On What Might Very Well Be The Eve Of WWIII, What Thoughts, Reflections, And/Or Comments Do You Have?

Has the die been cast? At long last, will the Owl of Minerva unfurl its wings and judge the Anglosphere among other things?

In Respectful Memory Of Albert Einstein Who Died 58 Years Ago Today On April 18, 1955

In the early part of the 20th century, Albert Einstein revolutionized physics. Einstein is probably best known for formulating the Special Theory of Relativity which explains the relationship between Mass and Energy, formulating the General Theory of Relativity which explains Gravity, and formulating the Photo-Electric Principle which explains the interactions between Photons and Electrons. He won the Nobel Prize for for formulating the Photo-Electric Principle, not Relativity.

Einstein never really understood the Theory of Quantum Mechanics which was derived from the math of his General Theory of Relativity; because, Einstein was a Classical Physicist. In Quantum Mechanics, you can only know probabilities; but, in Classical Physics, exact values must be deriveable. So, Einstein concluded that the Theory of Quantum Mechanics was incomplete.

In Loving Memory Of Patti Page {November 8th,1927~January 1st, 2013}, The Best Selling Female Vocal Artist Of The 1950s!

I have included youtube links to three of Patti Page's songs, The Tennessee Waltz

See video
, Moon River
See video
, Old Cape Cod
See video

Who's Got The Gold? Follow The Gold Bar Road!

China mines more Gold annually than any other country and China buys very large quantities of Gold every year! In China, they have Gold to spare! Financial Crisis? The Japanese Yen and South Korean Won are directly exchangeable for the Chinese Yuan!!! What Financial Crisis?


My Visit To Gaza: The World's Largest Open-Air Prison - By Noam Chomsky {A Jew}

"It's kind of amazing and inspiring to see a people managing somehow to survive, as essentially caged animals, and subject to constraint, random, sadistic punishment only to humiliate them" - Noam Chomsky


An Overview Of The Significance Of Obama's Win In The U..S. Presidential Election!

Obama's win made me very happy; because, he might surprise everyone. None the less, Obama was by far the lesser of two bad choices!

The main reason that he won is that he got 70% of the Latino vote and he got 70% of the Jewish vote which was a vote against Israel! Furthermore, many Representatives and Senators that were opposed to Islam lost there bids for reelection! It is the dawning of a bright new day in U.S. politics and Israel will have to go it alone!

First of all, Obama won relatively big primarially because of the Latino vote! So, migrant workers and other Latinos are going to be getting much better treatment! Red Pill and other Latinos on TDG need to make their wish lists and send them to both the Democrats and the Republicans! I'm certain that a constitutional ammendment that would make Spanish the Official Second Language of the U.S. could easily be passed. Besides, Spanish has been the unofficial second language of the U.S. for decades.

If Obama had atleast split the Latino vote, the 70% of the Jewish vote was probably enough for Obama to win. But, the Jewish, anti-Israel, vote did not win this election for Obama! The Latino vote proved that the Jewish vote isn't very important! Attention TDG Latinos, Remember this!!!

Now, Obama can be fair and support Islamic interests and oppose the crimes against humanity that are being committed against the long suffering peace loving Palestinians by the Israelis!!!

The Great Genius Nikola Tesla Was Agrueably The Greatest Genius Of The 20th Century!

The electrical genius Nikola Tesla was probably the most underrated genius of all time!!!


Attn: All Australians On TDG ~ It Is Important For You To Be Aware Of This!!!

This article is about Australian uranium and, in my opinion, it is important


Potential Disaster Alert For Ladies Of TDG! Dangerous Genetically Engineered Gardasil Vaccine Could Be Even More Dangerous!

Genetically Engineered Gardasil Vaccine may be even more toxic! It containes a chemical that has not been checked for Toxicity!!!


Studies Demonstrate That This Chinese Plant Compound Destroys All Types Of Cancer In 40 Days!!!

Turmeric destroys all types of cancer also; but, Turmeric takes about 60 days to destroy all types of cancer! Check my blogs and read the medical evidence!