Radio 14-07-2006

Here's the rundown on the radio schedules for the second half of the week:

Whitley Strieber's Dreamland: This week William Henry and Stephen Mehler interview Egyptian Ab Del Hakim Awyan, who says his family has retained priestly knowledge from the time of ancient Egypt.

Coast to Coast AM: Friday is open lines, early show on Saturday Ian Punnett welcomes cryptozoologist John Rhodes, who'll talk about UFOs, reptoids, and mysteries of the underworld. Late Saturday cybertech expert Charles R. Smith will discuss current military operations worldwide and how new weaponry will change the nature of conflict, while on Sunday George Noory welcomes journalist and sometime ghosthunter, Jeff Belanger who will share his work compiling ghost stories as well as his lengthy discussions with the late George Lutz, of the Amityville Horror.

More details including relevant websites are available at the linked pages above. Remember also that while Coast to Coast is subscription, it can be listened to through KOGO, while Dreamland is free. Dreamland also now offers a podcast of the most recent show.

New Dawn #97

New Dawn Magazine #97 has hit the street, and as usual there are some free offerings from the mag on the ND website. This issue covers some Intelligent Design ground, and on site you'll find one of the articles, "The Incredibly Strange Story of Intelligent Design", by Rev Max. Also free on site is "The Mayan Lord of Creation and 2012", by John Major Jenkins. Head to the ND website for a full run-down on this issue's content, including an article by yours truly on how The Da Vinci Code may have turned the tide for Gnostic thought.

Touring Arcadia

One of our good friends Andy Gough sends word that he will be heading up a Grail Quest tour of the UK and France this September/October. Taking in sights from the Temple Church in London, through to Rennes-le-Château and Montsegur, the tour will also include expert guest speakers including Filip Coppens and Jean-Luc Robin. If you're interested in taking part, head on over to Andy's website for full details.

News Briefs 13-07-2006

Remember when you were young...

  • Robert Bigelow (the man behind NIDS) successfully launches his inflatable space hotel prototype. More at
  • Syd Barrett, co-founder of Pink Floyd, dies aged 60.
  • Study finds that magic mushrooms can induce mystical effects and have positive life-changing effects. Not to mention they negate the need for a high-fidelity stereo. MAPS has a handy summary of links and statements on their website.
  • Take five dried grams and then check out Alan Boyle's Cosmic Log post on the geometry of music.
  • The Cosmic Log is always worth the daily stop-over. Check out these explosive links Alan has to the recent Space Shuttle launch also.
  • Another meteorite hits Norway. Are you Norwegians getting a little nervous now?
  • Smart Orbs are NASA's worker bees in space.
  • has a good round-up of the Phoenix Lights redux from July 4th.
  • The monster detectives. Inside the world of the Center for Fortean Zoology.
  • Newly unveiled Einstein Letters give a high-res picture of the famed scientist's life, including how he blew his Nobel prizemoney, and how he liked to play up with the ladies. You naughty Einstein you...
  • Must be a scientist thing, because Francis Crick was a flirt and experimented with marijuana and LSD. Francis Crick: Discoverer of the Genetic Code is available from Amazon US.
  • Brain chip allows paralysed man to control objects through the power of thought. Just be careful he doesn't say "screw you".
  • Researchers hope to restore sight in two common varieties of blindness.
  • Werner Herzog creates a sci-fi mashup with his 'documentary' The Wild Blue Yonder.
  • 4-year-old boy survives fall from 11th story building.
  • Scientists question Nature's (supposedly) fundamental laws. Is God pulling the rug out from under our Enlightened feet?
  • Transgender professor defends female scientists.
  • Evidence for ancient killer kangaroo found.
  • Archaeologist backed on Dilmun calendar theory.
  • European Alps could be ice-free by 2100, according to GW study. That would make skiing difficult (at the very least)...
  • Scientists shed new light on how ballooning spiders can fly epic distances.
  • Is ethanol not so green after all?
  • A Brilliant job: meet the guy who gets to give away $1billion of Google's money.
  • All aboard! An Apple Mac powered by steam. I was wondering why Sub Rosa designer Mark James Foster was asking me for a coal allowance...
  • With his purchase of MySpace, Rupert Murdoch is set to become an Internet playa. It's all part of the new user-created web. Get typing you TDG monkeys!
  • And a little mind-altering video to finish the day, for those that want to avoid the magic mushrooms (broadband probably required). Take a look at someone's face after watching that...aieee, there's a bad trip!

Thanks HeartsGuy and Kat.

Quote of the Day:

Life, so-called, is a short episode between two great mysteries.

