Ghost Hunters At Sloss Furnace

This is yet another outstanding piece of paranormal evidence encountered by the Ghost Hunters crew at the notoriously haunted Sloss Furnace in Alabama.In this instance a figure very clearly can be seen disrupting a laser grid projected down a hall.

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Here is the episode from the beginning. This outing recorded amazing evidence throughout. Yes, that is the rock dude Meatloaf along for the ride.

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yer a treasure, emlong :3

these people must be have very g_od eyesight & hearing to identify those video blobs as figures and human voices

nice to see Michael Shermer Marvin having a good time.

i enjoyed the tunnel scene -- seeing the laser illumination change like that -- and the 3 watcher's reactions, like they were watching a dog cross the road

thank g_odness for people like these who are engaged in making stuff like this mainstream and normal :3

and again, thank you for being an evangelist & attempting to normalize these experiences :3

All that lives is holy, life delights in life.

--William Blake

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