The Free Thinker and Free Thinking: Equals Freedom and Spirituality

By Fahim A. Knight-El

I am constantly asked by those who visited my Blog about my abbreviated online Bio, which indicates that I am a Free Thinker, and many have doubled down to asked, what does that actually mean? Webster online dictionary defines Free Thinking: "as a philosophical viewpoint which holds that position regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or other dogma." Now, Free Thinking for me was a spiritual calling (or transformation and transition) that can only be obtained by the journey of life, it involved something much deeper than our natural human instincts and intellectual inclinations to achieve and disperse knowledge and challenge ideals. Although, this will forever be a part of the process and to the outside world will perhaps stand as the judgmental variable and parameters of determining whether or not you will be received as a true Free Thinker; this will also be your own proof positive litmus test and will serve as your own personal tangible barometer (not that you should need such verification or affirmation to validate this determination).

The measuring stick will, however, always be rooted in your courage and willingness to weigh all evidence (which will be presented in literary or verbal forms and/or presented in the theoretical and ideological frameworks of organizations and movements) that is presented and not be shy to render a critique and analysis in order to prove that the presented argument was flawed and lacked evidentiary proof or it had met the standards of truth based on the rigorousness of an impartial investigation. I was led to an academic book authored by Mary E. McGann titled, Critical Thinking and Writing in the Disciplines this book became good training ground for me in becoming a critical thinker and what that entailed.

I grew up between the Pentecostal Holy Church and the Baptist Church faith traditions. The Pentecostal experience was always full of spiritual energy, there were shouting, singing, crying, dancing, plenty of testimonies, out loud scripture readings—it was an environment of spiritual electricity (they would congregate what appeared to be seven days a week and the ministers wore the titles of prophets and apostles and each service was like a high powered revival (I am speaking now directly to black folk this was our collective experience)—I would covertly be playing behind my mother's back with my brothers and sisters and with other devious children in the church (you were not allowed to eat candy, talk and definitely not play). These were some long sessions and as a child you tried to make the best of all this preaching; I knew from time-to-time I had to yell out with other members 'thank you Jesus', I would then be safe from momma's wrath (it seemed like she had eyes in the back of her head).

My mother and other Elders would enter a realm of spirit referred to as the Holy Ghost or become touched by the holy spirit and it was liken to an outer-body experience, which is unexplainable outside of the black Christian holiness experiences and traditions. I know white folk think they understand this, but they do not; this spiritual energy goes back to our ancient African ancestors and was the embodiment of invoking traditional African religious-ethos that made its way through the horrific and horrid voyage known as the Transatlantic Slave Trade, a crime against humanity (they could not kill our spirit) and it survived in our DNA and made its way across the Atlantic Ocean. The Black Christian Pentecostal is a living testimony of our continued connectedness to our African heritage even to this very day the drums, tambourines, the organ and piano and at times the beauty of the black human acapela voices was music to the ears (the human voice by far is the greatest instrument ever created).

I did not arrive at this stage, because, it was something that I initially sought, but I do believe that I was predestined to be one of those free spirited souls that could not be confined by the gravitational pull of proselytizing indoctrination of intended doctrines; of course even this would prove to be to shallow to bind me to accept one single thought as my life path. I met this Zinn Master in my life’s journey and he told me that nothing in life was coincidental or accidental (or occurred by happenstance) and wherever, we are in space and time, that is where we are supposed to be and he looked at me and said the universe arranges these things even before our allowed physical carination, and given permission to exist on this plane (in this sphere).

I looked at him as though, he had lost his mind; he must have detected my lack of comprehension and my inability to process these thoughts at that time. He only said that one day, I would understand that All real lessons have a duality in meaning and interpretation, but must first be understood from the spiritual realm (this was a metaphysical discourse). I was offered a small book titled, Tao The Ching by Lao Tzu, this book of ancient Chinese wisdom and philosophy freed my mind of the western dialectic worldview into accepting the eastern ancient Sages and Gurus wisdom and spiritual principles as having a much deeper meaning and the wisdom therein just felt that it was God talking directly to you.

In 2006 Rhonda Byrne published a book titled, The Secret, she pulled together twenty-four highly touted spiritualist who shared various intellectual and spiritual experiences and involvement in the esoteric, occult and Gnostic schools of thoughts in order to make an attempt to package ancient wisdom that had shaped humanity’s spiritual existences based on the universal principles of good that had touched all cultures, races, nationalities and this knowledge had alter humanity’s orientation to life down through the ages of time—these various spiritual intellectuals shared mystical, mythical, healing, and indigenous knowledge that was rooted in the folklore of ancient civilizations and the benefits of the observance of metaphysical outcomes. Some of them spoke outside of the concepts of organized religion. It was a clear indication that western man had failed and his failure has led to an earthly and human imbalance; it has placed him on a collision course with the universal powers.

I think European New Age thinkers such as Eckhart Tolle who authored the book titled, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose and even Reverend Rick Warren who authored the book titled, The Purpose Driven Life; these Caucasians have come deeply in contact with our indigenous knowledge and are articulating it on a broader scale, but they must not forget that they have borrowed this wisdom from the fathers and mothers of civilization. I was given this little pocket sizes book titled, As Man Thinketh by James Allen that I still carry every place I go, it is full of powerful wisdom and jewels and with little doubt Allen had drank from the fountain of the ancient masters and had adopted their universal principles.

This wisdom affected me differently than the wisdom of Qur'an and the Bible yet, I totally understood that all of this had an interconnectedness with the original divine source although this wisdom contained in the Tao The Ching left know doubt that it had been passed down my many ancient generations and it even predated the Bhagavad Gita ,it sent me on a spiritual journey, it also predated the 'Pslams of David' and from those pages, I was a changed human being—I truly tapped in my Pineal gland. Energy and power source that has baffled Europeans for over 6,000, but indigenous and original people of the earth within their spiritual customs, rites, sacraments, practices and rituals knew how to alter energy polarities and shift energy sources to transcend into Astro-beings this was the highest form of enlightenment. I balanced this off by being exposed to Ra Un Nefer Amen books titled, Metu Neter, Vol. 1: The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation and Metu Neter Vol. 2: Anuk Ausar, The Kamitic Initiation System.

Erich Von Daniken in his book titled, The Chariots of the Gods, it would be his white Eurocentric intellectualism that put him in denial of the great Pyramids of Kemet (Egypt) were constructed by the indigenous Nubians who had occupied Kemet for over 20,000 years before European intervention, they were the original Egyptians. These recent wars in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, etc., have led to the theft, looting and discretion of ancient artifacts of antiquity (these assaults were carried out systematically) but let me be clear these artifacts did not belong to the Semitic Arab imposters nor the Europeans and was not part of the Islamic dynasties.

Black people had established civilizations centuries prior to their arrival on the African continent. Many of these ancient cities like Tripoli, Cairo and Baghdad housed valuable treasures. The Europeans have stolen indigenous peoples cultural artifacts and our linkages with time is in white museums in Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, Rome, Cyprus, Lisbon, Toronto, etc.. I know the great black archivist and curator Arthur Alfonso Schomburg probably is turning over in his grave at how we have allowed these cultural bandits to steal and house our history and tradition in defiled white institutions.

My next awakened, there was Nation of Islam minister in Durham, North Carolina named Minister Ray Muhammad (Minister Muhammad and I became good friends) he would teach quite often about the importance of submission and surrendering your will to do the will of God; he had a free willing spirit and was a graduate of a HBCU Texas Southern University in Houston, out of the Mid Atlantic Athletic Conference (MEAC) of course I have a common bond with all HBCU graduates and my feelings were no different towards Minister Muhammad. Minister Ray Muhammad would often state where you are right now is where you are supposed to be and no one arrives at these spaces and times of their own volition or by osmosis God brought you there (this was leading me towards my evolution into Free Thinking). He gave me a better understanding of Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

The biggest leap into becoming a Free Thinker, is to allow yourself to move beyond the confinement of dogmas, philosophy, theologies, political bias, etc., which taught me not to permit nor allow exclusivity in one school of thought to captivate my ideological imagination because this will erect and create artificial barriers, which could disallow the appreciating of the diversity and the expansiveness of knowledge and truth. Thus, you will also learn through practical experience and through life trials and error the value and ultimate value of principles that are better understood and received by others as positive examples when observed and lived and reflected as transparent ethics for everyone to see our lives as an open book (we should live our lives as living examples of universal good).

Free Thinkers are only loyal to their quest to discover the truth regardless of how painful the findings maybe, it is this clarion call that allows us to escape our natural attachment to familiar shared ideologies. But will always demonstrate the ability, as well as determination and willingness to look beyond those safe and comfort zones, which to objectively weigh all knowledge and thought on the larger scale of determining proof. With the Free Thinker’s mindset there are no safety nets that will stand in their way to determining the truth at all cost. Free Thinkers are ordinarily met with skepticism and suspiciousness because, we have been taught from early on to unquestionably accept doctrines and a worldviews that validates and support the status quo.

Yet, the Free Thinkers possess the courage to engage and upstage contrary perspectives to the popular version of the truth (you will pay a heavy personal cost, if you ever choose to become a Free Thinker) will cause them to be ridiculed, isolated, it could even cause more sinister acts. Once the Free Thinker has arrived at this lofty position, it will often lead them to revisited previous held beliefs and debunk them for more sound information and by this stage in their development, they would have learned to put all emotions to the a side—this makes the dismantling and reconstruction process much easier.

Moreover, admittedly most human beings who are learned and unlearned will never become a Free Thinker, because this is truly a journey less traveled and human beings find it easy to think inside the box, it makes associations more accommodating and it suffices the normalization of this world’s order in spite of injustice, corruption, inequalities, etc., Free Thinkers are revolutionary in their thought patterns—Buddha, Confucius, Zoroaster, Gandhi, Jesus, Mohammed, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Muhammad Ali. They had transcended (or was born) earthly expectations and had moved deep into the spiritual realm, a place that we all should look to obtain and arrive it is the only true gate to freedom.

This spiritual plateau opens you up to be used by the universal forces of good—honesty, self-denial, forgiveness and leads to the greatest expression of love, which is unconditional love. Free Think is teaching me to understand what love truly means on a much higher level and to forgive is the greatest act of human freedom, to relinquish and free others from our perceptions (in particular those whom we believed have transgressed against us) exonerate them that you might release yourself from an unjust self-affliction of imprisonment and bondage that continues to create cycles of pain and suffering in our conscience and sub-conscience minds. This quest often will immediately become conflictive with a world that was built on deception and "ism".

We must seek to look outside of this world that was constructed on disinformation and propaganda and have the uncanny ability to reconstruct a worldview that challenges the popular version of the truth in order to create a new societal and personal paradigm. The true Free Thinker innately either already has these skills of possessing the ability to reason and analyze and/or on the journey they are acquired and developed by way of the experience of various Paths in which the Creator or Supreme Being or whatever Higher expression that is the source of your spiritual inclinations and guide that factor into our lives. Let me not sound contradictory; spirituality is beyond the concepts of Supreme Beings or religious concepts and often functions as an independent variable outside of organized religious terminology and phraseology.

The inclination (of surrendering yourself) to walk your life in a Free Thinker’s space will be a deep evolutionary process for the human being (and was the biggest step that I ever made in my life), it will be more impactful than even the DNA that we inherited from our mothers and fathers (although this plays a factor into our development). However, this goes beyond the meeting of sperm and ova of human biological science. Truly a magnificent God/human and miraculous phenomenon that from an egg coming together with male sperm during conception (new life is formulated) that allows us to extend past our biological substances that was transferred in chromosomes and our nucleus and atomic make up produced an independent human being referred to as our offspring who has a mind and thoughts of their own.

Yes, their parents shared DNA will always be a part of their human essences. Let me stop here; I was a poor student in science, although I started out as a biology major in college. My Science major peers were serious and disciplined students and I wasn’t at that time in my life. So forgive me for recklessly trying to use a scientific analogy to paint a picture in my life. I was learning about concepts of microbiology and organic chemistry and physics. I woke up during that semester and said what the hell am I doing here and I immediately consulted by academic advisor and changed my major. I often wonder where my life would have been, if I had become a scientist or medical doctor; I know that in life nothing was coincidental and as quickly as that thought entered my brain, my Free Thinking immediately absolved those thoughts. I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing; anything else does not exist in my time and space.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

The United States, Russia, China and North Korea

By Fahim A. Knight-El

President Donald Trump has put himself up against history in which he wants to approach the world from a new geopolitical mindset and desires to attempt to alter and change the international and global rules in which some of his global agenda is not well thought out, but he has patriots in place to fill in the gaps for him. Some may view my thoughts on Donald Trump and his New World Order agenda and One World Government agenda as being mere idealistic and lacks true pragmatism and I totally understand their unwillingness to consider an alternative perspective, but their apprehension will not prohibited the inevitable of what is going to take place in the world under Donald Trump. Perhaps Trump has not taking into account and doesn't realize that the United States is a declining world power and is steadily being replaced by China who has made serious inroads into solidifying its dominance in Asia and the Asian Pacific realm and has created a global economic prowess throughout the world. And their present day influence is unmatched by western governments including the United States of America (this truly represent a new era in world history). When the United States dollar thirty years ago begin to lose its international economic credibility as the world's reserve currency, it was a clear indication that America as a nation was transitioning into a global downward spiral politically, economically and socially and China based on default and world authority had taking that position and the United States is still in denial. The U.S. use to be the number one creditor nation in the world now, it stands as one of the number one debtor nations of the world.

They will get even weaker in next 10-20 years or less when North Korea; Kim Yong-Un is getting very close to acquiring intercontinental ballistics missiles and Iran is working undercover to acquire full nuclear capability in the very near future; this will bring a new international military paradigm and will dictate a new geopolitical relationship with South Korea in which North Korea will attempt to redraw the sovereign boarder lines and force a one united Korea (even if this means going to war) in which China will be an external instigator who will be backing North Korea in this unification of the two Koreas. The protectorate status that United States has historically offered South Korea would have to be reevaluated in lieu of North Korea acquiring the intercontinental ballistics missiles in which they could strike the United States from Asia, because of this potential predicted new political and military arrangement (or acquired military technology on North Korea part) it could prove be explosive, which could be the impetus for World War III.

North Korea has been really aggressive in their launching missile testing program and has been in defiance of international law and because of its relationship with China; this relationship has allowed them to be able to circumvent the United States embargoes and sanctions. They are in bed with one of the most powerful trade partners in the world, which is China and they don't feel the economic affect when it comes to goods and services being disrupted. The United States Government has systematically duped the American people and the entire globe in general, about the effectiveness of sanctions and embargoes. Some political critics who have alternative media sources are warning us of the global geopolitical implications and predictions that have been put on the chessboard, which is nothing short of alarming; but we have been so dummied down by the Talking Heads and social media and by their disinformation propaganda and we do not have a clue of the pending danger that lie ahead that faces all of humanity. Now, in the grand scheme of things in which, I will cover in the Blog’s content below, it isn't totally about the narrow scope of black and white in these globalization schemes, it is more about the evolvement of political unilateral thinking, that is more rooted in world domination; this is how the neo-alliances are being structured and orchestrated, which involves totally attempting to control the world's resources and impacting the thinking of humanity.

It is to early to make a definitive determination of what the United States international and foreign policy future will be, however, this much, we do know President Donald Trump lack of international diplomatic and foreign policy experience is going prove to be a liability in his decision making ability to steer the United States on a course that would be less antagonistic. He is confronted with how to contain Asian nationalism with China dominating influence in the Pacific realm this world power isn't going anywhere and will continue to expand its influence politically, economically and socially beyond its boarders. China knows that they possess no equals in their dominance over the global economic markets, which continues to allow them to transition into being the defacto world leader in obtaining raw materials from around the world, which no nation can compete economically with them in the modern context of turning those raw materials into manufactured tradable commodities and expanding markets. Although, China had entered into a high-tech production and manufacturing economy, which on the surface, it appears to be a page out of when the United States led the world during the industrial revolution. Where factories and raw materials were the economic model and we witnessed products being made inside the USA and when the U.S. economy was booming. But Alvin and Heidi Tofflers explain this best in their book titled, The Third Wave. Trump is systematically lying to the American people about where the world is right now and denying the economic trends and stages that led to the dismantling of American industrialism and contributed to the fall of America. Trump want the American people to believe that manufacturing is coming back to America let me be the bearer of bad news, it is not going to happen. Trump in his deception and rhetoric is attempting to lead the United States down a dark international path.

Trump and the United States have covertly declared war against China, the first step was him pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) international economic trade agreements. The United States is forcing these new world and global alliance, in which Russia, China and the United States are all rushing to set the template for the future outlook relative to globalization. These nations will redraw the lines of international waters and maritime jurisprudence this will automatically impact weaker and stronger nation's sovereignty. How we understood the geopolitical interest of nations yesterday will no longer be relevant in the new global arrangements. Some of the United States international motivations will be rooted in their concept of attempting to extend and expand white nationalism. Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson refused to politically distance themselves from Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is because they have a master plan of unifying the world of Eurasia and United States; those former ethnic nations that declared their sovereignty after the Cold War will be once again come under the threat of Russian military aggression and dictates.

Trump has a fixation on destroying Islam not just militant radical Islam, but all Islam (a war he cannot win). He is strategically seeking to wipe Islam off the world’s map. No Islamic nation will be deemed safe from this type of mindset and tyranny; today it is Iran, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Iraq on the so-called Homeland Security terrorist list (the Center for Strategic Studies) and the Talking Heads and the political scientist, they are not going to convey the true agenda to the American people that these new alignments are rooted in the principles of global white nationalism. Putin of Russia has the Islamic problem in Central Asia and the former Russian protectorates in which President Richard Nixon warned the European world that Islam would pose the greatest threat to their world domination as they moved into the 21st Century.

Trump found a white allay in Putin who shares his political sentiments about extinguishing the potential rise of Islam and its continued spread in Europe and Asia. This alignment is valuable to Trump's globalization, One World Government and New World Order agenda in which the implications could be another war, if radical militant Islam is not halted. They will strategically pick Iran as a pasty, the war of words between the United States and Iran has been warming up even before Trump became U.S. commander-in-chief. Trump said he has served notice on Iran. Iran response to the threat was that they were a sovereign nation and did not need the permission from the U.S. to make political, economic and social decisions. Trump condemned the covert Iran deal that was initiated by the Obama administration as being a 'bad deal' in which Iran so-called agreed to cut back on its nuclear weapons program aspirations; many believed that this agreement in particular was also tied to monetary ransom money of 400 million dollars paid to Iran as good faith money to get American hostages released. Yet the United States had frozen and seized Iranian money and assets since 1979, when Imam Ayatollah Khomeini initiated the Iranian Revolution. This money has been frozen for over thirty-seven years.

