Thunderous Voices: Grimerica Talks to Dr. Stanley Krippner


For the 4th installment of The Grimerica Show, my Canuck Compadres Darren & Graham have a very special treat: Dr. Stanley Krippner, a veritable legend in the field of parapsychology & shamanic studies, who has recently co-authored The Voice of Rolling Thunder: A Medicine Man's Wisdom for Walking the Red Road [Amazon US & UK].

Rolling Thunder, as some of you may know --& I have to confess I didn't know anything about him until I listened to Stanley on Christopher Ryan's Tangentially Speaking-- was a fascinating character; a Native American shaman who didn't shy away from sharing his wisdom with the Western world, which also included mingling with some of the most important figures of the 60's & 70's counter-culture movement, including The Grateful Dead & Bob Dylan. If there can be such a thing as a rockstar shaman, I think he got as close to it than anyone else.

Oh yeah, and during the 1st hour I joined the boys to discuss some of the latest news making the rounds on the net, including --what else?-- the NSA surveilance programs. Isn't it nice that we now have a right to be paranoid?


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