"The Untouchables"

Sibel Edmonds - the most government gagged person in US history (her revelations inspired the executive branch to gag Congress - something it is not supposed to be able to do) - talks about what got her in so much trouble, and why she refuses to cave in. She did this video last week about her time with the FBI, and it probes the most important issues of our time - blackmail as a tool of the state, gagging whistle blowers, corrupt intelligence agencies, the Chicago Mafia, and complicit mainstream media. When Edmonds first began publicizing the manifold corruption of Hastert back in 2005 she was excoriated by the so called "liberal media" (Edmonds is politically agnostic) only to ultimately be proven right as we all now know, but where it gets really pertinent is towards the end when she describes how identity politics - which she calls rabies - plays us all.
There is some very juicy stuff in this interview and some ferocious dot connecting. If you can take some hints, it goes way deep.
Sibel personifies true grit.

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