I think Trump is going to rescind part of this Iran deal in order to provoke Iran, but this going to get interesting because Iran has purchased weapons from Russia, North Korea and China. Trump will find out that being the leader of the so-called free world and running the world is not reality television or his Apprentice show, it is a lot more comprehensive and complex, but the decisions he makes will globally impact the United States present and future course, I truly do not think he understands the magnitude and power he possesses that will impact the entire world. This is not a game. Now, North Korea under the Supreme Ruler Kim Jong-Un will continue to flex his will and military might in defiance of the United States and international law, by continuing to test his missiles program. China will keep this loose cannon in their back pocket, because his 20th century Communist style ruler-ship and dictatorship serves in the long term interest of China who is clandestinely fueling Kim Jong-Un in his rhetoric by taking a quasi laissez-faire approach and simultaneously putting billions of Chinese dollars behind North Korea, thus, making a joke out of United States sanctions and embargoes and trust me China is not concerned about North Korea's human rights record.

This invisible phenomenon (consisting of North Korea) creates an international balance of power without China themselves appearing as an international bully. The United States has become overly consumed with the so-called potential threat of Kim Jong-Un and it is this that is partially driving the United States in what appears to be an unorthodox relationship and partnership between Russia and the United States. Trump understands that in the new strategic international interest he is going to need Russia to halt China's aspirations towards expansion in the China South Sea and beyond, in particular the Philippines and Taiwan and other territories in the South China Sea. Theses disputes have been ongoing and will only become acerbated with these new international alignments that will potentially have to be executed with a weaker United Nations and rules of international law will be less binding. This has the potential to create an international powder keg for the west and the east.

It is not by coincidence that Trump has appointed and nominated all these ultra white nationalist mindsets to his administration. This is a new frontier in the recent modern international context, but taking right out of the playbook of the old white nationalism decree to once again impose race dominance into the international political equation (yesterday it was the Aryan race, the Anglo-Saxon race and today it's a hybrid etho-racial breaded in the United States that are seeking world racial supremacy). They seek to have no opposition to their and Trump’s agenda and these ultra white nationalist and white supremacy, they are not motivated by what is politically correct. Trump has multiply agendas, he unlike most white world leaders he see the handwriting on the wall and he is getting in front of the trouble waters and sees Russia as its great partner.

But Trump is no match for the likes of Vladmir Putin; Putin’s corruption is gangster style he has no loyally to anyone and will cross you in a heart beat; unknowing to Trump, Putin and the Russian government has been selling weapons and military technology to North Korea for decades and even under Kim Yong-Un, he is one of their number one international armament customers. These political dynamics are a triangle of deceptions between China, North Korea and Russia, which North Korea is being deemed America’s so-called number one enemy, but America’s new ally Russia is still supplying all types of military support to North Korea as I write this article in which China also is fully aware of this. What is the common denominator? These are old communist ideological alliances that still possess international value when it is necessary and politically expedient. Putin and Russia is also selling Iran and North Korea weapons and military technology before the United States imposed sanctions and embargoes, and after U.S. impose sanctions.

He will use the skillset of Rex Tillerson as a Seven Oil Sisters operative and agent (Tillerson is on multi payrolls: Russian, the CIA, Israeli lobby and AIPAC and the Rockefellers) and his ultimate agenda will be to instigate more conflicts in the Persian Gulf by using the CIA playbook to infuse propaganda and disinformation against Iran and sell this bullshit to the American people that Iran poses a national security threat, because they continue to desire to become a nuclear powered nation. If they could take back India and Pakistan nuclear capability they would because they believe people of color are irresponsible and to put nuclear weapons in the hands of a so-called radical and militant Islamic government like Iran will be troublesome to the western world, they see it as a threat to the white world and if Iran acquires nuclear weapons this will upset the white world domination and upstage the balance of power in the Middle East.

Russia has always played by its own international rules and they will not block Tillerson and Trump’s plans (they all are on the same team) to attack and invade Iran because there is oil on the table for Lukoil and Rosneft Russian state oil company and untold personal wealth for Trump, Putin, Tillerson and Exxonmobile in which the international alliances means nothing in lieu of the expansion of global white nationalism. Trump’s concept of patriotism is not tied to the United States sovereignty and him and Putin have declared allegiances to breakdown these artificial barriers, sovereignty and boarders will take on an entire new definition relative to international jurisprudence and they are military prepared to squash any national and international rebellions. Russian troops have been deeply rooted in America’s secret security forces (some of them former KGB agents) and was brought to United States by the ex-CIA director and President George H.W. Bush and the program was continued under Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. They have been secretly part of the United States Central Command and will replace the National Guards and FEMA when domestic disturbance arises inside the U.S. in particular when martial law is declared, it will be contained by Russian forces operating covertly in America (they were systematically chosen because of their ruthlessness and their non-allegiance to Americans citizenry.

No, entity will be allowed to impede their quest for the total completion of the One World Government agenda and the accumulation of wealth, these new global geopolitical strategies will make Iran expendable in the opening out of the United States-Eurasia expansionism and power dynamics. In this new power paradigm schemes, it is about moving the entire world into a new direction; thus, the prior NATO alliances in Western Europe will be forced to surrender some aspects of their previous concepts of what sovereignty meant to their so-called democracies. Trump and his administration do not desire to continue the type of international diplomacy that was still linked to an era in American history known as the Cold War. This time has passed and the international political arrangements have become obsolete and have outlived its purpose and usefulness in Trump’s worldview.

They will invoke fear into the psyche of the American people and potentially line the United States up again for another war just like in Afghanistan in 2001 and in Iraq in 2003, and we know that these were induced wars, which was rooted in international grand theft of Afghanistan poppy plant (or Heroin distribution in which the USSR fought a nine year war against the Mujahedeen over the Central Asian heroin trade and the Russians lost a bitter war) and taking over the second largest oil reserves in the world. George W. Bush and the Bush crime family, they wanted a part of this lucrative heroin trade and with the permission of Russia they agreed that the United States would use its military to fight in the rugged mountainous Afghan terrain to acquire a monopoly over the heroin dope trade coming out of Central Asia.

Russia after a nine year war didn't want anymore part of going back to Afghanistan. They also wanted more control over the Central Asia oil pipeline that involved running oil from the Black and Caspian Seas to Siberia. Now, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a crook exemplar he will use his official capacity to start wars and simultaneously will be running so much international dope and oil from the around the world and funnel it to Exxonmobile and which to involve in the global theft of natural resources in Africa. They have all the puppet African leaders in their hip-pockets in which our continent will become once again a prime target to be further raped and exploited under this new international direction being put forth by Trump. Africa's colonial masters will come back to this wealthy continent with a vengeance. Tillerson is ruthlessness he didn't become an oil tycoon of ExxonMobil because of business niceties; he understands that business is a declaration of war.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

Fake News, What is the Global Implications; What is the Price?

Fake News, What is the Global Implications; What is the Price?

By Fahim A. Knight-El

I think the question of whether or not media is being reported without bias and slant; it will be a difficult problem and task to address and resolve in the grand scheme of things relative to media policing, because of the human factor (sometimes shoddy stories can be very well disguised). Moreover, we live in a highly technical digital age where information is being disseminated in real time, which has transformed how media use to be relayed twenty years ago and the digital age has revolutionized mass medium markets, which has made them more competitive. The media outlets both electronic and print now have to compete with the power and influences of non-traditional media built around social media. So not only are there competitive markets between traditional media outlets that are warring to present breaking stories and capitalizing on national and global audiences before anyone else, but social media is covertly driving mainstream media to this end. This new phenomenon creates tremendous pressure on media journalist to work expeditiously in order to get to the reporting finish line first (shameless to say by hook or crook).

The media is big business and often reporting news has a revenue and profit incentive attachment. I am of the opinion that the networks themselves have lowered their journalistic standards and the empirical and scientific approach to gathering information and packaging it for broad based media consumption has lost some of its reporting credibility qualities. Journalism use to be rooted in ethics, and the first thing that you are taught, is to view reporting with objectivity and without partiality. Let the facts of a story be the foremost determination of where a media story lead and the journalist must be able to detach themselves from the story's outcome.

I don't know why President Donald Trump’s name continues to come up with people that I am engaged in conversations and dialogue. Let me state this, Trump in his own way exposed what many of us already knew, which was how non-credible Western media had become. The United States President lambasted U.S news outlets as reporting "fake news"; he was not going to allow them to set the table for him relative to Russia and Valdmir Putin (this cozy relationship with Russia and Putin will continue have many twist and turns just keep your eyes on U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson) had hacked into the Democratic and Republican voting machinery and computer networking systems and was involved in a spying espionage operation against the United States Government. President Barack Obama publically stated that the U.S. intelligence experts had provided him with proof that Russia was engaged in cyberspace terrorism and that this posed a threat to United States national security interest (and he even briefed Trump on the matter and CIA provided Trump with a so-called highly confidential and classified briefing information in which it appears he did not buy into). Thus, part of the briefing alluded to the fact that Puttin had even created an inside dossier on Trump who defended himself by characterizing some of this confidential and classified briefing a mere ‘fake’ news and he forced CNN and other networks to admit that part of the story against him was un-collaborated and they were so-called relying on some French source who was a double agent. Trump accused and alleged that CIA director John Brennan could have been behind this ‘fake’ news.

This practice of ‘fake’ news has been long standing and it actually goes much further than the failure of the ground level reporters negating or neglecting their responsibility as media to factually and accurately report the news outside of slants and hidden agendas (the reporters themselves are only pawns in the game). Perhaps the editorial boards and the executive board decision makers are tied to a diabolical hidden cabal who are covertly dictating how they desire to shape and mold public opinion. Trump is so unpredictable that whatever comes to his mind he just says it. Yet, many of us know Trump's allegations of "fake" news struck to the core of this charade and manipulation and the play on how the American people and the globe takes in information. And how ‘fake’ news impact our mindset and as well as, our daily lives and the perceptions that are gathered about people (events and occurrences) from around the world could be misleading—they lie and fabricate information to sway and persuade the national public and the global public to lead them into believing and thinking that they know and fully understand the complexities of what is taking place in global society.

These are master capitalist media ploys of controlling human social, political and economic behavior: they have a gamut of tools at their disposal from print media, electronic media and even social media. They are also masters of high technical subliminal seduction that is also being carried out in the media as mind control and they systematically use the mass mediums to formulate global agendas and make the public believe they are informed on the issues. But unknowing to them they don't have a clue about what's truly taking place on the national and/or on the global scene. They use media to create toxic international political environments to sway public opinion in whatever direction they choose.

I remember some years ago there was this fear that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and high level U.S. government national security apparatuses were covertly and secretly engaged in placing microchips into new born babies feet and many felt that this was being done by the government to be able to monitor and control the future movement of people and even control the minds of these recipients of this Langley, Virginia experiment. Now, this is not above them or beneath them and even this experiment was never scratched from the table. But they systematically use media to herding the Sheeple into various directions for the benefit of this cabal. My father-in-law was an avid news television viewer and reader of various news publications (in particular following current events), and he would often engage me in conversations about events that were taking place around the world and he truly believed that he had a perspective and was informed. I did not have the heart to tell him what Donald Trump stated, which was, the majority of this news that he was so adamant about defending, was nothing but manufactured 'fake news' and the Talking Heads were only given a script to read. Nothing that we read and/or see on CNN, Fox news, MSNBC, The Hill, BBC, CBS, NBC, Bloomberg Report, ABC, New York Times, New York Post, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Associated Press, United Press Associations, Yahoo news or other Internet generated news, etc., none of it stand on the merit of truth, but most of it has been divested of objectivity and grossly diluted to fit the interest of the manipulators. There is a monopoly over the media ownership that has violated all the anti-trust laws and rules in America, but they are so powerful and they answer to no one but themselves and 95% percent of the global mediums outlets are controlled by this small powerful cabal.

They don't need huge military build ups anymore like what the world witnessed during World War I (1914-1919) and World War II (1939-1945) in order to move people in this manner which has become obsolete, but they can still dominate the world and not even fire a shot (the force and might strategy has transitioned into a new movement of getting the same results via lies and propaganda and by the use of ‘fake’ news). There is no such thing in the United States as the "free press", this is an illusion from yesterday that continues to be thrown out as the shining example of U.S. democracy (which is given to show forth a distinction between so-called oppressive nations and so-called democratic nations) and our people fail to understand that American democracy has been compromised on every level and the United States Constitution no longer frames the basis of U.S. jurisprudence relative to this nation's so-called past and present democratic freedoms. The conveying of news by the mass mediums, which is rooted in propaganda and disinformation have become the order of the day and is very detached from the reality of truth—they hide real and truthful news worthy stories and accounts in lieu of providing the masses with sensationalized and often irrelevant subjective and biased sanitized reporting and the American people is given the world through the disdained color lens of those who have hidden agendas.

For example, they are masters of using the 'Big Lie' theory techniques by tossing out undocumented lies that have no truth or credibility and lack being substantiated, but each network begins to quote the lie, as if the lie was the truth and has empirical value and has met some rigorously standards of journalistic oversight and integrity that lay at the bases of the reporting and sadly to say the lie will eventually be transformed into being the truth. There are really no independent news sources anymore, this is only being offered in spirit and intent as part of a quasi sophisticated duping in order to once again give the people the impression that we live in a free press society as a western developed and technical advanced nation. It is just to the contrary and the U.S. media is ran and operated no different than North Korea, China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, etc., State control press.

Yet, if the truth be told as I have stated above Western media is controlled and the dissemination of information is dispersed no different than countries that are controlled by State media, both State controlled news and so-called free press sources have one objective, which is to provide slanted political propaganda to support the interest of the power structure (capitalist countries have been better at this than communist influenced countries). The United States are quick to condemn some countries on their human rights record and we live under one of the most repressive regimes in the world disguised in the form of a democracy, but is shielded and veiled behind white supremacy (there are two standards of Justice in America one white and the other black). We have to ask ourselves, how has this type of journalism affected recent world history relative to causing and instigating wars and conflicts around the world? That has sent so many to bleed and die on foreign battle fields—wars such as World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Afghanistan War, Iraq War, etc., and how many future conflicts that will be manipulated and instigated at the behest of ‘fake’ news propaganda?

The disinformation techniques have been proven to be affective, it allows for this small powerful cabal to play every piece on the chessboard and it further allows them global control over humanity (this also factors into their global wealth equation, they own 99% of the world's wealth). They outright lied about Saddam Hussein having acquired Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and killed innocent Iraqi citizens based on this lie (thousands of United States Service men lost their lives as well, in essence for nothing other than in the name of propaganda and the waving of false flags). The Bush administration during these so-called crisis used the media to work the ignorant American people into a frenzy and they begin building popular support for a war that was created on the premises of a lie. Who are the beneficiaries of such deception? These 'fake’ news' agencies and their reporting are more dangerous and manipulative than the former Kremlin and its so-called iron wall reputation that existed during the Cold War era. Donald Trump was right and exact by calling the U.S. media of manufacturing ‘fake’ news and it caught the media outlets totally off guard.

They did not expect this kind of response coming from a U.S. commander-in-chief. But let's not get it confused Trump himself and his brand are also the beneficiary of media (Trump was made in the U.S.A by the media) and for him to cry victim, is the epitome of deceit. The ‘fake’ news allegations isn't anything new in relation to how America is structured and many dissident voices have become victims of media lies, which has led to public and private defamation—libel, slander and character assassination against individuals and governments in which in the name of ‘fake’ news and propaganda it has been strategically and tactically used to discredit oppositional voices and movements. This is the most powerful tool that government has at their disposal, the media work hand and hand with the government's agenda. Many times before the government act they invite certain media outlets and personnel into the Situation Room with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They know that the media role is of vital importance to molding and shaping of public opinion. The CIA, FBI and NSA oftentimes intentionally leak certain so-called confidential and classified information to the media in order to move a military, foreign policy and/or a political agenda forward in the minds of the American people, in particular and the international community in general. When you hear a journalist or media Talking Head make the statement that I am working my sources in Washington normally they are CIA fronts who are communicating directly with the devil in the red dress.

Here are some solutions just for discussion, but in the grand scheme of media power this below conversation is frivolous because the level of media ‘tricknology’ is beyond redemption, because there is a conglomerate of wealth associated with issuing ‘fake’ news and controlling humanity is of vital importance. So the problem is much bigger than the below solutions. Media has become an absolute power in which absolute power, absolutely corrupts.

1). I think that universities and colleges that offers academic training in mass media and journalism must create higher ethical standards as part of the mass media and journalism curriculums. I would require the infusion of more courses and discussions around journalistic integrity and the importance of media ethics and the responsibility that journalists have to the public and the media outlets whom they will be employed. I am of the opinion that, perhaps on the university levels prior to journalism students entering the workforce, it's imperative to seek to impact a new ethical paradigm standard on their mindset with the goal of fostering a new culture. This should be the first step to attempting to correcting the problem.

2). I think in the media boardrooms and editorial boardrooms; there need to be more credible oversight being rendered and the promoting of journalistic standards that insures the highest levels of ethical reporting is being carried out on the ground level and top levels. No, story that gives the appearance of being bias or slanted should be allowed to be reported as news. Moreover, all news should be factual based and outside of the journalist personal worldview and should never be rooted in sensationalism, propaganda or disinformation. Now, this at times would require putting ethics over profits in which this will further require the media boardroom executives to make the tough decisions over projected monetary incentives.

3).I also think that the journalist themselves have to hold themselves to higher ethical standards as professional media personnel relative to reporting the facts and nothing else. And once a journalist violate or breech the public trust by compromising the ethical standards of reporting, they should be banned for life and never be given the opportunity to work again in the field of journalism and media

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

Esoteric, Occult, Gnostic and the Black Islamic Science Connection

Esoteric, Occult, Gnostic and the Black Islamic Science Connection

by Fahim A. Knight-El

What I have learned and discovered of my many years of research, is that ALL of the ancient wisdom was connected and this interconnectedness extended to almost every culture on the earth. Manly P. Hall in his book titled, The Secret Teachings of All Ages and the works of Aleister Crowley, these esoteric and occultist had tapped into a body of spiritual and esoteric science that had been around since the dawn of time and since the origin of man; the ancient Kemites of ancient Egypt (who gave the world the first true resurrection story in Asar, Aset, and Heru), the Celtic Druids (on the British Isles and in Europe) and the ancient people of Persia and who relished in the ancient practices of Mithra and Adonis and in which the mystic Sufism teaching took some of it roots and the people of Suma (Chihuahua, Mexico) all understood a spiritual energy sources that still have western scientist and philosophers baffled. They (western man) have attempted to dismiss this knowledge as being non-basis paranormal and conspiracy theories—these negative characterizations serve as mere cover ups and deception ploys to disguise and deny these hidden truths and sacred bodies of spiritual knowledge from humanity ever being allowed to be awaken from their slumber.

