Atlantis Rising #59

The latest issue of Atlantis Rising has been released (#59). In this issue:

  • John Kettler explores new research into the science of making solid objects vanish.
  • John Major Jenkins on startling new research on the Great Year.
  • Mark Stavish investigates Nazis and the occult.
  • Sol Aris on Arthur Conan Doyle and the Grail.

The AR website offers a free PDF sampler of the current issue to whet your appetite.

News Briefs 21-07-2006

There are a couple of bright spots, but on some fronts, especially human behavior and the environment, the news is quite grim. Any errors in today's post are most likely due to smog. Who knows - maybe it accounts for my pessimism as well. You can sign-in for WashPost articles with, pw: article.

Thanks Badeye and Greg.

Quote of the Day:

More than an end to war, we want an end to the beginning of all wars -- yes, an end to this brutal, inhuman and thoroughly impractical method of settling the differences between governments.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Ralph Ellis Returns

After what seems a very long break, alternative historian Ralph Ellis has returned with a new book - well, actually, two books. Ralph's new release is divided into two separate parts: Part 1 is Cleopatra to Christ, in which Ralph makes the case for Jesus being the great grandson of Cleopatra VII, and Part 2 is Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots, which suggests that Ireland and Scotland were first settled by the descendants of an Egyptian pharaoh and his queen. Full details of the new releases (and Ralph's back catalogue) are available at the Edfu books page. Thanks Mark.

Increase in Crop Circles

Swirled News is reporting that the 2006 UK Crop Circle season is finally picking up, with a number of new formations appearing in the first two weeks of July (see Crop Circle Connector for the latest images). Certainly enough to put an end to talk of a circle-less season, although not enough yet to fulfil John Lundberg's promise of the biggest season yet (in celebration of 30 years since 'Doug and Dave' made their first circle). Stay tuned...

News Briefs 20-07-2006

Stop the Internet, I want to get off...

Thanks Pam and Eric.

Quote of the Day:

More than academic theories, paradigms are cultural straitjackets...the only way to break out of the straitjacket is to keep tracking the anomalies, the facts that don't square with the paradigm.

Michael Grosso

Hancock Workshop

For those within range of New York, Graham Hancock will be holding a workshop on shamanistic consciousness over the weekend of 11th to 13th of August:

Less than 40,000 years ago humans had no art, no religion, no sophisticated symbolism, and no innovative thinking. Then, in a dramatic and enigmatic change, the skills and qualities that we value most highly in ourselves appeared already fully formed as though bestowed on us by hidden powers. How did this happen?

In this workshop we set out to investigate this mysterious turn of events and explore the influences that gave birth to the modern human mind.

More details can be found at the link above.

News Briefs 19-07-06

I think I will move to the Arctic.

  • British outbred by Anglo-Saxon apartheid. Those Germans and their breeding experiments - seems like the most successful in the history of history.
  • Etna awakes with storm of fire and lava.
  • The boy who sees with sound.
  • Europe’s pyramid history unveiled. Much richer history of motes.
  • A Randi Vagina challenge. I have heard Pussies were used as familiars by witches in medieval Europe.
  • A little something on Tesla weapons.
  • Magnetic vortex in space.
  • Plenty of oil in the US.
  • Grow your own gold.
  • Terminator’s bionic arm only $170k.
  • The puzzling of polluted skies on climate.
  • Red spot junior buzzes its big brother.
  • Vitamins could boost attraction. This sort of thing already does work on humans - it is called ten pints of beer and causes attraction between men and lizards.
  • Earth’s writhing magnetic field could aid fusion research.
  • Virtual worlds to test telepathy.
  • Blooming good mental health therapy.
  • Brain-machine interfaces.

Quote of the Day:

Life isn’t long enough for love and art.

W. Somerset Maugham

Tuesday Roundup 18-07-2006

A strange assortment to get you through the week...


Bigelow Genesis Module

I've found the lack of news coverage about the Bigelow Aerospace "Genesis I" inflatable space module a little frustrating (and perplexing). For updates, you're best off heading straight to the Bigelow Aerospace website, which has updates on the status of the module, as well as some cool images that have been relayed back. Also newly available is an insider essay on the launch: "Bigelow Aerospace Looks to the Stars" (also available as a PDF).

Robert Bigelow is an interesting man - a real estate tycoon who has followed his dream of making space travel a reality. Not to mention, he's also very interested in 'border phenomena', and was the backer of the excellent (though sadly, on hiatus) National Institute of Discovery Science, which presented some excellent analysis of Black Triangle sightings, cattle mutilations and of course the 'Skinwalker Ranch'. Certainly a guy worth watching.

News Briefs 18-07-2006

Pink Floyd's Pulse DVD is out (and already in my player) - well worth the investment (Amazon US and UK)...

  • Jesse Marcel Jr tells his account of what his father found at Roswell. With video.
  • MUFON conference gets underway (well, it's finished now, but this story anticipated the weekend).
  • Why is exopolitics on the outer in ufology? Ask cancer man.
  • Heavenly omens carry inexplicable messages.
  • Psychics aid police in crimefighting.
  • Has Jack the Ripper been identified at last?
  • Graveside ghost photo of Jim Morrison still haunts fan. Break on through to the other side....
  • Psychologist investigates stigmata claims from around the world.
  • Vatican says that any Catholics involved in stem cell research could be banned from taking Holy Communion, relieved of church duties and even denied a church burial. Mmm, good to see they've moved on since that embarassing Galileo incident.
  • What are you, psychic? Er, yes!
  • Why do we dream? Ironically, perhaps to restore the balance from overly materialistic and rational analysis, just like this article?
  • Desire controls what we see.
  • This computer is so smart, it's creepy.
  • Bionic eye turned down by the FDA.
  • NSA says that it's so secret, it can't be sued.
  • A safe landing for space shuttle Discovery, after 13 days in space.
  • Plasma bubble could protect astronauts on Mars trip. Plasma is the hot word of 2006.
  • The hullabaloo about hobbits (Mike Morwood hobbits, not Tolkien hobbits).
  • World War II bomb found in ruins of Pompeii. God sure had it in for that city.
  • Digging up Megiddo. Just be sure to put everything back in the right place before Armageddon begins please....
  • Nearly a third of ancient Egypt's major monuments are still buried says Hawass (methinks the reporter got the headline wrong).
  • Haunting secrets of the Rollright Stones revealed.

Quote of the Day:

When we die we shall slough off this cheap intellect, and go abroad into Dreamland clothed in our real selves.

Mark Twain