astronomical alignments? And what could be the function, practical or symbolic, behind these mysterious alignments?

I'm hoping to get a bit more info over the coming weeks, and perhaps an interview with Robert, so stay tuned. You can pre-order the book from Amazon US and UK.

Rennes le Chateau Research

For an excellent resource on Rennes le Chateau information and research, check out the Rennes le Chateau Research and Resource website. The site has a great look (complete with graphic novel illustrations of Saunière et al), and is full of excellent information: bios on the players in the mystery, a timeline, the layout of the Saunière Estate, reading lists, a forum and much more. A real keeper for RlC enthusiasts.

News Briefs 14-09-2006

As Flash Gordon might have said, it's all about Global War Ming...

  • Scientists say Neanderthal's last stand can be traced back to Gibraltar.
  • Elgin Marbles controversy intensifies as Germany hands back a piece of the Parthenon.
  • Department of Energy takes inspiration from the pyramids on how to say 'Keep Out!' to future generations.
  • Dr Gregory House versus the aliens. They sure do like their materialist explanations for strange phenomena on House (e.g. the Faith Healer episode).
  • Kiwi experts to examine alleged 'meteorite fragment'.
  • Time to reinvest some of that stock in tea companies: green tea cuts fatal illness risk.
  • Humans are 'causing stronger storms'. Next they'll try and pin those 'war' things on us.
  • Arctic sea ice declining through both summer and winter, according to NASA scientist.
  • Study says don't blame the Sun for Global Warming.
  • Google Earth feature highlights environmental change around the globe.
  • Madonna sings on a cross in Russia. Monty Python to sue for copyright infringement.
  • Bush sees U.S. religious awakening and refers to the Iraq 'liberation' as a gift from the Almighty.
  • Under the guise of reining in the Bush administration's warrantless eavesdropping program, the Senate Judiciary Committee approves a bill that would dramatically expand the government's domestic surveillance capabilities, and usher in a new age of rampant monitoring.
  • Relax. Your appendix is more likely to kill you than Al Qaeda. If your appendix has recently gone on a holiday to Afghanistan, I'd be very worried.
  • Columbian gang members' wives and girlfriends go on sex-strike to make them give up their arms. Who needs arms for that?
  • Pedia-smackdown! Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and Dale Hoiberg of Britannica go toe to toe.
  • Seeing with your tongue. I've seen drunk people licking walls...does that count?

Quote of the Day:

The snozberries...taste like snozberries

From the movie 'Super Troopers'

New Magic Journal

Here's a new journal which TDG readers (pun not intended) may find of interest: Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft:

A serious, rigorously peer-reviewed scholarly journal, Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft draws from a broad spectrum of perspectives, methods, and disciplines, offering the widest possible geographical scope and chronological range, from prehistory to the modern era and from the Old World to the New. In addition to original research, the journal includes book reviews, editorials, and lists of newly published work.

Members of the Societas Magica get a special rate. The website has subscription rates and a call for submissions for 2007. Thanks Kat.

News Briefs 13-09-06

Short and sweet.

  • The reason so many doubt the official 911 story is that it is not believable.
  • The tragedy of Conrad Black. Hard to have much sympathy but interesting things said in the article.
  • Empires with expiration dates.
  • The rise and fall of the intellectual.
  • Scent of father checks daughter’s maturity.
  • Cancer quack or medical genius?
  • Humans strange, Neanderthals normal.
  • The Japanese Jesus trail.
  • Green aurora over Lake Superior.
  • Big crater seen beneath ice sheet.
  • Humanoid robots existed in ancient civilizations.
  • Bubble fusion discoverer Taleyarkhan strikes back.
  • Making electrical grids more efficient.
  • Earth: a self repairing capacitor.
  • The comet and the future of science.
  • Dig unearths evidence of Neolithic partying. So they finally found Mick Jagger.
  • Unpublished papers reveal research of Isaac Newton.
  • Genetic surprise confirms neglected 70 year old hypothesis.
  • Decoded: the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Should he have spoken of rivers of blood?
  • Inside the planet definition process.
  • Common pain killer may induce heart attacks.
  • Energy for a cool planet. Series of papers on subject of energy.

Quote of the Day:

Silence propagates itself, and the longer talk has been suspended, the more difficult it is to find anything to say.

Samuel Johnson

New Dawn #98

New Dawn magazine creeps ever closer to an amazing 100 issues, with the release of Issue #98. You'll find two sample articles on the New Dawn website: "Interrogating 9/11 Five Years On...", by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, as well as an interview with former editor of Gnosis, Richard Smoley. Head to the New Dawn website for a full run-down on the latest issue, which includes Rosslyn Chapel, the evidence for Time Travel, and Colin Wilson on the possibility of a one hundred thousand-year-old civilisation. Thanks David.

Tuesday Roundup 12-09-2006

A strange assortment to get you through the week...


News Briefs 12-09-2006

Five years on, it's time for a War on Terror-ble Excuses to go to War...

Quote of the Day:

They say we're in the middle of an obesity epidemic. An epidemic, like it's polio. Like we'll be telling our grand kids about it one day. The Great Obesity Epidemic of 2004. "How'd you get through it Grandpa?"..."Oh, it was horrible Johnny, there was cheesecake and pork chops everywhere."

From "Underwear Goes Inside the Pants", by Lazy Boy

Lomas Turns the Solomon Key

Robert Lomas, author of (among others) The Hiram Key and The Second Messiah, has a new book out. Robert's new book is titled Turning the Solomon Key, and you can find out more about it at the official website for the book. Naturally enough, considering the tie-in (see my own title The Guide to Dan Brown's The Solomon Key), the book is about George Washington and Masonic history:

Using Masonic rituals and Washington's own diaries Lomas uncovers the symbolic reasoning behind the positionng of the White House and the Capitol, and in the process disposes of many anti-Masonic urban myths. This exciting, and authoritative, detective story then investigates the sources of creative behavior, to reveal a hitherto unsuspected Secret Science of Masonic Astrology which underpinned Washington's actions.

On the website you'll find a number of related articles, and also the Foreword to the book and audio of Robert reading the Introduction. The book is available from Amazon US and UK.

Radio 12-09-2006

Here's the alternative radio schedule for the first half of the week.

Fate Radio: This week's guest is Pamela Rae Heath discusses her new book, Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?, a review of channeled material on suicide dating from the 1700's to today. (Realplayer or Windows Media).

Coast to Coast AM: Monday is a 9-11 special, with guests sharing their research into the ways the events of 9-11 play into a larger matrix that doesn't always correspond with official reports. On Tuesday Robert Schneck, author of The President's Vampire, will share bizarre true stories from the United States that he has researched and collected. Wednesday is still TBA (check the link for updates), while on Thursday UFO researcher Philip Mantle will discuss the alien autopsy footage as well as Soviet UFO phenomena.

More details including relevant guest links are available at the C2C website.