Furthermore, these labels are applied to create doubt, suspicion, and it allows them to lead humanity in dismissing the possibilities of learning and coming into a deeper recognition of the spirit realm. There are many white social science theorist such as Graham Hancock (who totally understands the value of the esoteric, occult and Gnostic perspective to human evolution), a British counter-culture intellectual that works on the fringe of traditional interdisciplinary schools of thought ranging from archeology, human genetics, philosophy, history, pure science, ancient architecture, human sociology, earth beings and outer-space beings connections, etc. I joined the Graham Hancock Internet forum may be nine years ago and I have always been impressed by his willingness to step outside of mainstream academia and explore the vast universe of ideals. I am a staunch black nationalist and Pan-Africanist, but what would I have in common with a white British intellectual; very simple truth and moral insight, is not shaped by nationality, race nor skin color—enlightenment is a spiritual space that is only encompassed by those that are worthy to journey the road and path less traveled.

Hancock has authored a number of alternative knowledge books that even my Blog audience would find them to be enlighten (I will not insult this scholars body of work by referring to it as new age information, I will call it global human enlightened knowledge, when you have been touched by the Gods in spirit then labels only cheapens the universal space of where you have arrived) books such as: "Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth's Lost Civilisation", "Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization", "The Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind", "The Mars Mystery. Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization", "The Sign and the Seal: The Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant" that challenges traditional science. We, humanity have arrived at a very dangerous space in time, which has placed us all under the diabolic power and spirit of western man; this is a counter-aura to the positive energy of good that encompasses the universe, it is has created a human imbalance on earth and has placed humanity on a collision course with the universe. If you do not know by now, I am here to tell you and inform you, that the stars in their present numerological order have aligned to bring nothing but future destruction to the western world in particular and the evil practitioners across the globe in general.

I have five sacred holy texts that I read and meditate and make prayer and supplication every day before I begin my day: The "Original African Heritage Bible", "Holy Qur’an" translated by Muhammad Ali, "the Holy Vedas", the "Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece" and "the Prophet" by Khalil Gabran, these are my daily routines of spiritual sources in which I read these spiritual texts while softly playing the musical messengers John Coltrane and Miles Davis and this helps me channel and re-channel my energy source to a heightened level of spiritual connection with the universal order and the spiritual powers beyond this world’s order. I chose to leave organized religion a long time ago, because my spirit would no longer allow faith traditions and beliefs systems to subjugate and confine me to a religious box; religion was too shallow for me; I knew that in 325.A.D. at the Council of Nicea, Constantine and his bishops had fabricated lies and literally rearranged the bible and teachings of Jesus and it was this type of theological deception that I could never whole heartily follow; Islam became corrupted to it core by white skinned Wahabbi Arabs and Prophet Muhammad said to them three generation after me you all will no longer be of me.

But I have always found some spiritual comforts in the theology of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (there is powerful lecture series that he did over many years titled, “The Theology of Time,’ I hold those lessons dear to my heart (so I only follow the divine teachings of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad and not those offered by Rabbis, Preachers or Imams). So over the years, I became a traditionalist spiritualist, one who dared to venture outside the religious structures of the African American traditions in order to truly find that inter and external divine essences or being (I found that God was within). I sought of got on my path and journey when I was in college between finding something to eat and studying, I use to wash my clothes off campus in the laundry mat in the black community (those who are guessing, yes I am the product of a HBCU education) and on the free news rack I just randomly picked up a little magazine titled, “The Plain Truth” authored by a white Christian theologian named Dr. Herbert W. Armstrong who presented an alternative Christian type worldview relative to interpreting past historical events and analyzing current events (he was the founder of the Worldwide Church of God). But Dr. Armstrong religious views were a lot different than what I was accustomed to reading in traditional black Christian literature. He seemed to have been a student of epistemology and etymology and had a deep grasp of religious symbolism and accurately applied the scripture to interpreting and defining international and national events. I started to look forward to going to the laundry mat and reading Dr. Herbert Armstrong’s “Plain Truth” publications. These readings led me to delving into deeper searching for more ancient knowledge and spiritual teachings. He authored books such as: "The Incredible Human Potential", "Mystery of the Ages, Human Nature: Did God Create It?", "The Seven Laws of Success", etc.

We all have a duty and responsibility to work to change the present energy of the universe, because the universe is steadily and rapidly turning on man. This has always been my African spiritual indigenous ancestors constantly speaking to me and showing me the path to universal peace and finding a true connection with all the indigenous people’s spirits of the universe —.Aborigines, these dark skinned blond and kinky haired people found in Australia who existed long before Paleolithic and Neolithic periods in world civilization. I was led to write this Blog by a Moorish Science Temple Brother who sent me a link to watch of this Caucasian occultist named Peter Moon who had seemed to have become enlightened in many esoteric and occult schools of thought in which he was well published. I still have not completed viewing the entire Youtube clip. But I told this Moorish brother that I just wanted to take a moment and digest all the knowledge that he was dropping (well that moment has now turned into me writing this said Blog titled, “Black Esoteric, Occult, Gnostic,and Islamic Science”). The type of information that Peter Moon was dispersing and teaching should have required all intelligent Moors of so-called African descent to get to the root of this ancient and mystical wisdom that Peter Moon was dropping and verify these truths for themselves.

I wrote and article, a few weeks ago titled, "Hidden Indigenous Knowledge" and I were skimming the surface of some of the things that Peter Moon was conveying. There is no doubt that some of his philosophical theories were perhaps way above the heads of most of those who had assembled and had come out to hear him give that lecture, unless they were serious students of esoteric, Occult and Gnostic wisdom and information, which would have allow them to be able to make the broader connections in piecing and linking this knowledge to its original Nubian sources. Now, I remember Dr. Malachi Z. York-El (leader of Black Nuwaubian Nation ) who had written over 200 books and was delving into outer-body travel and inter-galaxy travel and extraterrestrial beings and alien species, and hidden Unidentified Flying Objects, as well as decoding the Mother plane and various unconventional concepts that went against the grain of traditional science known as astro-physics. Some years ago I met one of the greatest esoteric entertainers in the world, his name was Sun-RA, I asked where was he from? and said he was not from this planet. Perhaps Sun-RA understood the spiritual lessons of all the great gurus and sages. York-El said, he had proof that the United States Government had highly confidential and classified information of outer-space beings, in which NASA, NSA, and the CIA were all engaged in keeping this type information from the public.

The indigenous ancients had established many of these principles that Moon was sharing, long before the Caucasian man 6,000 year existence on the planet. The deeper spirituality of many of the principles and spiritual concepts couldn't even be recorded. But they were experience through spiritual energy sources, that were tied to the universe and were based on the alignment of the stars and the motions of moon and sun. Maybe we should revisited York's work, which outside of his following base was dismissed and not taking seriously and was discredited by black and white theologians and social scientists. Many in the black consciousness community also didn't take Dr. York serious, but it always amazes me that we need white affirmation to give our ideals validity. But many wise Caucasians, perhaps were paying close attention to York's concepts and Peter Moon was saying some very similar things to Dr. York. Yet, there is no doubt that Moon has a perspective, but what he will soon learn, if he doesn't already know, that it has been global white supremacy, which is frustrating him in his efforts of trying to link and connect this universal knowledge that the people of Kemet, Australia, Upper Africa, the original and indigenous people of the Americas had over 16,000 years ago.

They had the ability to tune into and connect with Astro-engery that allowed them to exit their physical bodies and in a transcendental state could travel outside of the earth's gravitational pull and leave this earthly plain and had contact with Astro beings. The Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs attempted to record these experiences on ancient cave rocks and inside the walls of the South America and Central America pyramids; this indigenous and ancient people’s knowledge went much further than quantum physics and went even further than the sacred geometric spiritual mathematical schematic codes (these ancient codes of indigenous Native Americans have gone un-deciphered for thousands of years and the Caucasian scientist do not understand that the lost keys are only in the minds of the original man; Minister Louis Farrakhan understood this and definitely sister Tynetta Muhammad understood this riddled and divinely phenomenon and the likes Dr. Phil Valentine and Dr. Delbert Blair also had this knowledge).

Western science when it comes to trying to decipher and understand the ancient indigenous knowledge and world, they have shown-forth serious limitations. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad did tell us that there would be some wise Moslem Sons (Caucasians) who would have been allowed to get a peep into the mind of God, which is the black man's mind. I know white supremacy is always cloaked behind the symbolism of theoretician's analysis (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad raise the question can you trust the devil? Not now day. There is a quest for power and the realignment will not include us, but it will include us in the grand scheme of things. The white world in Eastern Europe and other parts of the white world have to find a way to short circuit and curtail genetic annihilation this is the real motive that is driving these moves on the chessboard. Master Fard Muhammad taught the black Muslims about his nature and he must once again recapture and control all that territory expanded beyond his origin in Caucasus Mountains between the Black and Caspian Sea and extend the white world domination deep into Asia and across the planet.

I do think the likes of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology had tapped in some of the ancient mystical teachings of Kemet (Egypt) and other ancient indigenous teachings that were rooted in the universal principles found in the bosoms of all the previous world altering sacred spiritual knowledge. But this type of powerful wisdom and principles can do two things; it could assist you in your spiritual development and or it can corrupt you and destroy you from within and from without. This is what happened to the Church of Scientology, it lost its original energy source and it connections to the universal teachings of good.

They like to denigrate our ancient Folklore and mythological and mystical wisdom as being part of some ancient secret societies, thus, anything they cannot quantify in the Eurocentric worldview, because the knowledge and spiritual practices are above their heads they are quick to define and classify what they do not understand as either pagan, cult based or secret societies. I have not completed watching Moon's commentary, but my mind was racing and these are just some of my preliminary thoughts. For example, he was talking about virgin births and sacred mythological saviors, which if one had studied deeper information there is a book written by Kersey Graves title, "The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors" that empirically track these Saviors who all were born of virgin births, died and was resurrected. I think the Prophet Noble Drew Ali whom I believe had Native American ancestry tied a lot of this indigenous knowledge and infused it into the Moorish Science Doctrine and the Moorish philosophical worldview. The Prophet understood the ancient Occidental wisdom by have been initiated into the esoteric knowledge studied and learn in Egypt. We can spend a life time just studying Noble Drew Ali's symbolism and never exhaust the esoteric knowledge associated with how far he was ahead of the Western world and the Islamic world. So I am not surprised that white occultist, spiritualist, esoterist and wise white intellectual theoreticians are now seeking to revisit the Prophets teachings some 90 years later.

The students of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad never cease to amaze me with their ability to use that powerful third eye; the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated what I have given you, is just awake up message; meaning that what Master Fard Muhammad taught him will be ever evolving and there are many links which connects this wisdom; he even used the Bible that he often would refer to as the 'poison book' as a tool to uplift black people. Master Fard Muhammad who was in and out America some 20 years before he made his presence known and although his physical birth was February 26, 1877, but proclaimed to have embodied all the wisdom and knowledge of first God who willed himself out of total triple darkness 76 trillion years ago. Now, one cannot separate the theology from being an article of faith and it is this part of the Black Muslim teachings that has unjustly brought the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad under criticism from the Islamic world.

But this variable of faith in the teachings cannot and must not be overlooked nor separated in understanding Mr. Muhammad religious and theological intent aimed specifically for the black man and woman of America. I think that Imam Mohammed in his criticism at times against the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a bit disingenuous to say the least, because he had first hand knowledge that his father totally understood Sunni Islam and Malcolm X also understood this as well. Minister Malcolm X had flown to Egypt and Jeddah in 1959, and Minister Malcolm X served as the official emissary of the Nation of Islam in arranging the minor Hajj of Umurah that Elijah Muhammad, and his two sons Jabir Muhammad and Warith Mohammed both accompanied their father to Mecca and performed the minor hajj ritual. Thus, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was fully aware of the five pillars of Islam and the Sunna.

Master Fard Muhammad instructed Elijah Muhammad to only use the Muhammad Ali (an Islamic theological and jurisprudence scholar from Lahore, Pakistani) Qu'ranic translation because the Ahmadiyyas (founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) were the first Eastern based Muslims who sought to bring Islam to so-called African Americans in Detroit in the 1920s (a black ghetto referred to as the bottom). Thus, Master Fard Muhammad, I believe, intentionally created the “Supreme Wisdom” lessons in a mystic catechism questions and answers format—with the objective of delving into mystic Sufism and Shia Islam, but remained true to the original theology, but the 24 Wise Scientist, Mother plane, scientific numerology were rooted deep in esoteric and occult practices of Islam that is mostly akin to Sufi Islam. But he allowed Ministers like Bernard Cushmere (Jabril Muhammad) who authored the book titled, "This is the One: We Need Not Look for Another" perhaps written in 1968 and "Is It Possible that Honorable Elijah Muhammad is Still Physical Alive?" and sister Tynetta Muhammad to push the envelope relative to exploring mystical Islamic principles.

Master Fard Muhammad who often gave the Honorable Elijah Muhammad assignments that had to be answered 100% correctly before he could move on to said lesson #1. Honorable Elijah Muhammad teachings and methods of researching were right and exact. The Lamb was definitely a master teacher. He told us that Islam is mathematics and mathematics is Islam. So in this science, he was given us the degree of quantification relative to how we should approach the "Supreme Wisdom" and decipher the hidden jewels. But he reminded us that God willed himself out of total triple darkness 76-78 trillion years ago. So if we start from that premise, there is nothing impossible. But the answer has to be discovered and found in our mathematical Islam.

Master Fard Muhammad probably would have asked those early Muslims at Temple#1 in Detroit who amongst you are prepared to tackle this equation and be able to show and prove. He might have even qualified it by saying THE BEST ANSWER will be rewarded with a trip to the holy city of Mecca. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad paid and sent his youngest son Akbar Muhammad to Al-Azhar University in Egypt to study eastern based Islam who later became an Islamic studies professor in Binghamton, New York. Akbar Muhammad spoke fluent Arabic. So it is a serious misnomer for Muslims in America and outside of America to believe that the Nation of Islam did not understand or practice true Islam. Imam Mohammed did not introduce the Qur'an and the Hadiths to the Nation of Islam, we already new of these sacred texts.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., that has been Lost in History


By Fahim A. Knight-El

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a special man and leader who in the 1950s and 1960s took up a social cause that would change how the United States of America would view and treat black people as so-called citizens of this nation—he had a low tolerance level for oppression and injustice and became convicted to work on behalf of black people to bring about social change by using Civil Rights as the vehicle to dismantle historical systems of racism, discrimination, bigotry, and injustice that were rooted and steeped in the principles of Jim Crow. It was his quest and yearning for freedom that allowed him to galvanize a movement, which these freedoms permitted us to breakdown public accommodation barriers by dismantling racist and white supremacy based Jim Crow laws such as Plessy versus Ferguson (separate but equal clause) 1896 in which the United States Supreme Court overturned with the coming about of the Brown versus Board of Education Decision (declared separate but equal as being unconstitutional) Topeka, Kansas 1954. This U.S. Supreme Court decision ushered in the Civil Rights movement, which eventually led to the desegregation of the South. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used his strategy of civil disobedience to agitate the white power structure, which eventually forced the U.S. Congress to passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act, the U.S. Government was attempting to legislate public discrimination by outlawing 'white' and 'colored' access to public facilities. It led to marches, protest, sit-ins, boycotts, etc., across the deep south to obtain voting access, equality of opportunity to employment and having access to participatory levels of societal inclusion that would not be factored in based on race and skin color.

But it would be in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1961, where four black college students from North Carolina A&T State University were involved in a sit-in protest at Woolworth's lunch countertop and they requested to be served (ignoring the white only signs) and refused to give up their seats to white customers; this event would be one of the historical events that gained momentum amongst young black college students that propelled them to find and defined the role they would play in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Which would lead to altering America's political, economic and social structure and it would be their activism that assisted in dismantling a system that was built on the foundation of white supremacy. The Civil Rights movement was essentially about inclusion and public accommodation and a quest for civil liberties.

King was willing to contest, violate laws and worked to change long standing Jim Crow laws that had become the norm, but was rooted in prejudices, racism, bigotry and discrimination. He knew that he could not stop fighting and struggling and going to jail and even risking his life, because to have stopped, it would have been a betrayal to the lives of Emmitt Till (1941-1955) and Medgar Evers (1925-1963) two fallen heroes and others who dared to confront vicious racist in the deep south and loss their lives. Yet, many of our Civil Rights leaders and proponents have intentionally overlooked and have not given an objective, unbiased and critical assessment of the pros and cons of segregation versus integration relative to where we are in space and time (what did we as so-called African Americans gain by becoming integrated and/or what did we lose do to abandoning segregation?) I admired Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr. and I consider myself only as a student relative to reviewing his work and legacy in which to write and interpreted, and having the scholarly opportunity to objectively assess his ideals and legacy from a historical revisionist perspective; it gives me an advantage to delve into the man and his leadership philosophy and yet I am far enough removed to detach myself from this recent American and black history occurrence.

His courage, tenacity and determination to commit his life to struggle (I believe he was destined to do what he did long before his introduction to the philosophy and opinions of Mahatma Gandhi of India or learning about Voltaire and Friedrich Nietzsche at Boston University). King was called to preach and assume leadership of the legendary Dexter Avenue Baptist Church by the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) and they picked King to be the face and voice of the movement in Montgomery; King also would be replacing a fiery community activist and former pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church named Vernon Johns. It was already coded in Dr. King's DNA that he would be a drummer major for justice, I read his letter from the "Birmingham Jail' (his conviction towards truth and his determination to alter social change and not allow prison to serve as a deterrent to justice) and I wept because Dr. King like the Biblical Prophets of old had transcended into a space that had always been reserved for those special and unique human spirits who were willing to give of themselves something greater than being satisfied with the appeasements of what status quo had prescribed for them. Dr. King would prove to be such a man—these type human beings only comes about once in a lifetime as messengers, prophets, and leaders who were not motivated by materialism and ego driven, but they had a deeper conviction to change the world by being actively concerned and engaged in struggles to create equitable playing fields for the 'have nots' and become the voice for the voiceless.

Dr. King was not engaged in the Civil Rights movement because he was working towards receiving the Nobel Peace Prize (1964) and international recognition, his mission was tired to service and sacrifice. They have always systematically packaged Dr. King and his message in this neatly wrapped "I have a Dream" speech given in 1963 (right away a beautiful speech and words) that possessed universal implications, the humanity of the spiritual lexicon and him being a spiritual man and theologian, he had away of delivering a message from that old biblical church tradition, but he had the equal ability to give sermons and messages that resonated with black laypersons, as well as to middle class black intellectuals. Yet, they have systematically suspended Dr. King's legacy in a historical time capsule and his evolutionary philosophical ideals relegated just to the March on Washington speech; this has been done systematically to keep him safe in the minds of those who have elevated him to sainthood and not give them the King who had transitioned into becoming militant and radical in his worldview in 1966-1968—surely they have considered this King to be dangerous and, therefore students and others only get a small window of Dr. King's philosophy.

