Biblical Forgery Case Climax

The Biblical Archaeology Society has an opinion piece from BAR editor Hershel Shanks concerning the ongoing antiquity forgery case against Oded Golan, discoverer of the so-called "James (Brother of Jesus) Ossuary" . Shanks raises some questions about the trial in his article:

This case has been called “the forgery trial of the century.” Why has it taken so long to try? Why is the government failing to call so many of the witnesses listed in the indictment? Are the items charged as forgeries in the indictment authentic or not? What, if anything, lies behind this case; why was it brought?

It's certainly an interesting case, with no small amount of intrigue about the effect that religious backgrounds may have had on the charges (and eventual outcome). You can read more about the details on the Wikipedia entry for the James Ossuary.

News Briefs 07-02-2008

Well… here goes nothing!

Muchas gracias Greg, Kat & Rick

Quote of the day:

"I don´t care about them [scientists]. They only give us great publicity! This is great! I will be worried when they don´t talk about me! You remember what I said to you about Oscar Wilde? There's only one thing worse than being talked about and that's not being talked about. I will be then very worried when suddenly they stop speaking about Uri Geller. Then I know it´s the end of Uri Geller".

Uri Geller

Whitley Strieber and Dave Navarro

Okay, the Universe just imploded. Whitley Strieber, author of the 'alien abduction' classic Communion, recently appeared on "Dave Navarro's Spread", an online video chat show featured on Mania TV. Host Dave Navarro is best known for his stints as guitarist for Jane's Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. For those interested only in Whitley's interview, it starts at around the 14 minute mark and goes for quite some time. For anyone interested in some coarse humour and guitar porn, start at the beginning (and yes Paul Reed Smith guitars, I *will* pimp your lovely merchandise if you send me one of those Dave Navarro signature series...). Be advised: strong language and violent war clips at times.

News Briefs 06-02-2008

I never know what day or date it is until Wednesday.

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Quote of the Day:

"I am aware that hundreds of military and airline pilots, airport personnel, astronomers, missile trackers and other competent observers have reported sightings . . . These UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the earth, either manned or under remote control, or both."

Colonel Joseph Bryan, CIA (1960).

Schoching Competition

Competition time! I'll be talking with Robert Schoch over the next few days about his new book The Parapsychology Revolution, which is an anthology of important essays about parapsychology edited and commented on by Robert. I have in my hand a free copy of the book, courtesy of our good friends at Tarcher Penguin, which will go to one lucky TDG reader.

To enter, send an email to with your name and address. To be a valid entry, you must tell me the best thing and the worst thing about the Daily Grail. Entries close this Sunday, 10th of February 2008, at midnight GMT.

Norway in UFO Photographs - The First Catalogue

Now available to read online is a PDF report titled "Norway in UFO Photographs - The First Catalogue" (also downloadable):

The Hessdalen region in Norway is recognized worldwide as a location where anomalistic luninous events happen frequently. In order to be a stimulus for the long-awaited, complete, and up-to-date census of photographed activity in the area, a preliminary catalogue of pictures, films and videos of alleged UFO phenomena obtained in Norway 1900-2005 has been prepared. This catalogue places the Hessdalen phenomena into proper historical and national perspective during the two last centuries, in relation to other unidentified events in the country. It is intended to serve as a reference for observational anomalous (luminous and non-luminous, explained and unexplained) aerial phenomena in Norway.

The paper was created by the FOTOCAT project, which aims to create a catalogue of world-wide UFO photo events.

News Briefs 05-02-08

Sublime and ridiculous.

  • Navy tests incredible sci-fi weapon.
  • Keeping your brain fit.
  • Ocean hydrocarbons made from rocks.
  • Why were the 911 tapes destroyed?
  • Were the Caesars astronauts?
  • Plasma life forms: aliens from a parallel earth.
  • But is it really exercise?
  • The X-ray jets of Circinus X1.
  • An altar beyond Olympus for a deity predating Zeus.
  • Drop of blood can predict future diseases.
  • Turning physics on its ear.
  • Ancient Nasca iron ore mine discovered.
  • Ayahuasca: a strange brew.
  • Should fluoride be forced upon us?
  • Mendel upended.

Quote of the Day:

The multitude of books is making us ignorant.


Charles Bonnet Syndrome

NPR currently has an article and audio segment available about David Stewart, a man who lost his sight, and subsequently developed Charles Bonnet Syndrome:

Stewart has Charles Bonnet syndrome, a condition that often affects people with macular degeneration or diabetic eye disease. A surprisingly large percentage of people who lose sight start seeing things, says ophthalmologist Jonathan Trobe of the University of Michigan.

"The brain is doing a mash-up of stored visual memories," says Trobe. When visual cells in the brain stop getting information — which happens when your rods and cones stop working — the cells compensate, he explains. If there's no data coming in, they make up images. They hallucinate.

Readers of our anthology Darklore Volume 1 will recognise this syndrome - author/researcher Paul Devereux wrote about it at length in his essay "Visions of the Blind".

Tuesday Roundup 05-02-2008

A strange assortment to get you through the week...


Japanese Water Horse Sighting

Over at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman has posted an all-too-cool YouTube video of the Japanese promotion of the movie Water Horse. Through the use of a waterscreen, witnesses were able to watch the cryptobeast arise from the water (god help anyone that was bent in the vicinity). Now, if J.J. Abrams could just have done this for the Cloverfield monster...