going into business

I am breaking donwn. It is too tempting.

Going to do my best to go into the robotics business. Not toys, real robots. For the consumer market, start with a handful of applications.

You can join me if you like of course. Who do I need? Marketing types, used car salespersons. Engineers at some point. Unfortunately I will need management people to.

What kind of business? Well, it will make robots and then sell these robots.

But there is no market, just a few hobbyists making their own computers.

Correct. There also was no market for horseless carriages. There was no market for phones. You want to talk to someone that often? Really? What is wrong with you??

So join me if you like.

Alient spacecraft in front of sun.

NASA says this was the moon. Yeah right, like wer're going to buy that.


So I'm getting into robotics. Why? Because I feel like it. And these days it actually is dirt cheap, I am sure some of you folks know numbers.

I want to make household bots and agricultural bots, things that do stuff that could be considered useful. Like clear the snow, or dig drainage in your garden.
Or help with the gardening.

Looking around, I found the "farmbot", here https://github.com/FarmBot or, if you want to spend money on one, here https://farmbot.io/

Some of you folks are revolutionary types right? And you already make your own farming, agricultural things, like grow food. Right? You knew about this already then. Or you have a more traditional farm, and you don't need the amateur things. Right?


Fat old sun

number one https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/godda... the sun is too lazy even for spots
number two of course a really good old song. Old being relative of course.

See video

Energy, batteries, low cost, world will be a better place,...

Yeah I know, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So here is
the latest one:


Of course this is a serious organization, IEEE, which is not generally know for fake news.

Gentlemen, start your conspiracy theories!

Donald's song

There is this guy I know, his name is Donald. Internally he suffers from low self esteem. This is his song.

See video

econmic imbalances

I have for some time favoured the idea of basic income, or negative income tax. Both of these are not need based, but they allow a basic income to people that don't have any other source. The idea is that it would reduce the overhead of feeding them, because feed them we must. On moral grounds, and if imbalances get really bad, to avoid nasty uprisings and such.

We are also currently seeing populists being more popular (again), in response to perceived problems and imbalances.

Are we getting to the point already, where we have too many people with too little to do that they get paid for?

It is a lot easier to blame Mexicans for job losses, than to actually address economic problems.

Are we there yet, is automation eliminating jobs faster than people can learn new skills? And what do you do with the left-over people that can't learn anything new that they will get paid for?

California Seperation

Because of this Trump stuff, there had been all this debate about whether California should become a seperate nation. Some folks in the SF Bay area want that, they think they are better than the rest of the world.

Other people say that California shoul become part of Canada. This won't happen, because Californians outnumber Canadians. Canada won't let them in.

So the simplest solution is let California seperate, and give if back to Mexico. That will help alleviate the influence of Mexicans in the USA. It will help Mexico. It may help me, since I have spent so much time in California, I could be considered a citizen. As long as we keep the money, the industries and all that, we will be fine. The US can keep Arizona. Probably Nevada should go with California, Vegas is part of LA anyway.

Iron to Russia!

As you can see in this article https://www.newscientist.com/article/211...

most of the Iron in the planet (not on the planet, inside it) is headed to its rightful owners - Russia.

be unreasonable

NBC reports (here http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/zika-vi...) that news stories that are calm and accurate are less popular than inaccurate but loud stories, particularly if those stories predict disaster.

So if you want your story to catch some attention, include end-of-the-world predictions and be aggressive and loud.

Probably it helps to blame someone. Who to blame? I would tend to pick dark nefarious groups that can't be found, because hey, they won't defend themselves. But others will do, "the elite", or "the scientists", or "the mass media".