They did not want us to know and embrace the King after he begin to expand his analysis far beyond the theories of the traditional Civil Rights agenda and paradigm and was beginning to understand the credibility in the Marxists analysis (King was evolving to become a Socialist), delving into the economic and political theories of Karl Marx who stood as one of the 19th century premier economic determinist. King was also beginning to see how class and race served as twin towers and barriers and were antagonistic contradictions that created a class of petite-Bourgeoisie (Elitist) and the lumpenproletariat (the poor working class who are the masses). This reality led the good doctor to question wealth disparity and he understood that not only were black Americans the victims of oppression, and racism, and classism, but the systemic affects were of international implications—King had made a transition that Reverend Ralph Abernathy, Reverend James Bevel, and Reverend Andrew Young did not understand and many of his close comrades Roy Wilkins and the other "Big Six" civil rights leaders disagreed with Dr. King's transition.

King had moved far beyond the ideology of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), they had become politically stagnated and were fearful that Dr. King would lead them into uncharted political waters and they wanted him to remain committed to Civil Rights and not to connect the Civil Rights struggle with the international struggle of the African National Congress (ANC) that was taking place in South Africa against Apartheid, or connecting with the Vietnamese people of southeastern Asia whom Ho Chi Minh had inspired to fight U. S. imperialism and defeated the U.S. in the Vietnam conflict and/or linked up with the Palestinian liberation struggle against Zionism or connect with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the people of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland who were in a long standing religious and ethnic protracted war that involved succession, British domination, Catholicism and Protestants conflicts and that ultimately IRA struggle evolved around their quest for sovereignty. Dr. King no longer viewed human history from the vanish point of being isolated and disconnected (he was starting to see history as being cyclical), but also started to see and recognized the long arm tentacles of those who carried out global oppression, colonialism and imperialism and the oppression of humanity were interconnected to the same systems of power apparatus that were denying blacks human rights in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, etc.

Surely King's political growth would not only proved threatening to Negro leaders, but it would prove even more threatening to the United States Government who too desired to keep Dr. King relegated to focusing on national politics (Civil Rights) and not international politics. Minister Malcolm in 1961, already knew the next step to our collective justice which would have been our fight for Human Rights to be taking to the United Nations, which would involved presenting an international legal argument that our historical claims as war crime victims were legitimate –the charges of genocidal acts for 310 years of Chattel slavery this alone constituted war crimes against humanity. King's international motives and political objectives put him on a collision course with the United States Government and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in which he was placed high on the government’s radar screen and J. Edgar Hoover made King a premier target of the U.S. counter-intelligence program known as Cointelpro where Hoover used every dirty trick as tactics and government strategies to besmirch and discredit and character assassinate Civil Rights leaders and Black Power leaders as well. Hoover said he feared a black leader that had the power to unify and electrify the black masses and he saw King as having that potential on moving black people towards unity and this type potential of organization threatened Hoover who saw our unity as a national security priority.

Hoover illegally wiretapped Dr. King's phone and eavesdropped on some of King's most intimate conversations were being recorded and every move he made was being monitored by FBI agents. Hoover had listened into King's private conversations that involved extramarital curricular activities with women other than his wife Coretta Scott King and Hoover threatened to make Dr. King's domestic life public, if he did not stop agitating the system. King did not capitulate and told Hoover and his agents to go on and do what they had to do, but he said I got to keep on doing what I have been ordained and commission to do by God. The FBI director also sent agent provocateurs to internally disrupt SCLC. James Earl Ray did not pull the trigger that killed Dr. King, Ray was a mere patsy, King was assassinated by the agents of the U.S. Government no different than President John F. Kennedy, Minister Malcolm X (the Nation of Islam assassination team that was responsible for murdering Minister Malcolm X that were assembled out of Temple #25 Newark, New Jersey worked on behalf of the U.S. Government; I do not believe that Elijah Muhammad had anything to do with the murder of Minister Malcolm X) and former U.S. Attorney General and Senator Robert Kennedy were all assassinated by the United States Government and all other black progressive organizations became government targets of U.S. Government scrutiny.

For example, the U.S. Government was behind the internal feud between Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, they worked day and night to separate Malcolm X from his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (the Freedom of Information Act 1972) there was evidence that Hoover and the FBI continued to instigate the feud between Muhammad and his student Malcolm X—there was even proof that Malcolm X wanted to come back to the Nation of Islam. Stokley Carmichael (Kwame Ture), H. Rap Brown (Jamil Al-Amin), Huey P. Newton, Angela Davis, George Jackson, etc., and the Republic of New Africa all were on the Cointelpro hit list. The Government derailed King's movement and the Civil Rights movement due his assassination in 1968 and although some of his surrogates attempted to replace this icon, the movement lost its mass appeal and influence after King was assassinated.

King’s political growth started to give him broad based insight into the national and international struggle, which became in his life transformative at best and it created a spirit in him to consider other strategies and tactics to speak in solidarity with oppressed people from around the world. King had grown to understand what the great theologian Howard Thurman (1900-1981) wrote about in his book titled, Jesus and the Disinherited. He was quickly learning that his social Gospel had to expand to include an analysis of linking the U.S. struggle to all of the Disinherited and oppressed of the planet who were in a quest for freedom, justice and equality. Jesus the son of Yosef and the Christ (Yeshusa Ben Yosef) that would have been Jesus' Hebrew name took on Pilate and the Roman Government. So I believe, Dr. King had many biblical and theological revolutionaries to emulate and mirror, which to interpret and to draw upon their philosophical ideals and apply them in a modern context. Thus, all the prophets of old were in a war with the spiritual leaders and the governmental hierarchy of their day; fighting to free the captives and challenging the governments to be better stewards on behalf of the least of these—the poor and oppressed.

King took on racist white supremacists such as Bull Conner of Alabama and Governor George Wallace of Mississippi, which he had moved beyond fear and started to view life and death as being synonymous (Dr. King had accepted the biblical parable 'Ye do I walk in shadow of death, thou art fear no evil' God is with me). He looked beyond the dogs, lynchings, church bombings and racially inspired murders and said I will stand up against one of the most powerful governments in the world and speak on behalf of the disenfranchised and those who yearned to breathe free, his life was a testimony of speaking truth to power. King had become much bigger than the Pastor at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama and he had moved to the left of his father the Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. who pastored one of the oldest black influential churches called Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. King probably was also being nudged by some of the young activist such as Stokley Carmichael (Kwame Ture) who helped King desegregate the South, but some of the young activist were growing tired of King's nonviolent strategy when they were being bitten by dogs, spit in the face and were forced to confront some vicious racist in the deep south unarmed. Carmichael and some of his young comrades were beginning to hear and listen to Minister Malcolm X a fiery Black Nationalist minister of the Nation of Islam under Elijah Muhammad. It would be Minister Malcolm X who perhaps was one of the most articulate black power spokesmen of the 20th century, it was his book recorded to the journalist Alex Haley The Autobiography of Malcolm X that would forever changed my life.

Carmichael and others broke away from Dr. King's movement and founded the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), a militant and radicalized student movement that had chapters and ties to Historical Black Universities and Colleges (HBCUs) such as Shaw University, Fisk University, Howard University, etc. I believe these students pushed King because simultaneously the Black Power movement was taking shape and having tremendous influence on young black people's thinking. Yet, King refused to totally move away from civil disobedience and continued to march and fight for integration.

He would later meet Minister Malcolm X after Minister Malcolm separated himself from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; I think the meeting may have been brief and with mutual respect, it perhaps was not a meeting of the ideological minds and though both men were quite familiar with each others leadership model—they never had the opportunity to bridge the ideological gaps. I would later be exposed to another one of Dr. King's works in which this book would forever change how I had previously viewed Dr. King in my past assessment, it was titled, The Trumpet of Conscience, in which each read paragraph caused me to put the book down in order to make sure that I was actually reading the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and not Malcolm X (I could not tell the difference between the two men during this reading; King's ideals mirrored the militant and radical ideals of Malcolm X) because part of this small book, he was given a critical analysis of United States Foreign policy relative to the war in Vietnam and why the U.S. arm forces should not have been there killing and murdering these innocent peasant rice farmers (who fought against U.S. imperialism and showed great military resolved in fighting a guerilla war) and dropping agent orange and napalm on these innocent South Eastern Asians who dared to fight back against imperialism.

I had previously viewed Dr. King as an agent provocateur and Uncle Tom who had sold out black people and as a younger man, it was difficult for me receive King's universal message and felt the same exact way about Booker T. Washington until one day I became stilled and I reread from Up From Slavery and from that day forward I would never again refer to Washington and his work of building Tuskegee Institute as being an Uncle Tom and reactionary. So this is how I will celebrate Dr. King’s birthday on January 15, by looking back and drawing inspiration from his body of work and recommit myself to the struggle for justice and human rights. If King was alive today, I believe that he would still be engaged in transforming society by preaching and advocating a social Gospel. So many of us who attend these annual Dr. Martin Luther King celebrations are just window dressing and have lost the vision and will to challenge injustice that is running rampant in America in 2017.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

Hidden Indigenous Knowledge


By Fahim A. Knight-El

I was actually sparked to write this article by a brother whom I have been communicating with on Internet; he chose to go by the handle of Anonymous and depicts himself as a 72 year old former Black Nationalist and member of the struggle during the 1960s and 1970s. I truly like this brother and I respect his wealth of knowledge and I have somewhat become a student under him and he seem to have a deep affinity for Native American and the indigenous people of Mexico culture and traditions and this Blog is a more extensive response to a recent conversation he and I had in which I hope he gets a chance to read this. Nevertheless, this brief review is by no means, a definitive study and/or analysis of the extensive spiritual history and cultures of the indigenous peoples of the earth. Who evolved out from ancient customs, but as I wrote this piece and conducted an overview of reading and researching past historical data from ancient societies, I immediately recognized and saw the global culture similarities (and/or cohesiveness) in systems of cultural folklore and how even many of the spiritual and religious practices were similar throughout the earth. Yet, I am giving my opinion on these complex subjects and matters that are truly outside of my realm of expertise and study: thus, I am not an expert on ancient cultures nor am I a historian, anthropologist, archeologist or sociologist who have offered empirical research as evidentiary proof of my contentions and I possess no scholarly credentials that would render me an authority on interpreting and decoding indigenous people’s social, scientific and spiritual systems (so I am given this overview and perspective as a layperson). This analysis is only a glimpse into the global cultural correlations of indigenous societies such as the Native Americans in which I immediately recognized these ancient people embodied a holistic approach to living their lives in complete harmony with the universe and were Masters of tapping into the Occult powers that have the ability to move the mind, body and spirit and creating esoteric lessons, which have been used and passed down by generations and these ancient scrolls and scribed text, perhaps were even older than the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) text of Cometh Forth by Day and of course the Torah, Gospel and the Qur'an are baby books in lieu of the thousands upon thousands of years that the ancient bush and rain forest people have toiled upon this earth studying and recording the lessons given in the Universe.

This Blog was written just to skim the surface and provoke thought, because we could spend decades just trying to understand the comprehensiveness and complexities of ancient Native Americans and we could never exhaust the topic. There are comparable indigenous cultures and people in the South Pacific Isles and in the Far East whom share similar culture and spiritual threads with their brothers and sisters in Africa, North and South America, Australia, etc. But because of the global injustice and attempts to decimate them as a people, and destroy their culture; these genocidal acts have placed Western Governments under divine chastisement—the ancient Natives have invoked the power of death and destruction on the present bloodline of the descendants of those who have committed the said atrocities. The indigenous people have tapped into an energy more powerful than all the carnal weapons of war. It is that spirit of reciprocity that is over the geopolitical systems of Europe and America and the unpredictable weather patterns are evidence of this phenomenon in which they desire to dupe the American public and the globe by pointing to the global warming as the causation phenomenons impacting these events. No, I am here to tell you that these climactic imbalances are directly linked to the fighting warrior spirits of the Native Americans. They have invoked the ancient Gods against the descendants of the perpetrators and the lands of the Americas have been cursed. So until justice has been dispersed and rendered on behalf of all the indigenous peoples of the earth there will continue to be a global unrest seen politically, socially and economically throughout the earth and lastly we are at spiritual war.

These indigenous cultures and people have the power of the universe at their disposal and know how to enact the dormant creative energy (that potentially all 'melinated' and indigenous people possess) that gives us the ability to place us in a God like state in which all the original and indigenous peoples of the earth from the Twa people who had close kinship to the ancient inhabitants of Kush and the Kemetic Nubians who occupied the Nile Valley civilizations down and over to the aborigines of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea and over to our Native American descendants who transmigrated across the Bering Strait from Asia to North America and had occupied these lands long before European expeditions—all of these indigenous people are possessed with this power. Yet, there has always been a cultural cohesive and synthesis existing between the indigenous people of the earth from their respect of the land and created spiritual systems that were steeped in rituals demonstrating the importance of having spiritual relationships with the ALL.

The Western Europeans have always created counter systems that have been rooted in rugged capitalism and greed and void of respect of the spiritual laws, which was necessary in balancing the given universal laws of good (they chose to live in harmony and unity with the divine principles of cause and affect). For example, food gathering was about tribal sustainability and extending life and not hording and exploiting the lands for personal and individual gain. The indigenous people built all of their life systems around the principles of communalism. The village concept was an extension of preserving land, body and spirit, because this type of harmony typified their respect of the many Gods and the designated powers they possessed to invoke and determine life and death. The universe is turning on man because man has turned on the universe, the climatologist, geologist, physicist, meteorologist and those that study atmospheric sciences, etc., however, those scientists have little explanations to explain the unpredictable weather patterns and the coming about of natural calamities that seems to be afflicting the earth in unusual patterns. The sunamanis, typhoons, cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms, mudslides, wild fires, floods, droughts, etc., are weather outbreak epidemics that have been invoked by the immortal spirits of the Native Americans and indigenous people of the earth to serve as the Karmaic justice for and against the present ancestors and descendants of those who have committed genocide, land thievery, acts of human displacement, culture decimation, etc., in the name of white supremacy and greed.

The indigenous inhabitants of the globe worshipped and admonished the rain Gods, sun Gods, the moon Gods (their collective spiritual consciousness went far beyond the tenets of monotheism, but it was better defined for them in the polytheistic worldview, but they saw no separation between the world of animism and the spirit world they were seen as being interconnected). And simultaneously created herbal and traditional medicines, which was plant based and natural that cured diseases and sickness, they were master healers (they embraced the rain forest where they found organic healing methods and techniques in the wildly grown vegetation inhabited in the bush). Some of their medicinal and agriculture rites practices are still over the head of Western science. The Europeans got the cycles of life wrong because their understanding of human behavior were interpreted as being counterproductive to the spiritual Gods.

Thus, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Friedrich Nietzsche, John Paul Satre, John Jacque Russo, Karl Marx, Engels, John Locke, Herbert Spencer, Max Weber, Emil Durkheim, etc., created didactical philosophical theories, which was rooted in a materialism analysis—they have always tried to interpreted human motivation and the universe from an Extensionalism, absolute idealism, phenomenology, psychoanalysis, Theism and Deism, but Eastern based philosophy has always viewed life and the universe from a spiritual center and being synonymous attached and not detached realities—western philosophers have attempted to create thesis and antithesis around philosophical arguments rooted in analytic logical outcomes and refused to investigate spirituality. The Zen masters, the Buddhist monks and the Hindus, and deep down in the subcontinent of India the Dravidians (Afro-Indians) had indigenous practices—they too desired to balance life with embracing and understanding how the universe functioned. The British colonialism and imperialism was very reactionary systems of oppression, which imposed caste systems steeped in racial, ethnic and skin color dynamics that determined social placement (atypical of white supremacy models) and most of all they setup a class system that was steeped in creating symbols of white skinned superiority and black skinned inferiority stratums in Indian society. The British were masters of divided and conquer.

Eastern based philosophical and religious thought defined for us that the true temple was not necessarily a physical edifice; the value of our humanity rest upon ones ability to live and explore the principles of life in harmony with self, creation and the universe, which could only evolve us to true spiritual beings. But it was a spiritual building of working towards creating good Karma and creating transcendental avenues where it was determined what the human soul’s purpose would be after death relative to, if there would be a need for the soul to return as a reincarnated being to complete an unfinished work in a prior life. The Europeans have created an energy on earth and an invisible reincarnated warrior spirit that is the embodiment of vengeance which has now entered our sphere and this has placed us in the 9th cycle—in which sacred geometric numbers have also aligned up against the United States Government and its Allies there are a lot of meaning in this contention. The Native Americans and the majority of indigenous people around the globe have unresolved earthly matters, because of the past oppression and injustice. Their souls will not rest until the pendulum of justice has swung in their direction and European philosophical concepts and behavior have moved towards creating new spiritual paradigms (it can no longer be rooted in man’s humanity to man). There are true and living testimonies that have been recorded in ancient folklore, scrolls and ritualistic teachings of these ancient masters having the spiritual ability to invoke powers that could move the elements, they understood that they could transcend their earthly Being and enter into a God like state in which I believe, we still have the ability to create energy from tapping in to these transcendental states, which allows us to do what appears to be extraordinary to the mundane and the necked eye.

I believe, the people who have been descript named as the Incas, Aztecs and the Mayan civilizations were communicating on extraterrestrial levels and had direct contact with galaxy beings. They only built what the white man called totem polls and Olmec Deities, pyramids and understood the ancient coffin text teachings relative to preserving the bodies of the dead only as a process of allowing the human earthly soul to make its undisturbed transmigration, but during this stage it is determined or even before death has already being determined that reincarnation of the soul has been destined for immortality. I read a book a few years ago authored by James Redfield titled, "The Celestine Prophecy", I am assuming Redfield is white and Caucasian; if my memory serves me correctly, he was focused on the ancient spiritual knowledge that evolved out of the rain forest of Peru where the Peruvian people had a very complex folklore system of worship and a deep reverence for living in collaboration with being in complete harmony with the macrocosm universe and understood that they were microcosm beings and often these social scientist and journalist who come amongst the indigenous people as sociologist and not spiritualist and they use Western academic and theological models to misinterpreted ancient practices that are often unexplainable and outside of Western rationale and reasoning.

