Independence Day

Lately on television there have appeared these creepy army recruiting ads implying that the next new “enemy” will come from outer space. While a cursory glance at this stuff seems to suggest something like the old “star wars” doctrine another subtext is plainly visible – that of “us against the ET’s” ie “Project Bluebeam.”
The imported German rocket scientist Werner Von Braun predicted that a series of hyped up and aggrandized enemies would be created to justify expanding ad infinitum the military/industrial complex, and that the final adversary would be ET’s. He appears to have been spot on. For the perps the beauty of the ET meme is that our own advanced tech could be used to masquerade as an attacking extraterrestrial enemy, and there would be no accountability whatsoever. Socially controlling fear could be further virused into the masses via a faux enemy that could not be examined at all - it would be "beyond reach."
The last video is of Von Braun's NASA colleague and friend, Dr. Carol Rosin, relating what he had told her way back in 1974 about how the roll out of "enemies" would happen.

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7 hours 12 min do know these are promos for the new Independence Day film...right? Personally I think this will ruin the corny charm the original movie had. Hollywood is such a dick. Also,

emlong wrote:

Socially controlling fear could be further virused into the masses via a faux enemy...

Google 1960s and AIDS and homosexuality. If we want to discuss faux enemies the government (and religions, let's be honest) forced into the heads of the "common folk." The irony.

...I forgot how I got here but everyone seems to be heading off in that direction. I hope someone brought food. I have a feeling this is going to be a long journey................