Mothman, 14th century New Mexico, and the hallucinogen Datura

_The Mothman Prophecies_ (book and subsequent movie) introduced us to a bizarre creature that terrorized the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the late 60s. Surprisingly, a similar entity haunted a 14th century pueblo that the ancestral Hopi, Zuni, and Acoma built upon a flat-topped pyramid in New Mexico. Stranger still, archaeologists have found evidence there of a cult involving a hallucinogenic plant called Datura (jimsonweed).

Read the details and see ancient murals depicting this crypto-zoomorph in Gary A. David’s article “The Mothman, Pottery Mound, and the Sacred Datura.”

Mas Antiguos Astronautas

Publicación exclusiva sobre la hipótesis de las paleovisitas extraterrestres.

Flashback 1970: UFOs Over Arizona and Hopi Prophecy

Read a few notes about the rash of sightings in the Prescott, Arizona area in August of that year. The Hopis, whose kachinas (spirit messengers) are known to have piloted "flying shields" for centuries, believe it is all part of their End Times prophecies.

Gary David

¿Habla Español? re. paleo-ufology

Journalist and astroarchaeology researcher César Reyes of Buenos Aires reports in Spanish on the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis at Risking shameless self-promotion, I'd also like to mention that my article "The Flying Shields of the Hopi Kachinas" appears in translation on the same website:

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Hopi Kachinas Piloting UFOs?

Hi folks,

Read about Hopi contact with various cryptozoologial creatures in my new article "The Flying Shields of the Hopi Kachinas." The Phoenix Lights are only a recent example in the long tradition of alien spacecraft over the skies of Arizona.

Gary A. David

Star Visions of the American Southwest

The nonfiction book THE ORION ZONE: ANCIENT STAR CITIES OF THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST and its sequel EYE OF THE PHOENIX: MYSTERIOUS VISIONS AND SECRETS OF THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2006 and 2008 respectively) describe the pattern of ancient Hopi villages that reflect all the stars in the constellation Orion. "As above, so below." Watch some images from both books.

For more info, go to

Gary A. David

New podcast at The Book-Of-THoH

Jeremy Vaeni interviews Gary David on the ancient Hopi, star lore, his book THE ORION ZONE and his forthcoming book EYE OF THE PHOENIX.

Also see Jeremy's website:

Another Orion Correlation in Arizona?

A significant Orion Correlation exists in northern Arizona.

Is there another one in southern Arizona? Please go to my other blog and comment. Thanks.

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Podcast for The Orion Zone

Please feel free to download the podcast describing Gary A. David's nonfiction book The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the Amercan Southwest, published in December 2006 by Adventures Unlimited Press.

06:30 -- 5.96 MB, mp3 (high speed connection suggested), ambient space music by Jack Andrews.

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The Resurrection of the Body?

The Baptists and all the other fundamentalist Christians feel betrayed by this recent Discovery film, just like they felt betrayed by "The Last Temptation of Christ" and were vindicated by Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." (See the first comment by a self-avowed extremist to my blog "Iconography of the Facade of the 'Jesus Tomb'."

IMHO, the doctrine of Resurrection of the Body is a ghastly notion, something akin to "Night of the Living Dead." Besides being contra-naturum, contrary to the laws of physics (and I don't think that even Jehovah Himself violates those, since He supposedly set them up), it is just an inane idea that the body would simply levitate into the stratosphere and be whisked off to eternity among the clouds.

At what point in the body's ever-changing form propelled through time does it ascend into heaven? At age 30? At age 10? At age 75? When the body dies? Is there some sort of cosmic mortician that makes the body pretty for heaven? As Eric Clapton sang after the tragic death of his son: "Would you know my name, if I saw you in heaven?"

No, the body and the ego are Maya, illusions shifting through the web of the senses, which themselves are a dream within a dream, to quote Poe.

Now, resurrection of the spirit, that's another matter. ;-)

Gary David