I felt that Redfield had discovered something much deeper about the spirit realm that had geo-spiritual ramifications and the astrological correlations to the indigenous people’s life style—how they worshipped and prayed and the ancient text was imbued in the rites and sacraments of their practices. They had the ability to communicate internally and externally with a telepathic scope that allowed them deeply to exercise the mind, body and spirit and bring this energy in complete unison, based on their thought patterns (they had evolved to communicating without sound and their thoughts were traveling faster than light) and had the ability to levitate objects and bring them to a different space and had the ability to defy the laws of gravity—they could also control the laws of attraction. The indigenous people were actually Gods and this is one of the most covered secrets in the game of secret societies. Thus, I immediately detected that the "Celestine Prophecy" was a non-organic interpretation by an alien trying to decipher and look into the spirit world of indigenous tribal practices.

I have been led to reexamine the Nation of Islam preeminent scholar sister Tynnetta Muhammad who lived in Mexico and Central America (I believe a couple of her children were born in Mexico; I know her two sons Ishmael Muhammad and Rasul Muhammad seems to have this Mexico and Central America cultural theme when they teach Islam), when I first heard sister Tynnetta Muhammad speak some years ago, her theological insight was more akin to the mystical teachings of Sufi Islam rather than strict black Muslim theology and the customary slant given in the life given teachings in which I believe she was giving Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s theology a deeper esoteric spin, which was rooted in astronomy, numerology, metaphysics and she seemed to have had free reign to delve into symbolism and decoding the hidden secrets of the U.S. Occult power system. She also seemed to be well versed in the Pakistani Islamic scholar Mualana Muhammad Ali translation version of the Qur’an and the Yusuf Ali translation of the Qur’an but, I have always felt that she had been deeply moved spiritually by the culture, sacraments, rituals and rites she experience living amongst the indigenous people of Mexico and Central America and had evolved to incorporating mystical Sufi Islamic theological concepts with Native American traditions in her Nation of Islam worldview.

Sister Tynetta Muhammad stated: “You have a lesson that is given to you in Islam called and titled: ‘Student Enrollment’ You must know the answers to those questions before ever you will be permitted into the Hearafter. There are ten questions. Why are there ten? Because we have ten questions in the universe, originally, that we must look forward to for our support of living in the universe in this Sun. Understand what we are in. Understand what we are to know about what we are in. The Universe the big ten. This is our lesson; the Universe. This is the wisdom that we must acquire in order to be called and educated person in the house that we live in. We don’t have anything that we study that didn’t come out of the universe. We are representing ourselves as the Universe of Islam because we are in the Universe of Islam. Some people look down on us and think that we don’t know what we are talking about calling our little school a University. We teach of the Universe and we are learning the Universe. If you don’t know the whole entire Universe of the Sun, Moon and Stars, you don’t know the house that you live in”

There were also ancient customs and practices that were rooted in ancient traditions found amongst the Dogons, Yorubas, Akans, etc., in Africa and as one moves around the Occult world these traditions ventured out of Africa and was carried by the captive slaves who were brought from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, and Cameroon—the indigenous people of Africa carried along with them to the Americas traditional spiritual practices from West Africa, it would be in the Caribbean Island of Saint Domingue (Haiti) where the spirit world of Africa followed the slaves and slave ships during the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Middle Passage and the ancient practice of Vudun (Wudu) took deep roots in Haiti, in particular outside of Port au Prince. The medicine men and spiritual healers had unlimited creative energy to alter anything conceivable or inconceivable in the natural world. I am originally from Georgia and the Gullah and/or Geechee people of South Carolina and Georgia were direct descendants of African slaves who were brought to the Lowcountry in South Carolina from Sierra Leone. My grandmother would put more credence in what they called the root-worker than the preacher or the doctor—it was this Vodun (Wudu and/or Voodoo) power that gave Haiti and Toussaint Louverture their victory over the powerful French army being led by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803, Haiti became the first black independent nation in the Western Hemisphere.

If you ever traveled to Savannah, Georgia off River Street there is a section in this public park that displays statues and tributes (memorials) to the revolutionary soldiers of Haiti and the Georgia connection. Some years ago, I visited Beaufort, South Carolina and was invited to the Kingdom of Oyotunji African Village and I got the chance to be counseled by its leader the late Oba Adefunmi 1 (Yoruba High Priest and King of the village) and their North American spiritual and ritualistic practices were just as authentic as their African ancestors had done thousands of years before—the spirit of Ogun (is a powerful fierce warrior) and Oshun understood best in the Orisha traditions. This experience at Oyotunji as I am reflecting back as I write this article, it is easy for me now to reconcile the Native Americans rituals, rites and sacraments and all of these indigenous people and their practices as being interconnected. The African slaves who landed in Cuba from Dahomey, West Africa infused Yoruba traditions in their modern practices of Santeria-Orishas. The Haitians as I stated above defeated the French because they did not understand that these indigenous people had unseen powers, which led to their defeat and all these spirit practices had links and correlations to the indigenous people of the planet.

Moving right along, the former Naval Intelligence Officer William Cooper who authored the book titled, "Behold a Pale Horse" let it be known that the U.S. Government had been conducting highly secret and confidential and classified outer-space operations, separate and apart from its overt space program in which so much was being hidden from the public of what was actually taking place at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with so-called Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) research and their connections with other planetary Beings. Some of these so-called alien sightings have appeared in the southwestern deserts (over Mexico, New Mexico, Nevada, California and Arizona) and western deserts of America in which they have actually captured so-called alien spacecrafts, but the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) who is responsible for aeronautics and aerospace research has often denied much of this information. But they have had contact with other galaxy Beings (inter-planetarian involvement) for over 90 years. The United States Government and the National Security Agency along with the Pentagon refuses to come public with all their UFO findings—their military experts have proof and evidence of the mother plane in which they have been studying in their secret laboratories and scientific centers for decades. The Central Intelligence Agency has eyewitness testimonies, video (U.S. gathered radar documentation) and audio footage and mounds of scientific data of these outerspace crafts and Beings in secretive laboratories throughout the United States. Surely this information would pose no threat to U.S. national security interest.

The Prophet Ezekiel stated: Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one wheel upon the earth by the living creatures, with his four faces. The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl [bright gold/yellow]: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel. When they went, they went upon their four sides: and they turned not when they went. As for their rings [rims], they were so high that they were dreadful; and their rings were full of eyes round about them four. And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up. Whithersoever the spirit was to go, they went, thither was their spirit to go; and the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.”

Minister Louis Farrakhan was in Tepotzlan, Mexico and he had this outer-body experience where he was lifted up to the Mothership on September 17, 1985 and he heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s voice speaking to him from the aircraft and giving him instructions and a warning—why Mexico that Farrakhan would have this experience? Perhaps there was something deeper about Minister Farrakhan’s experience, but I do know this much, the wise white scientist understand and know that outer-body space travel and Minister Farrakhan’s experience wasn’t necessary a hoax because of their own hidden evidence which proves that the mother plane does exist and they also know (that the indigenous Native Americans of Mexico were engaged in space travel). The Honorable Elijah Muhammad described the mother plane as a wheel within a wheel in line with the above prophecy of Ezekiel. Mr. Muhammad teaches that this plane was made on the Island of Nippon and it has mathematical dimensions of which was a half mile by a half mile built by original scientist and these scientist used a special metals and materials (the toughest quality of steel and it cost 15 billion dollars in gold and silver to build) and it is built like a miniature or small human planet and there are small 1,500 baby bombing planes aboard the Mother Plane. The Mother Plane is capable of staying out of the earth’s gravity for a whole year and is capable of producing her own sphere of oxygen and hydrogen, as any other planet is able to do. The Mother Plane carries the same type of bomb on her that our Black scientists dropped on the planet earth to bring up mountains out of the earth after the planet earth was created. The Mother Plane can hide behind other stars and make herself invisible to the eye because she does not have to wait on a power from the earth. She can produce her own power to go wherever she desires to go in space.

The ancient Mayan civilizations in Central America had come in contact with these Gods, perhaps 16,000 to maybe 20,000 years ago. They even depicted what they saw by drawings on the walls and sacred temples in side of the pyramids and caves, which allowed them to pass down the meaning of life and death and continue to connect every facet of life with a higher celestial purpose that revolved around the Sun, Moon and Stars. They understood the importance of reciprocity, harmony, balance, equilibrium, justice, etc. The ancient Kemites called it the spirit of Maat. They saw the agricultural and the food chain as being sacred, as well as the waters, oceans, rivers, seas, lakes and streams as being the natural embodiment of life itself. I had come in contact years ago with a metaphysical guru in Los Angeles named Dr. Alfred Ligon who owned a book store called the Aquarium in the Crenshaw District. I must admit much of what this meta-physicist was trying to teach me was way over my head, but he led me to the works of Hilton Hotema such as Man's Higher Consciousness, and Awaken The World Within; he also encouraged me to purchase Manly P. Hall book titled, "Secret Teachings of All Ages" and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky book titled, "Isis Unveiled" and "the Secret Doctrine". I am thankful for having the opportunity to meet such an enlightened human being.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

The U.S. Civil War and Slavery

By Fahim A. Knight-El


By Fahim A. Knight-El

Thesis Statement: The American Civil War Possessed a Number of Political, Economic and Social Factors and Variables, that impacted the Causation of the Civil War, which has led to a Divergent of historical Opinions, Analysis and Interpretations being rendered by scholars.

This research and analysis, will focus on some of the causes and affects of the American Civil War (1861-1865), which became the bloodiest and deadliest war within the history of United States of America (approximately 540,000 to over 625,000 people lost their lives in this battle)[1] and evaluate and assess some of the historical variables that were germane to those who fought on the side of the Union and Confederate armies, in particular looking at how intertwined Chattel Slavery had become as a major part of the economic fiber of early Southern American life. Historian Kenneth Stampp called it the ‘Peculiar Institution’, he wrote about, the history of slavery in America, and he left little doubt, that the institution of slavery played a major and premiere role in fueling the American Civil War. Slavery (buying and selling of human cargo—for labor) was the free labor force that had created huge sums of wealth for large and small aristocratic plantation owners and property owners (which transitioned into generational wealth).[2] President Abraham Lincoln’s action during this time period and his political stance of attacking slavery was equalvent to devaluing a commodity (slaves and slave labor were considered to be valuable assets). Charles A. Beard who was an economic determinist and authored the book titled, An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States in 1913, maintained that the U.S. Constitution was essentially a document inspired to benefit and protect the economic interest of white male property and plantation owners.[3] Also, in order to understand, the complexity of the American Civil War, it was mandated that the writer, briefly review the history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, as well as concisely survey early American Colonial history but only as historical frameworks with no in depth analysis intended, neither as a central argument of my thesis and research.

It was cotton and other cash crops (rice, tobacco, rum, etc.), but cotton was considered the king of the cash crops, that allowed the South to become economically empowered, and the Elitist (planters class) had deep seated interest in keeping slave labor in tact (for them it was profit motive and capitalism incentive and slavery had become a way of life). Carl N. Degler in his book titled, Out of Our Past: The Forces that Shaped Modern American stated: “For two decades the southern people had been growing in the conviction that their culture, entwined about the institution of Negro slavery, made them a separate nation”. Jefferson Davis and other Confederate leaders knew and understood that the South could not easily relinquish their economic livelihood, and therefore, opposed the United States Government of essentially having no legal jurisdiction over the South and that the issue of slavery should be enforced and determined on the state governments levels without Union intervention.[4]

Historian Merrill Jenson, in his book titled, The New Nation, argued and stated: “The Civil War itself was the bloody climax of a social conflict in which the ultimate nature of the Constitution was argued again and again in seeking support for and arguments against antagonistic programs. But even the Civil War did not finally settle the constitutional issue. The stresses and strains that came with the rise of industrialism and finance capitalism produced demands for social and regulatory legislation. The passage of such legislation by the states involved the interpretation of the nature of the Constitution, for business interests regulated by statement governments denied their authority and appealed to the national courts. Those courts soon denied the power of regulation to state legislatures. The when regulatory laws were passed by the national government, the regulated interests evolved a ‘states right’ theory that limited the power of the central government, and the national courts once more agreed”.[5]

This argument would become one of the main impetuses for the Confederate states to attempt to secede in rebellion against the Union by declaring sovereignty from the United States Government in which other scholars would correctly argue that the various Constitutional Conventions had resolved and defined states rights in 1787 with the founding fathers framing the United States Constitution. David Herbert Donald in his book titled, Why The North Won the Civil War?, layout some possible causations factors and variables, thus, he stated: “For the most part attention {scholarly historiography} has been directed to the question of the causes of the war: was it states rights, was it slavery, was it Yankee abolitionists, or Southern fire-eaters, or was it national neurosis. . . .”[6]

This writer, is of the opinion, that it was perhaps, a combination of all the above historical variables, because some of the historiography that this writer reviewed presented scholarly and empirical data defending the validity for all above said factors, but overwhelmingly historians and social scientist debated slavery as being the main and undeniable cause of the inciting the American Civil War. This writer finds validity and credibility in the slavery arguments put forth by historians Stampp, Beard, Jenson, and Degler as being the central theme of the Civil War. Yet, this writer thinks that the Confederates had a deep conviction to southern patriotism and pride in southern institutions and often these sentiments got overshadowed, because of the evilness and dehumanization affect slavery had on millions of human beings—this writer, thinks many in the Confederate South had internalized their racial politics as being rooted in a culture, which was believed by them to be as being American as baseball and apple pie.

I think, as much as I appreciated Donald’s interpretation about the validity of all the above stated causation factors, that he attributed to the Civil War, but in my opinion, what possibly led to the Confederate downfall was that the North had just to much man power and economic resources and tactically and strategically used the question of slavery as a social and political disruption in order have the Southern Confederates distracted on two fronts. I think Davis and Lee thought that sense they were of the South and controlled the cotton commodity economy that this alone would have enticed, perhaps the British and French to intervene on the side of Confederate against the Union; however, this did not happen and U.S. imposed naval blockades all along the Eastern Seaboard, which furthered crippled the war efforts of the Confederates.

Also, the rise of the abolitionist movement such as the Quakers of Pennsylvania, John Brown (1800-1859) and Fredrick Douglas (1818-1895) who brought attention to the question of slavery as a moral and ethical contradiction (August 10, 1863 - The president meets with abolitionist Frederick Douglass). Their activism was impacting the Union or the United States Government to be more politically and if necessary militarily proactive in ending Chattel Slavery and it was their pressure that led to the inevitable, which was the gradual dismantling the system of Chattel slavery. Also slave rebellions and slave insurrections were becoming heightened throughout the South. The U.S. Courts would play a huge role in defining slaves (free slaves, runaway slaves and free territory (Missouri Compromise in 1850 and the Dred Scott Decision in 1857).[7]

Brief Pre Civil War Background and the African Connection

The American Civil War (1861-1865) has to be viewed and interpreted from various historical events and proceedings, and must be placed in its proper historical context relative to the African slave labor correlation and dilemma, it would be remised to overlook how this came about. This writer, will briefly addressed the African slave trade in order to give a succinct understanding of how and why the black labor force became to be so important within the Confederate and Southern economy. With the advent of Chattel slavery, which predated the bloodiest war in American history by two hundred forty-two years (242) and it did not come to an end until 1865. Most historians have traced the beginning of the African Slave Trade to about the 1440s where the Portuguese ventured into West Africa and brought twenty Africans back to Lisbon, Portugal who served as indentured servants. This would eventually lead to the Spanish, Portuguese and the Catholic Church (Pope Alexander VI and Bishop Bartholomew Las Casas who played major religious roles by sanctioning slavery) and later other European powers ventured into African Slave Trade, which eventually initiated the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Middle Passage.[8]

It was in1619 that the British brought 20 Africans slaves (or Indentured Servants) to Jamestown, Virginia, which led to the inception of Chattel Slavery being introduced in the so-called “New World” as it pertained to the British colonies.[9] The Spanish and the Portuguese had signed various agreements relative to dividing the world up between two European nations pursuant to the signing of the Papal Bull of Demarcation and the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 in which Spain would take most of lands in the New World with the exception of Brazil given to Portugal. This would eventually lead to ten to fifty million Africans being brought to the New World as slaves.[10]

Claud Anderson in his book titled, Black Labor, White Wealth stated: “Black slavery was, purely and simply, racial and economic exploitation, that caused economic revolutions and entrenched disparities between blacks and whites. Economically poor, non-industrialized nations of Europe, like Spain, Portugal, Germany, and England, commercialized human exploitation and suffering for the primary purpose of looting gold, silver and precious commodities in Africa and the New World. Old forms of mercantilism were converted to new capitalism. Banking, currency, and marketing reforms were created. Africa became a warren for the commercial hunting of strong ebony bodies. Subsequently, skin color became a sign of degradation for its wearer and a sign of wealth for its owner”.[11]
European Settlers Enter the New World

The new European settlers who arrived in the 15th century to the New World and landed on the eastern seaboard had many challenges relative to making adjustments to a new and unfamiliar geographical territory and landscape. They were concerned about survival as it pertained to their quest for food, clothing and shelter (in observance of the first law of survival, which is self-preservation, this became their main priority).[12] Some historians maintained that the Native Americans had arrived to North America some 16,000 years before the European Settlers arrival. The Europeans initially tried to enslave the Native Americans, but it was very difficult, because the Natives knew the land and territories, which gave them strategic and tactical advantages over the Europeans enslavers relative to exploiting escape routes.[13]

Also, they were not accustomed to working long unbearable hours under the hot sun and many Native Americans died from sickness and diseases from being in contact with the Europeans. Nevertheless, if it were not for the alliances and treaties that took place between the Native Americans and the European Settlers, which allowed for the early Settlers to survive; because of their keen knowledge of agriculture and agrarian society —planting, cropping and taught them how to grow food and which crops to plant based on the planting season, the gathering of food was essential to the early settlers survival. The Native Americans taught them about how important it was to rotate crops and if were not for these early alliances with the Native Americans such as the Creeks, Yamasees, Seminoles, etc., that attributed to the early settlers’ survival. [14]

Some historians maintain that the early settlers’ alliances with the Native Americans was pragmatic and beneficial to their ultimate survival in the ‘New Word’ and some even believe that the Lost Colony that was sent by Sir Walter Raleigh to Roanoke Island (now part of North Carolina) in 1587 who disappeared either died due to starvation and/or were massacred by warring Native American tribes. The geography of the eastern seaboard and the landscape were very dense with woods and forest (possessing hot summers and mild winters). However, the British had economic interest relative to seeking valuable natural resources (initially the fur trade was lucrative because of the abundance North American animal skins) and to further empowering the financial coffers of King James of England and Queen Elizabeth of England. The venturing into the so-called New World was motivated by the economic projections that there were possibility of gold and silver to be found and this was most the important variable to the Europeans explorers and colonists motivations throughout the Americas—from Vasco Núñez de Balboa, Ponce Da Leon, Amerigo Vespucci, Magellan, Desoto, etc., the European explorations were rooted in economic interest.[15]
The settlers were motivated to create a homestead and this would involve clearing off land in order to pursue agriculture and farming and develop these territories into livable homesteads. Slavery would play a huge role in the development of America from clearing off land, agriculture, to building railroads, etc. and creating infrastructure.
The Advent of Chattel Slavery

Some historians argue that the first African slaves arrived to North America on a Slave Ship piloted my Sir John Hawkins of Lubeke in 1555 and it was this event, which led to chattel slavery, but most historians agree that the first slaves arrived to Jamestown, Virginia in 1619 (some argue that they were initially viewed as indentured servants). Nevertheless, the exploitation of black human labor made its way on the scene in North America. W.E.B Dubois in his book titled, The Suppression of the African Slave Trade 1638-1870, maintained that anywhere from 10-20 millions Africans where brought to America as slaves and millions died in Africa and crossing the Atlantic Ocean and on the plantations.[16] Slavery flourished throughout America, in particular in Southern agriculture states and in the white plantation owners mind they had one main and essential interest, which was maintaining slavery—the foundation of the Confederate Southern economy. The Civil War

James McPherson in an article titled: “A Brief Overview of the American Civil War: A Defining Time In Our Nation’s History” stated: “The event that triggered war came at Fort Sumter in Charleston Bay on April 12, 1861. Claiming this United States Fort as their own, the Confederate army on that day opened fire on the federal garrison and forced it to lower the American flag in surrender. Lincoln called out the militia to suppress this ‘insurrection’. Four more slave states seceded and joined the Confederacy. By the end of 1861 nearly a million armed men confronted each other along a line stretching 1200 miles from Virginia to Missouri. Several Battles had already taken place—near Manassas Junction in Virginia, in the mountains of western Virginia where Union victories’ paved the way for the new state of West Virginia, at Wilson’s Creek in Missouri, at Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, and Port Royal in South Carolina where the Union navy established a base for a blockade to shut off the Confederacy’s access to the outside world”.[17]

There were a number of key battles that was fought between1861-1865 pitting the Confederates and Union troops against each other, although, this research will not focused primarily on that aspect of the Civil War, nevertheless these conflicts cannot be entirely omitted. For example, First Battle of Bull Run in Virginia, between Washington, D.C., and Richmond (July 21, 1861); the Battle of Shiloh (April 1962); the Battle of Antietam (September 7, 1862), the Siege of Vicksburg (May 18 – July 4, 1863) etc. And there were many more Civil War battles fought between the Union troops and the Confederate troops. But this research was geared towards giving attention to, why did the United States Civil War break out in 1861?

