Quail Reactions To Scalia's Passing


“As a quail, I’m a firm believer in not getting shot out of the sky while transporting leaves to line my nest with. But I’m also a conservative, and I can’t help but think Scalia’s brilliant and ferocious opposition to judicial overreach will not easily be replaced in my lifetime. Especially since that’s like 5 years, tops.”

911 Inside Job UR-Site


Most of the solid 911 inside job evidence is on this site - all in one tidy and detailed package.

The Wolski ET Encounter - The Perfect Abductee


"The scientists found that Wolski was a remarkably credible witness. For instance, wrote Bolnar, “results of the thematic perception test fully indicates that the witness has no ability whatsoever to invent stories of any kind. His mental creativity is not apparent. He is unable to tell a fictitious tale, even a simple one.” Likewise, extensive questioning and background checks revealed that “the witness is an honest, truthful, decent person, and this was confirmed in cross-examinations.” He was highly regarded within his community and was not known to drink alcohol, smoke or exhibit any other social vice.
Above all, it is Wolski’s own practical, down-to-earth personality that is most convincing. The witness showed a general “low inclination to fear” and “has not recognized the situation in which he found himself as threatening.”

"In 2005, the Warsaw-based UFO organization Nautilus Foundation erected a monument commemorating the Wolski case, which shows a metal cube balanced on top of a rock, thus becoming the first alien abduction anywhere in the world to have its own memorial."

The Santilli Anti-Matter Telescope

This appears at face value to be legit. If so, it is fairly revolutionary and probably "disruptive." The claim of Thunder Energies Corporation is that this unusual telescope can see anti-matter and has thereby discovered some heretofore unusual "entities" zipping around the planet.

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The Afghan Giant

This from Sasquatch Chronicles may already be queued up by TDG, but if not perhaps it should be.


Stella Lansing and The Occupants

Remember Stella Lansing - the woman who affected film in strange ways?

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Kubrick's Cube

Kubrick's Cube. Any way you turn this it zings off in another direction. Classic Kubrick hall of mirrors stuff.

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Refugee Camps - The Cities of Tomorrow

Refugee Camps Are the Cities of Tomorrow


"Energy is the big one. Things are finally moving because of the energy storage, which we suddenly have with the Tesla batteries for instance. Decentralised production of energy is the way forward. Thirty per cent of the world's population does not have regular access to energy. We could see a mega, mega revolution. With little investment we can set up a solar-power plant that not only provides power to the entire camp, but can also be sold to the surrounding settlements.
And water. In the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Danish groundwater pump supplier Grundfos partnered with a water company and you now have a smart-water terminal in the slum, where with smart cards you can buy clean drinking water.
You buy your water from a safe location for a fraction of what the crooks of the water business in Nairobi would sell the water for. So suddenly it becomes affordable, it becomes safe, and you can manage the quantities yourself."

The Hyper-Normals

Adjustment through responsibility, the hyper-normal personality
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March 4, 2012

Adjustment through responsibility, the hyper normal personality type. These individuals are most comfortable when conforming to the conception of “normalcy”, and any thoughts or actions outside of the norm cause anxiety. Like the narcissistic and autocratic personality types, they may present themselves as strong and self-confident but they do so in a cooperative rather than a competitive manner. They want to have strong affiliations with certain others, they want to help, counsel, support and sympathize in order to make others view them as tender, reasonable and responsible. They are often leaned upon and depended upon by others as they strive to fulfill the idealized role of successful conventionality.
In its maladaptive form, those with this personality type are unable to exhibit passive or aggressive or bitter personality traits even when called for or appropriate. When this personality type is exaggerated these types of people may try to be helpful and responsible when inappropriate or make promises or offer help that they can’t fulfill, all in an attempt to maintain ideals of contribution to others and conventionality to normalcy. They avoid feelings of rebelliousness or frustration, anything that deviates from the norm. They are the ideal “neighbors” to put it that way. In its intense form, the overly motherly woman, the compulsive popularity seeker or the overprotective parent, intense forms of this personality type may pull resentment or frustration in others.
They are most comfortable when appearing mature and generous and involved in close, friendly protective relationships with friendly submissive-docile others and most anxious when appearing defeated, deprived, unfriendly or unlinked are potential outcomes.


The CDC's Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Plan


"Yes, you read that correctly. The CDC has dedicated time and tax dollars to preparing you for the zombie apocalypse. Of course, they don’t actually believe that a zombie apocalypse will occur. This is more of a PR stunt, but half serious at the same time. The only thing I can compare it to, is when some parents try to come off as “hip and cool” to a younger generation, but wind up making an ass of themselves in the process."