The Sacred Order of Lucha Libre

Red Pill Junkie & The Zombie Milkman, Grand Masters of the order, receiving the final benediction from Dr. John Ward, British Templar & High Priest of Awesome.

And in case you're wondering, the answer is YES: we are accepting candidacies to enter into our hermetic brotherhood. But be warned, for the initiating process will be arduous, exhaustive, and extremely hilarious.

Um, so I think I just saw a UFO...

OK guys, make of this what you will. All I an say is I'm not lying or making this up, although I could be mistaken.

The fact is, that I had forgotten to storage the bag I took to my trip to Paradigm symposium back up to a little storage room located in the terrace where I live. Some minutes ago I decided not to postpone this any longer, so I climbed up the metal stairs around 9:00 pm.

It's a beautiful clear night with some clouds in the sky. I was watching some of the airplanes flying from northwest to southeast, when suddenly after I opened the door to the room, out of the corner of my left eye something caught my attention. I turned and I saw like a little yellow light which moved erratically from right to left with a very quick and swift motion, and seemed to either have hidden inside the clouds, or went out somehow. The whole thing lasted less than a second.

The light was around 2 to 2:30 elevation in the sky (with 12 right at the zenith) at an approximate South East direction. It was very small, like the light of a laser pointer, only this wasn't been projected on a blackboard, and the light wasn't red nor green.

No, it wasn't a reflector light being projected on the clouds. I saw the light in the CLEAR part of the night sky.

It really startled me, and I just waited to see if there would be something more, when suddenly I perceived like a white flash of light inside the dark storage room, which had the door ajar but I hadn't turned on the lights yet.

After that I felt like a huge surge of energy crossing the whole of my body. Quite possibly the result of fear and adrenaline rush.

I waited a minute or two more, but I saw nothing else.

I entered the room, put away the baggage inside a cardboard box, turned off the light, closed the door, stood there a few moments actually pleading that light to come back, and then climbed down to write this while my memory is still fresh.

Man, it would be interesting to gauge in the coming weeks whether attendees to the Paradigm symposium started to report an increase in their paranormal experiences.

Cosmic Love in action, Mr. Hanks? ;)


PS: I didn't mention this on the blog post with the Martian Chronicles synchronicity, but the other Bradbury book I took with me on the trip was Something Wicked This Way Comes.

In the book, Cooger & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show arrive to Green Town on October 24th, at 3 am (the Witching Hour).

Soooooo... what that means at the moment, I have no idea.

But maybe something interesting is in store.

Paradigm Synchronicity


I'm back from Paradigm symposium, although that's a bit of a lie: Part of me stayed in Minneapolis, and the person who returned to Mexico wasn't exactly the same one who left 5 days ago.


My last contribution for Intrepid, deals with a really nice synchronicity I experienced on my way to Minneapolis, involving my newly-found passion for the poet of Science Fiction --Ray Bradbury


Step into my ship.

Paradigm Liftoff!!

Welp, this is it: Paradigm Symposium begins this week!

I'll be traveling to Minneapolis this Thursday to attend this exciting event. I hope I may get to meet a few Grailers up there :)

For all of you still interested to attend, there's still a few (very few!) tickets left, I'm told. Also, the Intrepid gang is offering day passes, in case you can't stay for the full event.

See you all next Tuesday!

Mesoamerican Ley Lines?

For my latest contribution @ the Intrepid blog, I enter the controversial territory of the Ancient Aliens theory, and discuss the content of a book which had a huge impact on me when I was a curious Mexican teenager.

The title of the book: UFOs and Mexico's Archeology.

Come explore with me.

A Matrix Way of Knowledge

For my latest thoughtcrime @ the Intrepid blog, I examine my personal fascination with the movie that inspired my nom de mouse, and its striking parallels with a series of books that helped kickstart the Counter-Culture movement in the 1960s.

Remember: All I'm offering is the truth, nothing more.

Dowsing for Dope

For my last article at the Intrepid blog, I decided to take a critical look at the questionable use of unconventional technology, as part of Mexico's desperate efforts in their war against organized crime.