So this writer believes that the Civil War (1861-1865) was inevitable and it was going to happen whether, it was Lincoln or some other social or political phenomenon (the quest for black freedom was starting to rise as a social antagonistic contradiction inside of America). However, Lincoln was extremely intelligent, he knew that, if he so-called freed slaves in the South, this would serve, as a strategic and tactical political maneuver employed, as an objective of weakening the South (he knew and understood this was a serious point of contention). Although, the South in theory had already succeeded from the Union and Lincoln had no jurisdiction and/or power or authority over the governance of the South—yet, both sides, the North and South used the black slave as a political football. President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1963 stated: “all persons held as slaves within any State, or designated part of the State, the people whereof shall be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free”.[18]

Lincoln's motive was to cripple the South economically and simultaneously incite blacks to become disrupted, which would ultimately affect an agriculture based economy that functioned and prospered off slave labor. The aristocratic white property owners incited poor white Confederates by imparting a false sense of white pride, which was rooted in the ideology of white supremacy and that they had a mandate from God to ensure that Black slaves would forever remain their property who were considered unequal to whites according to the language written in the U.S. Constitution, blacks were considered 3/5 of a human being. The Confederates built a racist patriotic theme of why they were going to war—to so-called defend their sovereignty from Union infringement on the southern institution of slavery and this gave them the right to secede from the Union, which was based on their interpretation of states right.[19]

But beneath this argument and rationale, was their effort of maintaining slavery, which was rooted in racism and economics. The Confederates in the South felt that the Civil War was the only route left to challenging the federal government and their centralization of authority and control over Southern slave states, and the North simultaneously would use the Civil War to keep the United States from becoming potentially twenty independent and splintered nations. The North fought the war to rein the Southern states back into the Union and the question of slavery was a mere secondary causation factor (the first being preserving the Union) but would have primary implications on why both sides had a vested interest in the question of slavery.

Jefferson Davis and Robert Lee, the faces of the Confederate South had declared that the South would secede from the Union before they would capitulate and give up slavery. The South viewed slavery strictly as an economic necessity (many revisionist scholars have always questioned the moral ineptness of this evil institution) and these wealthy white plantation owners were not willing to cripple their profitable economic enterprise by giving up their labor force without a fight. Some African Americans view Abraham Lincoln as a national hero, because he so-called freed the slaves on September 22, 1962 with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation (but actually it would ultimately be the Thirteen Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1865 that truly abolished slavery); however the slaves that Lincoln freed in the Confederate South, he had no jurisdiction over those slaves (this was the social and political dichotomy his decision rendered).

David Herbert Donald in his book titled, Why The North Won the Civil War stated: “was the political system of the South to blame, as so many historians persuasively argue? What was the germ of death planted in the Confederacy at birth? Was it possible to create a nation on the basis of states rights, to fight a war, which required centralization of authority, on the basis of particularism? Well, the United States has been created on the basis—at least so Southern thought (and so the Articles of Confederation asserted)—and had managed to win independence nonetheless. Was it perhaps slavery the cause not only of the war, but of Southern defeat? There is a seductive poetic appeal about such an explanation. Perhaps slavery was the Achilles’ heel of the South. Slavery prevented foreign recognition; slavery gave the North a new goal and a new ideal; slavery encouraged states rights; slavery in the end weakened the economy and military effort more that it strengthened them.’[20]
The South loses the Civil War

The South lost the Civil War and most reasonable historians would agree that slavery was the central theme of the Civil War (1861-1865) conflict, because it was the economic driving force of the nation at that time and perhaps the most value commodity in the history of America; but one should not be mistaken, because both the North and the South benefited from slave labor. This writer recently read a piece authored by Donald W. Livingston titled, “Why the War Was Not About Slavery” Livingston stated: “We think of slavery as an alien and "un-American" practice confined to the South in the 19th century. But an honest look at American history reveals a quite different picture. Slavery was woven into the economic, political, and cultural fabric of the Northern states from the beginning. The first African slaves were brought to New England in 1638 in exchange for enslaved Indians. Boston began importing slaves from Africa in 1644. For 164 years New Englanders sold slaves throughout the Western Hemisphere”.[21]

Civil War Historiography: Contradictory Historical Thoughts

Lastly, the historiography, was vast and contradictory on the history of the Civil War relative to the cause and effect and there were a wide range of diverse historical interpretations and opinions. Harry Steels Commager in his book titled, The Defeat of the Confederacy: A Documentary , he maintained that North had better resources monetarily and militarily (better armament, equipment and more human resources) and this gave the North a clear advantage over the South during Civil War and he also points out the South having ‘lost of nerve’.[22] Commager argument does stands to have some validity based other historians also pointed out similar contentions relative to the reasons for the North’s successful victory over the South and were equally critical in blaming some level of intellectual and military incompetency relative to the mindset of the Confederate leadership and poor military infrastructure (reference: scholars such as David Potter, Norman Graebner, T. Harry Williams and Harry Steels Commager, etc.).[23]

The North as this writer stated above had a distinct economic advantage, because almost all of the nation’s factories were been located in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states (industrialism was evident—machinery and mechanized armament). Students of military history such as T. Harry Williams, J.F. Fuller, B.H. Liddell Hart and Kenneth P. Williams agrees that the North had superior availability to assets and resources and this placed the Southern Confederate at a distinct disadvantage,[24] and also the African American Historian Charles H. Wesley in his book titled Collapse of the Confederacy, agrees with above historians, as well. The Union also had nearly twice the South’s population and thus, a larger pool of young available men to pull from and to serve in the Union arm forces. However, the South defeated the Union1861 in South Carolina when they attacked Fort Sumter, thus the Confederacy defeating Union troops at the First Battle of Bull Run in spite of the stated factors—initially this win spoke volumes of the Confederate preparedness and readiness to fight.

Now, furthering, the question of slavery, historian Ulrich B. Phillips in his seminar work titled, Life and Labor in the Old South he wrote as a sympathizer and as an apologist of Southern Confederate slave states in which he interpreted, the institution of Chattel Slavery as being benevolent and good for the African slaves. Phillips’ scholarship was no doubt in defense of the white Elite planters class, he stated: “The bulk of the black personnel was notoriously primitive, uncouth, improvident and inconstant, merely because they were Negroes of the time and by their slave status they were relieved from the pressure of want and debarred from any full-force incentive of gain”.[25]

But it was this type of racist reactionary scholarship that gave way to the work of John Blassingame in a book titled, Slave Community who challenged this contention that the slaves were happy loyal and docile and were content with being a slave on the plantation in which he pointed to three distinct personalities that evolved from plantation life, but often in American slave literature, it is always the ‘Sambo’ character that gets the most attention and the defiant slave personality that the slave plantation also created was often overlooked.[26] Phillips’ scholarship was an attempt to justify slavery and bring credibility and justification to white slave plantation owners and protect their economic interest and define their place in American history as a dubious and justifiable evil.

The Southern wealthy white property owners financed and used poor white Confederate soldiers as mere cannon fodder and would literally do almost anything to maintain and protect their economic interest—slavery had not only become a way of life in America, it was big business. The passing of 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution ended slavery and freed the slaves in 1865 and it was not the Emancipation Proclamation, as many have come to accept. I think one must come to the realization that slavery was wrong and evil; it was justified based on economics, theology and the American jurisprudence system (law and God). There was no other way to look at the ‘peculiar institution’ other than being morally wrong; moreover, it was this compromised labor force that propelled the United States and the South, in particular into the Civil War (the bloodiest battle in American history). It was extremely economically prosperous to the Elitist plantation and property owners or Bourgeoisie class, but worked to the detriment of the African slaves who were victims of systematic brutality due to their enslavement and cause massive social disruption to African societies. Slavery gave the United States as a nation a 300 year economic advantage and made them into a world superpower nation, but no retribution has ever been made to the ex-slaves (not even the forty-acres and mule that were promised).

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again

Fahim A. Knight-El


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The True Meaning of Hiram Abiff and the Veiled Symbolism


By Fahim A. Knight-El

Let me start this article off with a physics axiom, which goes something like this: 'for every action requires an opposite and equal direct reaction'. I had authored an article on the subject of Hiram Abiff about ten years ago, but it is one of those Masonic topics that seem to always invoke curiosity amongst Freemasons and non-Masons alike, and therefore, with this writing, I have committed myself to dedicating another article to the greatest mythological and symbolic Grand Master ever recorded in Masonic history. There have been many treatise and books written on Hiram Abiff, but many of the prior scholarly explanations and analysis giving have always focused either on the esoteric, occult or Gnostic interpretations of Hiram Abiff—it still remains as one of the most misunderstood topics in the Freemasonic ideological worldview, which is the interpretation of Hiram Abiff and its the deeper relations and Masonic connections to a long lost people that is missing. So, I have always offered an interpretation that upstaged the Eurocentric and Western scholars’ perspective on Hiram Abiff by personifying him and demystifying this Nubian grand master as being directly tied to the history and legacy of the black man and woman of America; my citations and scholarly authority begins with the advent of Chattel Slavery and the dehumanization of African people—surely the motives and objectives of Hiram Abiff experiences bears close similarities to the so-called American Negro experience. This interpretation has always been met with resistance from white supremacy Masons and from Negro Masons as well who lacks the knowledge of self. No, other people historically fit the depiction and legacy of the symbolic Hiram Abiff Masonic character than the so-called American Negro ex-slave who arrived to North America in 1555. I was blessed and invested with “Supreme Wisdom” and this has always giving me a clear intellectual advantage over most Negro Masons and Caucasian Masons, thus, I am not making an arrogant statement, but many of my pundits have not met Messenger Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Dr. Malachi York, Marcus Garvey, Father Allah (Clarence13X), etc.

What is Masonry? Masonry is a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols and to understand Masonry, one must become a serious student of symbolism and allegory (in particular having a keen knowledge base of the sciences of etymology and epistemology). Albert Churchward who authored the book titled, Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man and Manly P. Hall (the scholar Hall was a 33rd degree Masons and had written a number of books on the origin of Freemasonry) who authored the book titled, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Gerald Massey who authored book titled, Ancient Egypt the Light of the World and The Book of Beginnings and Godfrey Higgins book titled, Anacalypsis, etc., all of these are pieces to the Masonic puzzle. The above mentioned scholars are white scholars who have bear witness to the ancient knowledge being originated out of Kemet and the world owes a debt of gratitude to the original African man and African woman who stood as the fathers and mothers of civilization. They objectively and with an unbiased fervor traced the origin of science, language, supreme deities, religion, architecture, folklore, medicine, mathematics, engineering, etc., to Kemet or Ancient Egypt and this is why Freemasonry as a system of academics and learning is heavily rooted in the Seven Schools of Liberal Arts and five schools of architecture styles (these systems of learning predated the Romans and the Greeks—Plato, Aristotle and Socrates borrowed their philosophical ideals from the Nubians of ancient Kemet (Egypt), which teaches us that Hiram Abiff is an old protype that was first seen and observed in the teachings of Asur, Heru and Aset—the radiant sun and resurrection of the dead.

He was a learned man and was commissioned and entrusted by King Solomon to construct a Temple that would have majesty and valor of the great architecture styles seen in Egypt and make Jerusalem and this Temple special in design and reverence, because this edifice would be seen and embraced by the major three world religions being Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Jerusalem is considered the third holiest city in Islam behind Mecca and Medina). If Muslims cannot make Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca or Medina than according to many of the Hadith writers, Jerusalem is considered acceptable in the eyesight of Allah (God); perhaps I need to be teaching this to my brothers of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (the Potentates, Chief Rabbans, High Priest and Prophets, Oriental Guides, etc.). The Shriners, Masons, Muslims and the Islamic world do not have a clue about what it's truly meant to touch and kiss the black stone, which was placed in the Kaaba (the great Mosque) by Abraham and his son Ishmael according to the Holy Qu'ran Sharrieff. And those of us who have acquired the knowledge of self have the duty and responsibility to teach the world and rescue our history from these Arab imposters who have ethno-racial lineages to the Semites and are not the original inhabitants of Saudi Arabia (which was separated by the man made Suez Canal from Africa and the white man renamed this territory the 'Middle East" but in my study of true geography there is no such place called the Middle East, it is only a part of North East Africa).

Dr. Wesley Muhammad is a Nation of Islam minister and scholar (under Minister Louis Farrakhan) and a former Five Percenter (and/or member of the Nation of Gods and Earths) who use to go by the name of Brother True Islam. I purchased his book a few years ago titled, Black Arabia and the African Origin of Islam and he covers some of the Asiatic, Hijaz (ancient Saudi Arabia) history and the ethno racial lineages of those original dark skinned tribes who were connected to the Maghreb region of North Africa in which I have found Brother Muhammad's research and work valuable and relevant. He also authored another good book titled, The Book of God: An Encyclopedia of Proof that the Black Man is God that also possesses a lot of good ancient Nubian history. Dr. Yosef A.A. Ben Jochannan first published the Book titled, Black man of the Nile and His Family in around 1973. Here is the first point of clarity; the Arabs did not arrive nor invade Kemet (ancient Egypt) until the 8th Century A.D. which means the greatness of Kemet and the Egyptian Mystery Systems were not destroyed by the Arabs, because they did not arrive into Kemet until A.D. within the modern era. But Egypt had been under assault by the Semites (Jews in particular) Phoenicians, Romans, Assyrians, Greeks, etc., (long before Arab colonist and enslavers arrived). Yet, that is not to suggest that upon the Arabs arrival that they did not desecrate the sacred temples and claim the history of Kemet as their own and simultaneously and erroneously claimed kinship to the original Nubians who occupied Kemet and all of North Africa.

The Greeks had occupied Egypt (Kemet) thousands of years before the Arabs. These so-called Arabs were a mix and miscegenated people, but the original inhabitants of Egypt were dark skinned, broad nosed and kinky hair "Negroids", but through race mixing the Arabs (Indo-Europeans) in which Saudi Arabia over periods of time became more mulatto in skin color and due to European imperialism the once geographically connected Arabia, which was part and parcel of the original continent of Africa (what Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan called Akebuland) was separated and was geographically reclassified as being part of the so-called Middle East. They were not Asiatics in the truest sense of ethnic-race classification, but Elijah Muhammad and Noble Drew Ali both called us the Asiatic black man. The Arabs did not destroy the Egyptian mystery system, yet they co-opted our history and culture by stealing our birthrights in which Dr. Chancellor Williams in his book titled, The Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D does a thorough analysis of recording how the dark skinned Nubians were pushed out of Lower Egypt southward and light skinned imposters settled and begin to occupy Kemet and white European scholars have systematically whiten Egypt in order to claim this great civilization as their own; most of this was done prior to the Arabs arrival in the late 600s-700s A.D. Their main objective was to impose Islam (missionaries) on the indigenous people of that region and exploit the commercial interest they had in these black lands, which were rich in natural resources.

We will one day soon be like the first Muezzin (caller to prayer and have the responsibility of bringing all of humanity back to the path of God known as the Great Architect of the Universe). Bilal Ibn Rabah who was a dark skinned Ethiopian slave who converted to Islam and became one of Prophet Muhammad's closes companions and he had this melodious voice and Muhammad gave him the duty to call the faithful to prayer (the black man of America is that symbolic one), the Prophet was even recorded as saying that he saw Bilal footsteps entering heaven before his very own. Some of the enlightened world knows that Freemasonry will continue to play a huge role in world affairs, because it is so intertwined in the social, political and economic affairs of humanity. The New Age movements and those who search out ancients texts and who like the Sufis (the highest form of mystic Islam) and Hindus and Jews who became more inspired by the teachings of the Kabbalah and see the value and credibility in mystical teachings in Freemasonry as one of those schools of thought that will continue to lead one to various paths of understanding relative to spirituality—outside of religion and faith traditions. The enlightenment is forever evolving and new interpretations of Masonic Speculative knowledge will continue to be needed in order to build upon some of the unfinished Masonic work that became disrupted and stagnated when the horrid crime took place at the building of King Solomon's Temple and it was to teach us deeper moral lessons about human behavior and how brotherhood has to be strengthen by a cabletow that was stronger than any physical string or rope, but it must be rooted in the best of human character and strengthen by unconditional love (you are your brothers keepers).

