Full Frontal Naudet

One of the most compelling pieces of "evidence" pointing to 911 having been staged is the footage below. The second link is an analysis of the amazing string of coincidences necessary for the footage to have been taken.

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Re: 7/7 bombings

These false flag attacks follow the same pattern - run the attack during preparations for the attack.
With 911 it was the giant Vigilant Guardian exercise that was used to both blind and confuse Norad and create enough confusion and cover for there not having been any shoot down fighter jets scrambled in time to take the derailed planes out before they could hit their politically expedient targets. Note also that on September 10, 2001 FEMA had arrived near to the World Trade Center to enact yet another "exercise" on September 11. I suspect that their real purpose was to be on hand to find and dispose of any crime scene evidence that might point to the buildings having been rigged with explosives.

With London 7/7 the exercise ensured that all elements of the antiterrorism forces were preoccupied with the practice secenario so that bombs could be planted in the subway tracks without interference, and so that CCTV cameras could be tampered with, and so that there would be no possible interference from the surveilling apparatus. Additionally, as the article points out, the "terrorists" were very likely recruited to be part of the exercise and be as well its unwitting dupes and fall guys.

Golden Age of Conspiracy

With an outrageous scam like the 911 hoax having been perpetrated within recent memory we are defacto living in the Golden Age of Conspiracy. It's not that we have drifted into some psychological space which engenders conspiratorial musings - its that this enormous brutal event has forced everyone to look and see it for what it was.
One needn't get sidetracked by delving into the psyche's of the reasearchers - there are plenty of facts supporting the reality of this op having been an inside job. As much as the article's author would like to dwell on the tendentiousness of people like Vidal, Vidal was simply looking calmly and with concison at the fact before us and arriving at a conclusion - a conclusion which a majority of American now endorse as well.

WTC7 Farce

The NIST's latest explanation of the WTC7 collapse is so farcical that one has to believe the theory is being promulgated by people inside NIST who are "signaling" to the public by the lameness of this hypothesis that NIST has been hamstrung on this issue by government pressure.


Been looking at the latest color photos of alleged bigfoot. That could just as easily be a partly decomposed Gorilla. These guys could claim to have "found" it, and after milking the hoopla for all its worth as being a bigfoot then plead innocent of any participation in a fraud because they were fooled as well.

Also: Gorilla Haven in Morganton, GA.

The Courage of the Grail

In honor of the Grail's having the courage to post an article as dangerous as the anthrax posting authored by "Allie" I have just made a $25.00 contribution. Thank you TDG.


That looks very much like the blond phase of the Gibbon Ape. The white ring of hair around the face is exactly right. So is the apparent size of the animal. I used to have one of these as a pet back in the 1960's. They can run on their hind legs for brief stretches. I bet this an escaped Gibbon Ape.

Bo Long

Hawkings Dumbitude

Hawkins recent exhalations about UFO's being the province of wackos reminds me of how many physicists I personally know whose reputed love for hard science and data suddenly evaporates when looking into the subject of UFO's. Many of the most diehard and mouthy skeptics haven't looked very deeply into the data at all. Essentially they find the subject threatening to their typically giant (read childish) egos which might crumble when confronted with the idea that there might exist a species of intelligence vastly ahead of us in scientific knowledge, so they just ignore the research which doesn't prevent them from holding forth on the topic anyway.
Not to cruelly generalize about scientists, but many of the best are ridiculously childish especially emotionally which means that they tend to wall off huge swaths of reality as a defense mechanism, and is probably what makes them so good at focusing on specific tasks. They don't call MIT "Aspergers U." for nothing.
Bo Long