As a side note, I want to make clear that I'm fully aware there are members of The Daily Grail who claim to be proficient in the art of Dowsing; people I happen to have a huge respect for. I hope they can understand how my concerns are not related on them specifically, as I'm not concerned in how they use their alleged natural talents in trying to find a water well, or other peaceful endeavors. And yet I cannot stand idle in how certain governments, like my own, seem eager to rely on unorthodox methodologies not because they might prove to be reliable or accurate, but because they can nonetheless provide useful scapegoats to boost the statistics they advertise domestically & internationally to justify their myopic policies.

In you're into dowsing, I ask you simply this: would you be willing to bet your life on the accuracy of your skills? and how about the life of people you don't know?

And even if you do, do you consider dowsing a skill which could be acquired by just about anyone, relying solely on the use of technology alone? Or do you consider your talent to be like any other human skill: a trait with which some are born with a knack for it, but nonetheless requires practice and dedication?

Having said that, I hope you enjoy my little essay, as I also explore a few other examples where the Mexican government had affairs with the Paranormal.

Jump in.

The Good, the Bad, & the Bat-S#!T Crazy


Exhibit (A) that we live in a Hyperreality...


So maybe with Ryan as his running mate, they could establish the building of Rapture as the base of their campaign platform? :3

See video


And remember kiddies: Say NO to Splicers.

Richard Dolan: Another Red Pill Junkie

I've been going through Rich Dolan's Truth Out radio archive this week. Truth Outh, in case you didn't know, is the show he has on the Global Radio Alliance network, which airs every Saturday night —And, like Tony the Tiger would say, it's G-r-r-r-r-eat!!

Listening to Fortean podcasts while I'm working has become second nature for me by now. Often times I find myself working on some project which doesn't require a lot of concentration effort on my part —Fixing a 3d model here, tweaking a computer rendering there, nothing too fancy— and that's where having the chance to put on my headphones while listening to a talking voice is very helpful.

My favorite podcasts are, in no particular order:

But, even with all those shows, I can run out of fresh podcasts very early in the week. So there's where Truth Out has come pretty handy. Richard's show lasts a whopping 3 hours, and since I already considered him one of the top researchers in the field, listening discussing his ideas and theories at length is a delight; on top of that I happen to fin find his tone of voice to be very relaxing, and that counts a lot in my book too, since that way I can pay attention to what he's saying while multitasking through my daily chores —those LOLcats ain't gonna get rated all by themselves, ya know!

Plus, he's a Rage Against the Machine fan! What more dare you ask??

So I was just listening to show # 8 (5/9/12), and while he was answering to a listener's question on whay prompted him to enter the UFOlogy field in the first place, he goes on to discuss the great impact that reading Timothy Good's Above Top Secret had in him. "I became obsessed!" he admits, and afterward he spent a great many nights looking up to his bedroom's ceiling pondering on the what ifs.

And that's when he revealed that, like myself, he's hooked on red pills.

On around -34:52, he says:

The reason that it's engaged me all these years. You know like in the movie The Matrix where famously Neo takes that red pill, and reality unfolds. He sees reality for what it is. I wish life were that easy! Of course it's never that easy.

I've taken countless red pills, because the way it is: you take one red pill, in other words you realized "Holy shit! UFOs are real!", now my whole world has just gone kaboom, but that doesn't end it. You stay with this reality for a little while and then you realize the waters get deeper still. And you realize that you have to account for abductions, you have to account for mutilations. You have to account for, what appears to be strange science and strange visits of inter-dimensionality.

And what I found myself is to being pulled by degrees into those deeper waters. I didn't plan to swim out into the ocean initially. I just planned to, you know, trips along the shore there, get my feet wet.

But the field isn't like that. And it seems like every 6 or 12 months I need to take a new major red pill! to account for my continually transforming reality.

Not even I could have managed to put it so eloquently. It's as if Rich had managed to understand what was going inside my own subconscious the moment I decided, for not particular reason (it seemed) to become the Red Pill Junkie.

So kudos to you Mr. Dolan. You've acquired a fan for life —and well-stocked supply of red pills to go along with it ;)




Entanglements in Esoteric Economics

Over at Intrepid, I mused a little about the over-arching implications of eBay's ban on Esoteric paraphernalia. It's not going to be to everyone's liking though, so consider yourself warned.

Ready the Floo powder.