Field Guide Review

I've posted a review to the site of The Field Guide: The Art, History and Philosophy of Crop Circle Making, by Rob Irving and John Lundberg (edited by Mark Pilkington). The Field Guide is the first crop circle book which gives the story from the side of the 'circlemakers', so it's a necessary read for anyone interested in the 'phenomenon'. You can find out more about the book at the Strange Attractor website, including a few sample pages from the book. Sure to be controversial this one.

News Briefs 22-11-2006

Yes, me again. I'm like the guest who doesn't know when you want him to go back to his own house...

Thanks Jameske.

Quote of the Day:

To play it safe is not to play.

Robert Altman

Tuesday Roundup 21-11-2006

A strange assortment to get you through the week...


Another Chink in the Wall?

Discover magazine currently has a feature on the 25 Greatest Science Books ever, which presents a fine list of great reads. Interestingly though, the introduction to the article by Nobel laureate Kary Mullis takes time to note Dean Radin's Entangled Minds (Amazon US and UK) as being worthy of mention:

Books like Radin's doggedly pursue scientific evidence for ideas that have been widely, but unreasonably, discredited for decades, or even centuries. Fortunately, scientists (at least in the Western world) no longer get confined to quarters or excommunicated for their books. But when an author puts himself on the line by embracing an unfashionable idea, even though he is guaranteed to generate scorn or indifference, this should somehow be recognized.

Recognition such as this creates another (long overdue) crack in the wall of scientific dogmatism regarding research into parapsychology.

News Briefs 21-11-2006

Many Tales of the Inexpressible in today's news...

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Quote of the Day:

Very brightly coloured, very irridescent...deep sheens and very highly reflective surfaces. Everything is machine-like and polished, and throbbing with energy - but that is not what immediately arrests my attention. What arrests my attention, is the fact that this space is...inhabited.

Terence McKenna (discussing DMT)

Bobby Kennedy Assassinated?

On what would have been Robert Kennedy's 81st birthday, the UK's Guardian is featuring an article by researcher Shane O'Sullivan which asks the question: Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy?. O'Sullivan tells how video footage from the Ambassador Hotel may show notorious CIA coup expert David Sanchez Morales amongst the crowd. Morales is said to have bragged in the 1970s that he 'took care' of the Kennedys. Makes for an interesting read - O'Sullivan made a documentary out of his research, which apparently aired in the UK last night.

Radio 20-11-2006

Here's the alternative radio schedule for the first half of the week.

Fate Radio: This week's guest is Nick Begich, who will be discussing emerging electronic technologies that can change our body chemistry for good uses or negative results (Real Audio or mp3).

Coast to Coast AM: On Monday Dr. Bruce Goldberg will discuss how to recognize and eliminate psychic attacks, and safely travel out of the body through the fifth dimension. Tuesday's guest is Chuck Missler discussing secret codes in the Bible, while Wednesday is a JFK special featuring guest Jim Marrs, Paul Groody, Lamar Waldron and Brad Steiger sharing their thoughts on who was behind the assassination of JFK. On Thursday Lloyd Pye will discuss the ancient astronaut theory and how the Starchild Skull is physical evidence to support it.

More details including relevant guest links are available at the C2C website.

Dreamflesh #1

Gyrus writes:

Dreamflesh Journal is a florid and protean collection of ideas, investigations and experiments weaving together altered states, ecology, healing, mythology, magic and prehistory. In A5 book format, 192 pages of essays, interviews and art explore the most fruitful gaps in our dualist heritage. With original cover art by Amodali, and a free A3 pull-out poster by Pablo Amaringo, it’s a feast for the senses as well as the mind.

The website has a list of contents, as well as a free PDF of the first issue Editorial - you'll also find plenty of interest on the rest of the Dreamflesh site (essays, interviews, reviews). Nice piece of work.

News Briefs 20-11-2006

Hot November night ...

  • Researchers have unearthed a 27000-year-old Stone Age site in Austria, including two bodies that might be twins under a mammoth's shoulder blade.
  • Human settlements almost 2400-years-old have been excavated near the ancient Nalanda University, India.
  • US scientists are using modern imaging techniques to digitally restore a rare 700-year-old Indian palm leaf manuscript on Hinduism.
  • A new exhibition in Paris will display ancient artifacts and secrets of the Sassanid empire.
  • A jar containing the skeleton of a dog discovered in a human grave in northern Iran has archaeologists puzzled. Man's best friend until the end.
  • A Roman gravestone which depicts a mounted soldier holding a sword and a severed head will go on display in Lancashire.
  • The stone monolith recently discovered in Mexico city could be a massive headstone honouring one of the last Aztec rulers. More info, with pics.
  • Roadworkers in Hanoi, Vietnam, discovered the 1000-year-old Xa Tac altar belonging to the Ly Dynasty.
  • Parts of a 2000-year-old bronze drum belonging to the Dong Son culture was handed to museum authorities by a resident of Vietnam's Phu Yen province.
  • Medical specialist and holistic practitioner Dr Amir Farid Isahak discusses the benefits of Qi, the energy of life.
  • Where were you before the Tree of Life, by Peter R. Farley, Volume 1.
  • Dark Energy has been discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope. Here's more about this incredible discovery of 9-billion-year-old Dark Energy.
  • The first of four trailers for UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied by Jamie Escamila.
  • What is the UFO captured in these photographs over Palos Verdes?
  • Brazilian UFO researcher Jan Val Ellam is claiming contact with aliens could take place between November 16 2006 and April 30 2007. Dust off your tinfoil hat, fill the esky with ice and beer, and watch the skies from your roof on a lounge chair Greg.
  • Predictions of what life will be like in 2056 submitted to New Scientist magazine by some of the world's prominent scientists don't include aliens, but I still plan on sticking around.
  • If there are more people like the Secret Santa, who since 1979 has given away $1.3million on the streets of Kansas City, then the world will be a better place in 2056.
  • Here's an article discussing the $100 laptops built by the One Laptop Per Child non-profit project for poor children. Bill Gates plays Scrooge and is not impressed, mocking the laptop.
  • Wikipedia has again been blocked in some parts of China. Maybe they consider academic/professional standards are more important than freedom of speech, but I doubt it.

Thanks Kat and Pam.

Quote of the Day:

I ate the mythology & dreamt.

Yusef Komunyakaa, "Blackberries"

Best of Astraea

Steve from Astraea Magazine writes with news that they have produced a 'best of' compilation print edition of articles related to the zine, titled (naturally enough) The Best Of Astraea - 17 articles on science, history and philosophy:

This book is written by a collection of best selling authors and researchers including: Steven J. Waller Ph.D, Archie Eschborn, Philip Ball Ph.D, Jordan B. Peterson Ph.D, Peter Marshall, Tom Harpur, R. Avry Wilson, Michael Cremo, Robert G. Bauval, Ahmed Osman, Dr. Robert Lomas, Michael Hayes, Jaq White, Lee McGiffen, Dr. Robert Lomas, Jim Alison and Deepak Bhattacharya.

Fans of alternate history will no doubt find much of interest in this book (authors such as Osman, Bauval, Cremo, Lomas). You can purchase the book from Authorhouse in both the United States and also the UK.