Here is information on the Holocene Start Impact Events

The platinum is no surprise.


Many people died in the climate collapse following the second impact.

There were several "advanced" societies that dispersed, not just one.

Any maritime people who made dugouts from very large trees were perfectly capable of moving large stones of the same weight.

The current discussion is focusing on how fast neutrons are produced in large hyper velocity impacts.

The "Giants" of Eastern North America

For the last 200 years so much horse shit has been written about the "giants" of eastern North America, it is time to set the record sstraight:

My and Fletcher Wilson's first video on Adena Monoliths,

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For your enjoyment

For your enjoyment, the "savage" humor of E.P. Grondine

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This was a one day offer, and you can not regularly buy them at that price. For that matter, it is tough to meet Chris.

Graham Hancock's new book is not all that bad

Hi all -

Graham Hancock's new book is not that bad.

He has big stones (Gobekli Tepe, the Pyramids, Ballbek, some in south east asia, and Tiwanaku).
(Believe me, big piles of dirt do not work.)

For Christians in need of material evidence to support their faith, he has Noah's Flood.

There are three sections of color plates, and fine illustrations.

Of course, Hancock lumps all pleistocene mariners together, as well as elliding impact events, but not as bad as many have.

Using "ancient precessional astronomy".Hancock sets a maximum period of danger from 1980 to 2040, well after he's dead.
The usual process is to make people afraid and then sell them their fears.

But instead of that, fortunately Hancock really lights into NASA,
and they truly deserve it, as we can handle this problem.
Further it looks like Hancock's PR campaign is getting some action.

Another problem, though,is is that the maximum danger may likely be as early as 2022-2023.

Very cheap used copies of my own "Man and Impact in the Americas", which has far more impacts than Hancock's book, are available through amazon. hundreds of pages of small type, not enough pictures, and plenty of typos. Collect one today.

(BTW - Perhaps the Romans set the extremely large stones around the Temple of Jupiter as an effort to hold it still in earthquakes.
Also, perhaps the pillars at the Sphinx Temple were originally painted with hieroglyphic inscriptions.)
Usually people believe what they want to believe until reality intrudes.

News from Ohio in the Rust Belt

Now that I no longer indulge -

I don' know if this will make Ohio a tourist destination, as Canada is decriminalizing -

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but the tax revenues should help the economy...

Where are you going to see Star Wars 7?

I used to watch these at the Uptown in DC.

I haven't figured out yet where a good local theatre is in Illinois -
getting into Chicago is pretty difficult for me now.

What kind of screen do you guys hope to get to?

What really ended the last ice age?

My guess is that Graham Hancock did not know about my book "Man and Impact in the Americas" (2006).

But given his up coming media blitz about the impact hazard,
good on him.

I hope he reads these notes on the state of the current work,
as he's going to be under fierce attack.

I'd also advise him to watch out for the G8d D****d F******g Mars Nuts,
as they will be out to get him.

It will be interesting to watch the fight.

My guide inside the Theosophist cult archaeology industry Walked Among Us Part 1.pdf Walked Among Us Part 2.pdf Walked Among Us Part 3.pdf

Don't let yourself be conned.

Al Qaeda has chemical weapons

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Coming to a town near you?

While the guy who creates these videos has his own point of view, one which ignores convergence of interests in favor of conspiracy, there is little wonder why Russia is in Syria.

Who is Randall Carson?

Hi all -

I think this is the best preview of Graham Hancocks new book:

I have never heard of Randall Carson - has anyone here heard of him?

To my knowledge, the FIRST suggestion that the YD impacts may have triggered a release of Glacial Lake Missoula
was made by me to the meteorite list several years back in regards to Assiniboine memories of what occurred.

Aside from that, there was not one advanced culture that was displaced or destroyed by impact, as Graham and the Theosophist cult archaeologists would have it, but many, at different times and different places.

For the modern theosophist cult archaeology industry, see