One dollar bill overlay of the two seals matches Freemason star map


One TDG member sent me an image overlay of the two seals on the American one dollar bill.

It is quite convincing and I am sure you all follow Greg's well known interpretation of this 'iconology' from his Key of Solomon Dan Brown preview book so you can compare it to this one.

There appears to be more than one Hebrew reference and it uses the three stars in the tracing board above the pyramid on the ground identical to the Star of David interpretation on my site for "As above so below".

He said I could use it but asked not to use his full name on my web page.

Thanks Aaron from TDG...

I have inserted it above the last update on the Star of David in the middle of the page.




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19 April 2007
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well its clear its been know to be 2 trianges star of dave =

but it was i who mention in earlier post that pryamid was incomplete - and 180 rotated and mirror image was solution in earlier post and seems i was right.

and they used seals to show an example.

feel free to use my name if you wish to use it.

heres my earlier post
22/07/2007 - 10:24pm, ciamarra said:
you got a great web site there wayne

but for your rome solution for the vacation star i think its wrong-incomplete - try comparing gary osborn washington pryamid layout solution (but rotate 180 degrees and mirror image - only the washington picture) to rome.

or my pic of it using rome and washington (washington rotated 180 and mirror pryamid)

you will see that the vaction star - (angelo castle)
relates washington penagon. and that the jefferson monument relate to the piazza del popolo - main obelisk is there .

last june i offer this rome solution to hall of matt.
funny thing was shortly after posting it - some guy in rome mentions the grail there - i cant help but wonder if he saw my post.

also i see you depicing horus with spear -
in another picture i depiced horus the red,
hor-descher (dendra zodiac shows mars above capricorn)
in depiction of hero killing chimera and noted his spear
near belt with z with orion.

its at bottom of my html page

basically i using that inregards to a theory i have about
year 3571 - just a theory cant prove nothing just numbers.

anyhow i am currently sitting on 2 of egypts greatest secrets - one of them i wont reveal at any price -

and the other is huge too - but it brings up a another question. i may reveal this one shortly.


also here some old samples of seal and star

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Hi, Wayne.

Welcome to The Daily Grail. I know you will find it enlightening, and useful.

Unlike Aaron, I would be happy if you would use my full name as the source of the upside-down Lorraine Cross on which you crucified a modified version of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

I would be even happier if you would make your sources/credits readable on your website. Right now, even though they may satisfy the letter of the law, they are way too small to satisfy the creditees.

My upside-down Lorraine Cross was originally published in an article in Atlantis Rising #48—November/December, 2004—under the title "Return to Rosslyn Chapel," which is now readable at the following link:

Your version, which has been on your site for several months and has contained no credit to me for as long, can be seen here:

My Atlantis Rising #63 article, “Rosslyn Chapel’s Darkest Secret,” will very soon be posted on my website. I give you credit for your discovery in it, and would appreciate the same from you.

All Best!


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13 May 2004
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I do believe you just had your cyber wrists slapped (in a most polite way, I have to say).

Credit to you Jeff for not getting all narky on his proverbial....

yer ol' pal,

(This post was brought to you by "Realm of the Dead")

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1 May 2004
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32 weeks 3 days

Hi, Wayne.

Well, you have written to me privately, and I have replied to you. Unfortunately your Email address seems not to be working.

My reply was returned to me with the following message:


The address to which the message has not yet been delivered is:

No action is required on your part. Delivery attempts will continue for
some time, and this warning may be repeated at intervals if the message
remains undelivered. Eventually the mail delivery software will give up,
and when that happens, the message will be returned to you.


In any case, Wayne, it would be better if you would handle this matter here, on your blog, and not through private Email. A TDG blog is a very nice thing to have, but it will not serve you well in the future if you leave this post dangling as untidily as it presently is.

So, let's start again. You reply to me, here, and I will reply to you from here, too. OK?

All Best!


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19 April 2007
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well i for one believe credit should be given if someone gives informantion.

like earlier wayne posted same blog and i gave my solution which clearly showed his depiction of rome incomplete.

more on my site

i offer this solution earlier on hall of matt - then someone few weeks after claims grail near area i pointed out.

anyhow = wayne reopened same blog and embedded was my solution to which he was missing.

anyhow thats one of the reasons i am weary about revealing some of egypts greatest secrets,

seems the chain of events that led me to this in unreal - and all this prophecy stuff seems to be right.

See video

i wonder if egypt prophecy - is related to two withness amd hopi propehecy - of two of them - and if the one from west comes out - my guess to give warning of year 3571 diaster and flaws in todays society and mindset = pollution - moral values - playing around with mass and changing our natural clockwork and thus affecting all other clockworks in universe, population boom, nuclear waste and bombs,lack of plans for diaster or needs of future generations or environment for them to lead healthy lifes.

but i for one believe credit should be given where credit is do. amd i like waynes site - but when i read about that acher solution in england and claims he lost infor on who send him that email - i just got to wonder - because it was a great depiction for the mystery in that town.

like my rome solution - we all know sacred geometry and seems like rome has few circles - with star - like rennes chateau -

or can be depicted as star of david -

i mean city is even enclosed in big circle.

but its wild how news of grail in the whereabouts of where my solution stated and no credit to me.

anyhow if wayne reads this feel free to give me credit if you change your rome depiction to come up solution i have given.

clemente ciamarra

clem sounds klem as in sons of klem - egypt
ciamarra sounds just like chimera - mother of the sphinx,
the eternal flame, the early warming sign of a diaster coming

- im not egyptian - some claim cleopatra was roman - but i hail from samnite descentant - but i can see why the wise god would honour me - with the upbringing i have had,

background is wild - chain of events is wild leading to it- it truely is like the davinci code -

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15 May 2006
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I thought I'd throw in a Mason's perspective to this thread. I'm a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason and do a quite a bit of research into the Craft. While I do believe that there is quite a bit that has been hidden in the rituals and symbols of Masonry that is up to each one of us to figure out, I'm not so sure that this is on the right track with the tracing board. All tracing boards/symbolic Lodge depictions are not the same. There are some examples on the web of a number of other variations at:

If you notice the stars around the moon in each of these tracing boards are not in the same position. I would tend to think that if the 1st Degree tracing board was some type of map, it would be proscribed that this element would be identical in each board. Just in the way the number of steps in the 2nd Degree is a set number and the same will be quite precise for other elements relating to that and other Degrees.

Also, there's the matter of the number of tiles on the Lodge floor being 13x11. Floors in Masonic Lodges vary from Lodge to Lodge and from tracing board to tracing board. My Lodge, for instance, does not even have a checkerboard pattern on the floor. It's carpet. Once again, I'd think this would be something that would be "set" if there was a hidden meaning there.

This all is not to say that the artist of the tracing board in your site wasn't trying to do something specific with his work. I would look into what the background was of this particular tracing board was and then go from there. That's the problem with looking at artistic Masonic symbols like this in an exacting light. While the basic symbols themselves will be there, the artistic representation is generally part of the creative process. Even looking at Degree work is hard to look at in this way. Work in the United States varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction in little ways. In Scotland, Degree work can vary from Lodge to Lodge. So looking for an overall precision in Masonic matters/symbolism/Degree work is not always an easy thing to do.

BK from