Carl Jung

Anomalist Wanted

Seems that Richard Hendricks, the most excellent news editor over at The Anomalist, is calling it a day. As such, the Anomalist folk are searching for someone to fill the job - if you're interested, better get in quick. Big TDG props to Richard Hendricks for the amazing job he has done over the years...I think I'm a pretty efficient news gatherer, but he always turns up great stories that I miss. So make sure you've got the chops to fill his shoes if you're going to apply...

News Briefs 12-07-06

Magic mushrooms help depression - but turn you into a psychopath. Bloody side-effects.

  • Rogue giants at sea.
  • Magic Mushrooms could help depression.
  • Doomsday asteroids enchant astronomers.
  • Lies about 911 exposed.
  • The quest for the metal library.
  • A mystery fit for a pharoah.
  • Model of inflatable space hotel set for launch.
  • Stones are living creatures that breathe and move.
  • 3D crop circle found in English field.
  • Ship logs record earth’s magnetism.
  • Moore’s law meets its match.
  • Vortex visible on venus.
  • The notion that the Gulf Stream is responsible for keeping Europe anomalously warm turns out to be a myth.
  • Bigger dinosaurs had warmer blood.
  • How the Great Pyramid was built.

Quote of the Day:

Here's something to think about: How come you never see a headline like 'Psychic Wins Lottery'?

Jay Leno

Schoch in Bosnia

As many TDG readers would know, 'Age of the Sphinx' geologist Dr Robert Schoch will be personally checking out the alleged 'Bosnian Pyramid' later this month. Robert's website has been updated with the full story thus far, including input from some of our own TDG readers (Robert has posted here previously on the topic). I'm assured we will get some updates straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak, over the coming month, so stay tuned for more information - and of course, keep your eye on Robert's website for any further updates. Thanks Colette.

Tuesday Roundup 11-07-2006

A strange assortment to get you through the week...


News Briefs 11-07-2006

Here's to the new day...

  • Serbian and Croation officials join together to honour Nikola Tesla, on the 150th anniversary of his birth. Also: remembering the man who lit the world, and Tesla's theories remain current.
  • Baigent and Leigh will appeal the Da Vinci plagiarism it will all be back on again at the start of next year.
  • Farmer attacked by crop circle crowds. Hell hath no fury like a croppie scorned...
  • It's sneaking up to the 40th anniversary of the Point Pleasant Mothman sightings, and Loren Coleman is signed up to speak at the 5th annual Mothman Festival. And the Jersey Devil is coming along for the ride.
  • Black Triangle over Phoenix? With video. Someone should tell UFOs to avoid July 4th.
  • YouTube has a video interview with Rex Heflin, casting some light on a case which has re-entered ufology's consciousness lately (with some controversy).
  • Stephen Hawking seeks answers from cosmic consciousness. Noosphere I'll give you, but the Internet as 'cosmic consciousness'? Hmmm...
  • Coaxing nanowires from metal-reducing bacteria may provide a way to bioengineer electrical devices. I think I already did that with my last keyboard...over its lifetime it had two cups of coffee and a glass of softdrink dropped into it...
  • One for the ladies: how to train your husband.
  • Lab-made sperm can produce offspring. I wonder if the scientists smoke afterwards...
  • Navy and eco-group settle on sonar type to be used in Hawaii whale area.
  • Thailand's giant catfish is now protected from fishing. Imagine how big the buggers will get now...
  • Dr Zahi Hawass provides a quick Sphinx restoration update.
  • J. Paul Getty Museum returns antiques to Greece.
  • Scientists debate the role that climate change has played in the rise of civilisations.
  • While James Lovelock goes all doom and gloom in saying that it might be responsible for the fall of our civilisation.
  • Stone Age elephant found at ancient UK site.
  • The next generation of artificial limbs can't come soon enough for the new generation of prosthetic wearers...U.S. soldiers.
  • Man trades paperclip for a house.

Quote of the Day:

The owls are not what they seem.

'Twin Peaks'

Radio 11-07-2006

Here's the alternative radio schedule for the first half of the week.

Fate Radio: This week is an archived show with Tom and Lisa Butler discussing Electronic Voice Phenomena (Realplayer or Windows Media).

Coast to Coast AM: Monday's guest is traditional Catholic Benedictine Monk, Brother Michael Dimond, who will discuss Fr. Malachi Martin as well as the third secret of Fatima, the prophecy of our lady of La Salette, and the Anti-Christ. On Tuesday Pamela Rae Heath M.D. will discuss her work with psychokinesis as well as channeled messages from people who have committed suicide. Wednesday sees astrophysicist Dr. Bernard Haisch discussing his work finding a bridge between science and spirituality, while Thursday's guest is Lionel Fanthorpe who has written over 250 books on various paranormal related subjects, including the Oak Island mystery, the Knight's Templar, Rennes le Chateau and the Holy Grail.

More details including relevant guest links are available at the C2C website. Also C2C can be listened to through KOGO.