When we see a Ruffian spirit begin to rise in our personal lives, Masonic Houses, we should not allow any deviations from practicing the true landmarks of Freemasonry and never allow the type of spirit of betrayal to take root, it will negatively impact our Masonic organizational structure and it was betrayal that led to the premature death of our Grand Master Hiram Abiff (now, in the Biblical book of Kings the Hiram from the land of Tyree) and the Masonic Hiram Abiff are not the same individuals. And our story is mere allegory, which is pointing us towards mastering all the principles giving to us in our understanding of the foundation of Freemasonry that comes from living by the principles of Morality, Friendship and Brotherly Love. Building that true temple that Yeshuaa Ben Yosef (Jesus the son of Joseph) talked about which was building a temple, that wasn't an external and/or physical temple, but building the temple having spiritual value and not material value this alone should force us to always seek the higher elevation of using our knowledge to create a new paradigm (the greatest temple is constructed from within, the human spirit and soul which leads us to true immortality). I will always challenge my Masonic brothers to be better students of the knowledge and work to move beyond just being engulfed in the social—I refuse to have allowed myself to being raised from a dead level to a living perpendicular on the square and then allow myself to be deposited back into the grave of ignorance (or darkness and voluntarily put on the blindfold) once you were raised from a dead level to a living perpendicular, it took you out of the coffin and stood you up 90 degrees upright to a living perpendicular (no more blindfold, awakened to enlightenment—this symbolically represented a new birth and a resurrection from the dead).

My brothers, we must allow our personal path and journey to always lead us to having and open mind and use our acquisition of this great mythical and mystic knowledge to better humanity and ourselves (you received a substitute word because we were taught at the death of Grand Master Hiram Abiff the true master word was forever lost, but it is our present day duty to search out the lost word by being good students of Masonry). There lie the value of character and ethics, this is the ultimate fiber that will strengthen and hold Masonry together along with knowing how to apply the working tools and implement the square and compass to enlighten the world with truth and direction beyond our commitment to our York Rite and Scottish Rite houses. The working tools should serve as a moral compass to give humanity direction, it becomes useless to have all this wisdom and knowledge that have been passed down through the ages by ancient master teachers, gurus and sages and we allow our obligation of never to reveal and always conceal the teachings and secrets of Masonry to deny us the right and privilege to help awaken those that sleep (I too will not violate my oath but what manner of man would hide his light under a bushel basket).

The symbolic story of Hiram Abiff, is one of the world's best kept secrets in the world of white supremacy ideals, they only give us the symbolic teachings of the greatest grand master ever recorded in the ritualistic teachings of Blue Lodge Masonry, but the true interpretation of the Hiram Abiff story was never revealed to the black man (there are Caucasian Masons of even much higher degrees than 33rd who bow down in private to the origin of the black man being God and they worship you in secrecy) because this Masonic folklore gives way to a people who were hit in the head at the East Gate (Africa) and were forcibly brought on a westerly course and was ultimately murdered and buried in shallow grave in which three of the major perpetrators were England, France and America that posed as principal perpetrators. It was their imperialism, colonialism and Chattel Slavery via the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Middle Passage that led to the final blow to murdering the real Hiram Abiff, the so-called black man of Africa and North America (this blow caused us to lose our land, names, God, culture, Folkways and Mores).

The above mentioned three European white nations (have hid and buried some of our ancient knowledge, identity and wisdom in secret vaults (and in international libraries and museums) in white Grand Lodges in Europe, America, Canada, Australia, etc., have committed themselves to never allowing the true Hiram Abiff story to be revealed and some of it is even hidden in Israel, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Turkey. These four Muslim and Islamic nations have had a long history of involvement in Freemasonry in spit of its so-called Middle East adherents of having to survive in nations that have historically viewed Freemasonry as heretic; both Sunni and Shia Islamic nations have outlawed Freemasonry as being anti-Islamic and those caught practicing Freemasonry in some of these Muslim societies would become subjects of Sharia law and killed.

I have now had the privy (by invitation) to sit in various Masonic meetings of international implications and have discussed Masonry with some of the best Masonic intellectuals and Masonic scholars in the world within these research societies and they know our history better than we know our own history. I have challenged their often white supremacy worldview and shared with them an Africancentered view of the ancient craft of Freemasonry; I have always done this unapologetically. The three Masonic Ruffians who conspired against the Master Builder Hiram Abiff had motives and objectives of stealing the masterful architecture plans—blueprints and drawings that were inspired by God and fraudulent tried to obtained the Master Mason password. What you do not know, they were not just architecture drawings, but they were scrolls (that delved into the high sciences of mathematics, astronomy and physics in which had been passed down by the Kemetic master builders who built the pyramids and other sacred structures in accordance with the universal laws), which were divinely inspired and although they represented some aspect of Sacred Geometry (this knowledge was much more than right angles and perpendiculars).

These lessons had a more spiritual meaning, which were passed down to Hiram Abiff who had rightful ownership to this knowledge because he had been properly initiated, entered, passed and raised to the sublime degree (the Ruffians did not have all the signs, tokens and words that would have allowed them to crossover into Joppa); to miss and/or overlook the value of suitable proficiency requirement (is no different then understanding that mathematics is Islam, and Islam is mathematics the knowledge has to be giving and received right and exact) because these lessons were rooted in the ancient mystic knowledge of those who had traveled and studied the mystery schools and had to be self-mastered and understood the wisdom that was revealed in the celestial and terrestrial spheres (represented in the symbolic columns of Jachin and Boaz, which typifies beauty and strength) in which they had organized to steal and was unwilling to continue on road and path less traveled.

These conspirators also understood that Hiram (the black man) would layout his scientific and knowledge of engineering on the Trestle Board relative to building King Solomon Temple (the timber was transported from Lebanon and it was of special quality and number of labors were astronomical), but this 15 Fellowcraft refusing to following and learning the skill-set of the Operative Masonry who knew how to meltdown brass, and/or precious metals into supporting the decorum and the beautification of the the temple (which according to biblical history was destroyed three times)—they sought to engage in a conspiracy against the Grand Master. The construction was systematically aligned with the spiritual and geographical motions and movements of the Sun (lessons in the winter solstice and summer solstice), which ties Masonry directly to studying and understanding many aspects of the universal order of things, in particular knowing the mathematical and astronomy of the universal order and how the divine laws functions as it relates to the sun, moon and stars (the motions and the divine principles have meanings far beyond the emblematic and many have found deeper meaning into the Zodiacs and numerology).

These Masonic moral lessons were designed to teach us that each degree and the work it involved pursuant to the Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason degrees should be taught and met with the highest level of seriousness (and internalized) in which this training is nonnegotiable (it should allow us to travel to foreign lands and territories unimpeded because we have been invested with the proper password and be able to obtain higher wages). The conspirators had only obtained partial knowledge (they were just Fellowcraft and not master Masons), but it would become their lower-self which controls emotions and ego (one of the seven Chakras) that led them to become jealous and envy of the knowledge that our Grand Master Hiram Abiff had obtained and because of this they were not willing to exemplify patience as good students, but they had plans of stealing the architecture knowledge of Hiram Abiff, the master builder.

The Medieval Europeans who were involved in the science trades and craftsmanship were valued because, it determined whether or not they had obtained the necessary workman's skills to be elevated and moved forward in these ancient trade Guilds associations, which would be equivalent to modern day labor unions and each stage of mastering the knowledge, it impacted ones wages (it ultimately determined socio-economic mobility). The operative skill-set mastering had many incentives and each lesson was predicated on learning and mastering the previous knowledge—Now, lets be clear the Nubian Nile Valley Civilizations of upper and lower Kemet (Egypt) had been engaged in the mystery systems of initiations (and were the originators of Operative Masonry and Speculative Masonry) long before the Europeans who during the Medieval period had become quasi-awakened and even after this initial historical phenomenon they were once again enlightened by the Blackmoors during the 8th century. I am not speaking of Arabs and Berbers; J.A. Rogers who authored a three volume set titled, Sex and Race and if there is any hidden or hard to find ancient historical information about Black civilizations, Rogers ordinary is my go to scholar. He has some very good information on the Moors and their ethno-racial kingdoms before and after the 8th century.

The likes of Imhotep and Akhenaton and the Kemetic history tells us that much of what the Europeans incorporated in England, France and Scotland relative to Freemasonry was stolen and lifted from Kemet. The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) who so-called convened and established the first body of organized Freemasons in the world in 1717, did not give credit nor recognized the Kemetic mystery schools. The Eurocentric mindset has never allowed many of those Europeans of yesterday and today to pay homage to the original master builders in Kemet and Kush. The black man is under the symbolic disguise of symbolism, is the true Hiram Abiff shrouded in mystery and coded in Masonic allegory.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

The Transition of Power


By Fahim A. Knight-El

We have once again so-called entered into a New Year 2017, and there is perhaps a lot that we can reflect on as we view the national and global landscape—politically, economically and socially. But just allow me to reflect a bit on 2008, when the United States elected its first so-called African American president in electing President Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th president of these United States of America in which his winning created a tremendous amount of excitement and anticipation around the globe. President George W. Bush, Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank and the global international bankers, etc., had played roles in dismantling the U.S. economy and after robbing America by inducing the America and global economic meltdown in 2008; thus, the Hidden Hand had nothing to lose in which the timing was right for them in selecting a black president. They had stripped him of his power and authority because unlike prior white presidents they severed him from the money (the bulk of the money just prior to Obama taking office was systematically taking out of U.S. vaults and were transferred to banks in Geneva, Switzerland, London, United Kingdom, Tokyo, Japan, Tel Aviv, Israel, Beijing, China, etc. This was done to force this pro-liberal president to embrace the exact same political agenda of his conservative predecessor George W. Bush and Obama immediately took up the Bush Doctrine and embraced the 'axis of evil' and its imperialist agenda and the international political motives of the Bush administration became his own by continuing acerbating the wars in Afghanistan (2001) and in Iraq (2003). They had already set the table for him (remember the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg put him in office and he was giving a script as all other U.S. presidents to follow). Do you remember his campaign slogan 'vote for change that you can believe in'. He too filled his cabinet with Washington insiders (most of them were President Bill Clinton loyalist and that alone should have been a sign that we had been duped and the game had not changed, it only intensified under a new puppet in black skin).

He has been more ruthless and brutal than George W. Bush by continuing agitating the Muslim and Islamic world; everyone around the world knows that Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., are no military equal to the western powers such as Russia, France, Britain, and the United States and the assault on these defenseless Middle Eastern nations have been horrific in scope in the killing of innocent civilians men, women and children and the bombing of Mosques. I remember years ago to fight during Ramadan was unheard of because every nation had respect for another nation’s religious holy days in war time and during peace time, and centers of worship were off limit to violent attacks and war (these type of criminal acts are evidence of how ineffective the United Nations have become and how Amnesty International has also lost international influence). I am of the opinion, that the West gave rise to Al-Qaeda and ISIS and the so-called radical militant Islamic movements; their so-called war on terror will only create many more Jihadist from around the world. And what the West cannot control is an idea that is steeped in the Qur’an and Hadiths (most Muslims in public will deny and relationship between the sacred teachings espoused by Muhammad Ibn Abdullah as recorded in the Qur'an) in which oppression and injustice is the inspiration behind martyrdom. So European nations are fearful and scared that the idea could be imbued in any nationality, race, skin color living in their country and/or outside the country—Paris, Brussels, London, New York, Berlin, Moscow, etc., because Islam is multi-ethnic and a multi-racial religion that has no allegiance to Western sovereignty—they are sometime Arabs who are the masterminds behind so-called terrorist attacks. But in the United States, we have witnessed white American citizens (who have become the new Islamic Enemy Combatants and young immigrant Muslims and even black American Muslims are even drawn to ISIS. Islam has taking deep roots over last 95 years in America that begin with Prophet Noble Drew Ali (Moorish Science Temple of America in 1913) and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Wali Fard Muhammad (Lost-Found Nation of Islam in the West in 1930)—now Mosques and Masjids are intertwined in America’s life and culture and it has led to an infusing of immigrant Muslims and African American Muslims becoming more acculturated centered around Islam.

Obama during the 2016 presidential election that pitted Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton; he had the audacity to issue us, his most loyal constituents black Americans an ultimatum about helping him further defined and secure his legacy (what legacy was he speaking about?) He has defined his own legacy which has been reactionary; he did absolutely nothing for black people, although we believed in him and he understood and had mastered black Democratic politics 101—blacks are loyal to the Democratic party (who has done nothing for them and we traditionally have giving them our vote and received very little in return--they have always taking the black vote for granted) and this phenomenon would allow him to take advantage of this sickness and having to bear no political consequences for his action; but he made good on issues and political promises involving Latinos, Jews, Lesbian and Gays, International banks and he just allowed African Americans a venue to come and sing and dance (I guess buffoning and clowning counts for something) and entertaining white folk at the White House. Here is a Negro who allowed white folk to force him to repudiate his long standing relationship with the Black Liberation theologian Dr. Reverend Jeremiah Wright of Trinity Church of Christ in Chicago in which he was a member for over 19 years, because Dr. Wright criticized U.S Foreign policy and lit into the 9/11 hoax and Dr. Wright spoke the truth—he was only speaking truth to power. Obama knew and understood that his pastor Dr. Wright and Minister Louis Farrakhan were friends and comrades in the struggle and these so-called complex relations caused him to publicly betray two standard bearers in the black community.

If Obama desires to solidify and secure his legacy, why doesn’t he pardon our revolutionary Sister Assata Shukur? who has lived in exiled in Cuba for over 30 years and black America truly owes a debt of gratitude to the late President Fidel Castro for protecting our sister from U.S. imperialism. We do not know, if those political prisoners that were giving political asylum under Castro’s reign will be continually protected by the new Cuban foreign policy initiatives and international law as the U.S. and Cuba diplomatic relations improve and/or will the U.S. Justice Department seek a new extradition policy, which will allow them to go after Assata Shakur; this is a very scary time and very dangerous era that we now live in. He also could pardon the Black Panther Party members (the Panther 21 and pardoning Mutulu Shakur) in which some of these black prisoner of war have languished in U.S. penitentiaries for close to 40 years—they were victims of U.S. Government Cointelpro spearheaded by former F.B.I Director J. Edger Hoover. President Obama could also pardon Mumia Abu Jamal and Imam Jamil Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown), but he doesn't have the heart to deviate from the script. We do know this much President-Elect Donald Trump ran his campaign as a law and order candidate and rest to sure all the 1960s and 1970s black freedom fighters who are incarcerated have nothing coming from Mr. Trump relative to justice.

I immediately thought about Obama giving the order to assassinate Osama Bin Laden, he also assassinated Colonel Muammar Qadaffi of Libya, a true friend of Africa and black people. Qaddafi even offered Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam a billion dollars (he actually said he would put the entire wealth of Libya behind the Nation of Islam and Minister Louis Farrakhan) monetary gift after the Million Man March in 1995, in which the U.S. Treasury Department and the State Department blocked. They wanted Farrakhan to register as a foreign agent, but I would have used Swiss Banks who very seldom turndown any money (dirty or clean) regardless of where and whom it was coming from and/or worked in collaboration with Ghana or some other African nation and received that billion dollars. Even if I had to build a Nation of Islam second headquarters in Switzerland and use converted currencies to divert U.S. law and apply for dual citizenship in Geneva and Basil. But when you do not have a nationality, it subverts your right to act as a sovereign individual and/or nation but the ex-slave only has the 13th, 14, and 15th amendments to the United States Constitution this ties us to the United States Government (we are still their property) and Minister Farrakhan’s request was denied because the Nation of Islam unlike the indigenous Native Americans have no international diplomacy or representative in the United Nations. We have interacted with the Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC) and therefore, our interest and rights are tied to the U.S. Government, the corporation. Moving right along, Obama assassinated Imam Al-Awlaki of Yemen and American citizen (he implemented Drone warfare as a big tool to carry out assassinations around the globe) and under his watch the U.S. military had become more active in all of North Africa propping up CIA fronts in Mali, Egypt and Libya and if the truth be told he was behind the Benghazi hit killing ambassador Chris Stevens, etc. His legacy is written in globalism, militarism there is a trail of blood, that involves deception and international corruption that is on President Obama's hands and curtailing U.S. citizens civil liberties and hiding behind the so-called war on terror and terrorism.

President Obama just as George W. Bush, he imposed massive executive orders and used the office of Homeland Security to shield his dirty hand. He had to demonstrate to the Devil that he had it in him to carry out their agenda. Some Negroes thought this puppet was above critique and this is why I applauded the social critic and academician Dr. Cornel West and radio/television pundit Tavis Smiley for creating an environment that fostered debate and rendering critical analysis of the black President Barack Obama; surely he was not above critique and like all previous presidents his race nor his skin color should have been variables relative to giving him a free pass. Some accused both West and Smiley of having personal agendas and perhaps they did, but they appeared to be honest and forthright in their criticism. I was equally critical that President Obama had a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent provocateur and opportunist such as Reverend AL Sharpton doing his bidding in the black community. Sharpton is about creating personal gain for himself and using his so-called civil Rights organization National Action Network to promote himself and getting some money.

Obama relentlessly has fed and promoted false propaganda and disinformation in order to keep American citizens footing the global militarization bill; he and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State were attempting to agitate Iran to create a Persian Gulf crisis, but the United States quickly came to their senses utilized an old axiom that goes like this: "We have no permanent friends. We have no permanent enemies. We just have permanent interests." This led to John Kerry as Secretary of State signing the Iran Nuclear deal and simultaneously and secretly air transported over 400 millions dollars in Euros, Swiss france and other currents (this would be a clear example of how the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government has continually diverted U.S. international and Foreign Policy law and sidestepped the U.S. Congress, U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve and without a doubt this illegal monetary exchange had all the markings of a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operation, which was no different than the illegal smuggling of drugs. But only this covert operation involved smuggling currency (the commodity was contraband) and I am quite sure the U.S. Pentagon, National Security Agency and U.S. State Department were in on this deal (as well as all the above agencies and bureaucracies). The releasing of American prisoners which represented a partial payment of 1.7 billion dollars as part of the settlement to resolving the U.S. Government freezing of Iranian assets and money, that goes back to when Imam Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 overthrew Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi (a U.S. lapdog) after spearheading the Islamic Revolution. The U.S. Government working through the C.I.A. shortly after cut a deal with Saddam Hussein in which they armed the Iraqi Government with sophisticated weaponry (biological, chemical and mechanized weapons) and they used Hussein and Iraq as foreign policy tools in which they financed an eight year bloody war with Iran (and once the U.S. Government had no more need for Hussein services Bush led him to the slaughter).

The Iranian Government may have even specified what type of currency they desired in order to infuse it back into the global markets (embargoes and sanctions at this point was out the window) by eventually placing some of the loot back into western government banks after it was transported into Tehran's Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The transported currency was accessed from Central Banks in Switzerland and Amsterdam, Netherlands; it was not necessarily viewed by the players as ransom money, but goodwill money. This payout was mere diplomatic money to insure that the United States gets first access to the Iranian oil distribution trade and whatever is needed for U.S. consumption will be giving top priority. President Obama understood and knows that Russia, China and North Korea were in long term oil trade agreements with Iran anyway in spite of the embargoes and sanctions levied against Iran—for these nations have always been about self-interest. The Europeans know that Iran has had economic sanctions against this country for over 35 years and although, these United Nations sanctions and U.N. sanctions were imposed that did not stop the Seven Oil Sisters for doing business with this allege ‘rogue nation’—The Triangle oil trade (controlled by the Rockefellers family dynasty) that involved Iran, the United States, Great Britain and Israel and all points East, West, North and South.

President Obama’s elections (2008 and 2012) created a level of excitement in America but there were no one more excited than the African Americans who were descendants of slaves. President Obama's rise and ascension and rise to power and becoming the U.S. commander-in-chief and to occupy the Oval office were much more than a symbolic gesture for black people. Nevertheless, many of us could not and refuse to look beyond President Obama's skin color and it did not matter whether or not he would be just as reactionary as the prior white commander-in-chiefs when it came to black people. His politics would be no different than the prior other 43 U.S. presidents, but African-Americans were careful not to publically challenge him and rebuke him on public policy issues and his dismal foreign policy. The melanin in his skin meant something much deeper than white folk could have ever imagined and his Kenya, African genetic roots—tied an ethnic identity bond to blacks in America and around the world. His wife and first lady Michelle Obama has the blood of the ex-slaves flowing through her veins and not as an immigrant, but whether or not she fully understands the historical politically, economic and social dynamics that involved the slave experience, is a question only for her to answer. But African ancestral blood run through her DNA and it connects her directly to the African American experience in America.

The first black president—most of our elders over the age 65 thought they would never see a U.S. black president in their life time; the presidential election in 2008 created a very high level of political enthusiasm in America amongst black people, perhaps not seen since Abraham Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and the passing of the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1865. Yes, skin color and pigmentation mattered and racial identity mattered whereas blacks voted at a 94% clip for Obama in 2008 and was not far behind in 2012, but lets not get it twisted, he definitely was not the most qualified black leader to lead America. Yet it was about timing and space and whether or not his ascension to power was organic will always be questionable because all U.S. presidents are appointed, and as much as, we all would like to believe that Obama defied the odds he did not. The Hidden Hand selected him as one of their global servants. Some actually believed that America had changed (Obama’s election to the highest office in the land represented a so-called post-racial era), which gave way to overcoming 250 years of America being led by white men and the electing of this black skinned president surely in many minds represented a change in America relative to overcoming racial politics. But for many of us there were something much deeper than just winning a political election, it represented a longing that was deeply rooted in the history of being an oppressed and marginalized people in which white supremacy and racism had served as impediments to our freedom, justice and equality. Yet, to some of us to witness a black man rise to the Oval Office and sitting as the most powerful man in the world served somewhat as a redemption and further created optimism in a system of democracy that for 310 years had denied black people their humanity and the dehumanization of state sponsored slavery had left a people permanently scared and less optimistic.

Africans were forcibly kidnapped from Africa; our women were raped, the obedience whippings, the murders, forced labor, lynching, inferiority training—denied to speak their Bantu languages, giving a distorted version of Christianity and the Bible by white missionaries, and later they imposed black codes and Jim Crow laws in which the U.S. Supreme Court had written blacks in the U.S. Constitution as 3/5th of a human being (subhuman) based on the rules of Chattel Slavery and they solidified our slave status by passing the Dred Scott Decision (1857) and the Missouri Compromise (1820) and other slave legislation and judicial mandates. The history of American slavery still remains unresolved in 2017 and there will always be "Two Americas” one white and one black.

Yet, many of us still saw President Obama's political elevation as a belief in hope and an invoking of all dead black spirits and souls who had made transmigrations back to their ancestral homelands of Africa, because to be buried on slave land and in a country so evil as America towards our African ancestors, our spirits will never be able to totally rest—the perpetrators of these war crimes and their descendants have never issued Black people an official apology nor granted them reparations for their suffering. The Jews have not allowed any German and/or corporation to exist who had ties to the war crimes committed by the Adolph Hitler and the Germans during the Holocaust and World War 11 (they teach their unborn babies to never forget the Jewish suffering that took place in the Auschwitz concentration camps) and they have used the World Court and the United Nations and the present day Israeli Government to bring any known Hitler soldier or agent to justice. Moreover, Germany was mandated by the Jewish power and their international influence to pay reparations to Israel and the Holocaust victims. They also use their international political influence to deny asylum to any Nazi and have agreed extradition pacts to have any known Holocaust war criminal to be taking into custody by Jewish authority in which many of these Fascist and Hitler agent provocateurs have been brought to international justice and punished. But my interest is the Black Holocaust in which they have giving us the National Museum of African American History and Culture, in Washington D.C. but they have not giving us reparations and complete justice. We have settled for a museum while the criminals and their families still rule and have created generational wealth off the backs of black people as a result of Chattel Slavery. No justice, No peace. Black Lives Matter.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

The Economic Collapse of America: The Inevitable Outcomes


By Fahim A. Knight-El

There are some economic forecasters and outside the box social scientists and economist who have crunched the economic data since the 2008, United States economic collapse and meltdown, and many have determined that the United States is on the verge of another huge economic depression; however, this time around there might not be any recovery and/or government safety nets from what they are predicting to occur in the very near future in which this part of equation is scary and my research tends to agree with these blight predictions. The American people will not be prepared for the fallout because their lives have been shrouded in a false sense of reality (insulated by propaganda and disinformation) and the American system is very good at creating illusions by bombarding the masses with symbols of wealth and they start believing that they can take their cues from Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue and have become victims of the allusive money game. America is in trouble and its citizens do not have a clue of what the pending economic danger is all about—they have been blinded by financial reports being giving to them by the Bloomberg Reporters and the Wall Street Journal (private and government agent provocateurs spin doctors), which continues to lure the American public into more out of control consumerism and choking them to death with debt. They fail to realize that each time they swipe that microchip credit card, it serves as a key to their personal demise and America’s demise, because they are buying and purchasing beyond their ability to pay and it is this negligent behavior that is causing a slow death to the U.S. Economy.

They have falsely convinced the American people that the employment market is expanding and prospering and they have used inflated statistics coming out of the Obama administration to downplay unemployment and to play up labor as though somehow more wealth is being generated and accumulated by the job market—this is a clear case of voodoo economics, which is designed to lure the American people to sleep. But in this narrative they have overlooked the systematic dismantling of the middle class who prior to 2008, believed in obtaining 401-K plans and money market investments and other low risk financial portfolios, however, they lost optimism after the government could not protect their hard earned wealth during and after the 2008 crisis; they were stripped of their financial incentives after the 2008 meltdown; playing the stock market became risky because of the market fluctuation and the global un-predictability and it’s even more risky in 2016. They also desired for us to believe that it is now safe to ignore the past recent housing bubble and that the housing and real estate markets have totally recovered (the banks have created lending power out of thin air because in reality there is nothing backing loan principles other than the people’s promise to service the interest that is keeping this illusion afloat). Municipal markets and bonds have begin to create a short lived level of enthusiasm and excitement, which have once again enticed American investors towards buying and acquiring property in an unstable market (this will eventual proved to be devastating) there are going to in the very near future meet housing foreclosures and seizing of personal and real property unlike any time in American history.

Moving right along, this is why the international bankers and other low level operatives induced 9/11 in order to create a quasi-police state in the name of U.S. national security and defending against so-called domestic and global terrorism. This was a mere hoax and in particular blaming so-called radical militant Islam as the culprits while the international bankers usurped more global authority over controlling humanity and our ignorance have allowed us to applaud this scapegoating. This has also allowed the U.S. Government to impose public polices, laws and executive orders to ensure that they have the domestic jurisprudence and the domestic militarization of law enforcement in place, which to combat any potential rebellion and resistance that might arise from the people. They have created a military style apparatus inside most of the American police departments that makes it easier to declare martial law pursuant to the laws of Homeland Security in particular the National Defense Authorization Act and the United States Patriot Act. In addition, this factored into stripping the American people of their civil liberties and in the grand scheme of things all of this is directly connected. Donald Trump as did President Barack Obama will continue to dance to the tunes of Goldman Sachs and the powerful international bankers that selected him to serve; this isn’t about democracy it is about expanding the Invisible Rulers wealth base (Trump know and understand all the rules to the game and will be a good sport).

The Federal Reserve continues to print worthless money and is flooding the national and global markets with large amounts of United States Dollars that have been systematically depreciated in value and there is nothing holding it up other than the United States Government hot air rhetoric; this dumping is being propped up based on the international bankers creating a super elastic credit based system that is partially being fueled by the Twelve major International Central Banks (and sanctioned by mother of all Central Banks which is the bank of International Settlements in Basil, Switzerland). Here is the problem that is leading to the economic Fall of America; they have the ability but refuse to properly mange the national and the international debt ratio in conjunction with the nation's inability to balance the debt which has allowed the strength of global currency to falter on the international markets (debt is not real wealth although it’s being transposed as money). The present day currency is secondary, which is designed not to exceed the elastic money—It will be debt that wreck the U.S. economy. The United States has a 19 trillion dollars national deficit that is mounting as I write this Blog and 42 billion dollar trade deficit—these numbers are a clear indication that someone is negatively driving the U.S. economy and world economy in which at some point they have the ability to call the debt in.

The Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen just as Paul Volker, Alan Greenspan Ben Bernanke, etc., understands the importance of manipulating interest rates and minimizing inflation (it stabilizes other nations fears and keep them engaged in the money market game), which only serves as a temporary fix and not a long term economic solution. This strategy also appeases the international bankers on Wall Street, but simultaneously has left the American people in its most vulnerable economic position since the 1929 Great Depression. The United States Dollar has lost its value as the world's reserve currency and it has been systematically devalued. Thus, China's currency and economic markets have much more substantiality and in the very near future will be unilaterally dictating most of the global economies. The United States Government is not preparing its people for the economic danger that lie ahead. This predicted and projected new economic crisis is inevitable and the money will be valueless unlike anytime in American history, but all this will be induced by international bankers in order to make the final political and global alignment. The progress of the New World Order and One World Government initiatives have been slowed by the U.S., Russia and Western Europe trying to so-called contain militant radical Islam and combating terrorism. But let's be clear these Middle Eastern Wars are very profitable to weaponry manufacturing and military technology selling and the solicitation of government military contracts. The Afghanistan War and the Iraq War are still ongoing because this revenue is helping to service the debt. I do not know if the Islamic State (ISIS) is a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) front and is being used to carry out their objective and/or are they truly independent forces that are fighting to protect their sovereignty and resources in lieu of neo-imperialism and onslaughts being carried out by Western governments in which they are defending themselves in the name of Islam. I do not have the answer to this question, but I do know one thing, we cannot trust the government to answer this question for us.

This coming economic collapse will create social devastation and as I have stated above our paper money as our monetary currency will have no value and when it fall, it will create mayhem throughout America. Thus, not even gold and silver will be a viable medium of exchange during these crisis, because the international bankers momentarily will devalue all mineral rights and cause mass panic throughout the globe. The Euro and the British pound will devalued at an all time low and will lead to the collapse of the European Union and the European Common Market better known today as European Economic Community (EEC). The Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve will have no power and/or option to determine these two nations and associated group of nations induced economic downfall because the Rothschilds and their global domination of the world's wealth and financial institutions will be pulling the purse strings. The international bankers are not completely satisfied with hording just 95% percent of the world's wealth in which this 1% percent powerful Elitist minority desire to captivate 100 percent of the global Wealth. Moreover, the objective and goal is to solidify the Haves and ‘Have nots’ paradigm (it will represent the final stage of enslaving the Sheepl). Yet, nations like China, Japan, and North Korea; even Russia and Moscow have been weaning themselves back from dependency on the United States economy, because Vladimir Putin already sees the setup and what is coming down the pipe and these nations have put systems in place that will short circuit and counter the economic affect that the induce global depression will have on these societies and there are other nations who are thinking outside the box as well. Nevertheless, China will lose the investments they have in the United States; they have been trying to liquidate their U.S. assets since the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center and the default of these debts will be blamed on the predicted downturn economy. The United States know that they cannot repay China back relative to the massive amount of loans owed to the Chinese international financiers. China owns huge amounts of private and government real estate in particular in New York the money Capitol of the world.

Bill Bonner CEO of Agora, Inc., an international digital news agency. Let me first say Agora, Inc is more of a think tank than a pure news agency, but most think tanks need propaganda outlets to mold and shape public opinion. The forecasting of analyzing and evaluating the shifting of economic trends and predicting the political, economic and social affects on domestic and global society places Bonner in a unique position. He talked about having 35 years of experience making these predictions and according to him, he actually called a number of the world's economic depressions, recessions and economic collapses that have impacted recent American and global history. It is hard to disagree with his analysis and perspective based on his life body of work, but I am not naïve to the fact that the United States Government uses highly touted intellectuals to dupe the ignorant public (which is the masses regardless of class, race and color). I think Bonner gave us a lot of clues, he use to work as one of the top political lobbyist on Capitol Hill and was a graduate of Georgetown University law school and stated that the Central Intelligence Agency offered him a deal to work for them probably as a covert agent provocateur. We truly do not know, if he took this deal and whether not they are using him to create the next new economic frontier by propagandizing fear and panic and using him in the interest of expanding global capitalism in relations to the one World Government and New World Order Concepts.

Bonner attacked the U.S. Federal Reserve and understands they are printing more worthless money (U.S currency) than ever before, but in same breathe touting paper money as perhaps the most viable alternative monetary to have in our possession when the next economic collapse takes place. He predicted the fall of the Japanese economy years ago and has a clear understanding of the rise and fall of world's nations and their ties to wealth and the causes and effects of their declines and he understood the implications of 1989 ending of the Cold War and the global political, economic and social implications it had on how the new world would be shaped as the nations of the earth transitioned into a new era in world history. But to inject paper money, in particular U. S. currency (as a solution and savior) to say this coming from him is less than genuine. I wanted to believe that this says to me, that this man was too smart to overlook and not understand the U. S. historical monetary advent that had forever shaped the American monetary system in which took place in 1913 on Jekyl Island off the coast of Augusta and Savannah, Georgia in which a group of private bankers initiated a silent coup. They violated the Sixteenth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution and the U.S. monetary system with the backing of the United Congress was allowed to become controlled by private international bankers.

Now, I know that Mr. Bonner knows the affect and the impact of U.S. government has experienced relative to its monetary policy in moving away from the gold standard in 1933 and bearing it has had on the present day national and global societies; he sought to gloss over this. But the U. S. dollar when it was stripped of having the backing of gold and silver, it became worthless currency as a medium of exchange and has been suffering for over eighty plus years now.

The Jewish international bankers historically and presently have always controlled the money game and they played a huge role in dismantling the global economy in 2008, they are perhaps the most powerful financers in the world and have used their influence to dictate world markets (whenever in doubt just follow the money chain). The Jews of Israel in Tel Aviv continues to dictate and play a major roll in all the world markets and not to inject them into the equation and conversations would cause for this Blog to lose credibility and yet I am very sensitive about not appearing as injecting anti-Semitism into my discussion because this is to valuable of a topic

Moving right alone Carroll Quigley in his book titled, Tragedy and Hope gave us some of these analysis years ago and Gary Allen and Larry Abraham’s book titled, None Dare Call it Conspiracy and John Coleman’s book titled, The Committee of 300 also laid out some of these master plans of deceptions and Ravi Batra book titled, the Great Depression of 1990 and Alvin and Hedi Tofflers books have all provided us with valuable and credible insight. I am writing this not as an expert, but as a layperson. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the messenger of Allah, I think wrote the book The Fall of America in 1973, and much of this above giving information was revealed by him over forty years ago, but these white well educated intellectuals are seen as great visionaries and Muhammad was seen as an unlettered religious man who told us that he was God (by Master Fard Muhammad) sent who was commissioned to go after the so-called American Negro and used the Bible and Qur'an as his guide and his analysis was rooted in prophecy. Mr. Muhammad was not educated at Harvard University School of Business and did not have an MBA; he only had a third grade education, but was more business savvy than many of those who have attended American and European top Elite universities of higher learning. I am one of his students. He predicted that the U. S. Government was going to fall and told us to watch the automobile and steel industries as the sign. They dismissed the Messenger because he was not a lettered man. But everything the told us has come into fruition.

The present day Nation of Islam (I view as a representation of where and how black people fit into this new global equation and some of you might even say Brother Knight-El you were doing well until you started injecting the Black Muslim spin; remember my Think Tank and Blogs are designed to offer my people, black people a perspective on the pending danger and I will always remain unapologetic for taking this stance. The Nation of Islam has the capability to serve as the vanguard and become the new intellectuals that will be responsible for our people ultimate progress, thus, most black groups and organizations have been co-opted by the enemies of our rise and liberation. But I think all the Black Muslim splinter groups along with Minister Louis Farrakhan have to finance NOI think tanks and give us institutions (first working towards acquiring some land (five southern states) that we can call our own this is detailed in the Muslim Program giving to us by Mr. Muhammad in “What the Muslim Want” and What the Muslim Believe” we must have the intellectual capability to challenge ideals and build infrastructures and to promote self-sufficiency. We can compete with the Caucasian on all levels.

People like Alex Jones and David Icke have become millionaires representing alternative views (I am intentionally not using the term conspiracy theory). Lastly, what has happened is China has evolved as the number one world-super-power economically and technologically. China and the Jew now own most of the gold and silver reserves and all other precious metals and just five years ago there was talk that the U.S. government was on the verge of infusing a new currency and debunking the U.S. dollar. But for anyone to try to convince us to invest in the United States dollar (USD) right now is a duping and ludicrous; yet many whites will go along with this as a so-called good gesture towards instilling nationalism and patriotism. Mr. Bonner refers to those of us who refuses to house our money in banks as having "dead money" some of what he says was contradictory. He does know that the so-called war on militant and radical Islam is a deception and sham. I think we can still take a lot from the talking head Bonner and use his valuable research to prepare ourselves for what is coming down the pipe. He does have some good points on how we have become a debt based economy and the only thing that is propelling the U.S economy, is money that does not exist. So yes, the fall is inevitable but how are we so-called people of African descent is preparing for this? Donald Trump works for the Invisible Rulers and the Hidden Hand and he will continue to side with the global bankers and the “have nots” and haves will continue to be strikingly divided relative to the global wealth disparity.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at