The Importance or Unimportance of Edward Snowden

I'm over at This Can't Be Happening! reading Dave Lindorff's Is Naomi Wolf working for the NSA?

Noting Naomi Wolf's wondering whether Edward Snowden's who he's supposed to be Dave Lindorff now finds himself wond'ring whether Namoi Wolf who SHE'S supposed to be?

Which makes me now wonder whether Dave Lindorff's who HE'S supposed to be...?

...not because this's something which genuinely concerns me but simply to underline how everyone's completely missing the point.

Let's consider two possibilities

1) Edward Snowden's an attention seeking narcisist who's got his fifteen minutes in the limelight by revealing Prism to the world.

Which's more important?

Snowden's a glory freak?

Or as a result of his character imperfections we now know about Prism?

2) Edward Snowden's some sort of cybermach[evellian] a CIA operative/stooge who's been used/set up to tell the world about Prism as a result of some incredibly arcane and abstruse geopolitical manoeuvering [possibly involving America try'n'o bludgeon China into some sort of exclusive economic relationship which'll resurrect her financial prospects].

Which's more important?

Snowden's a spook masquerading as a hero?

Or as a result of some as yet unclear strategy [the failure or success of which may never be known] we now know GCHQ monitors America enabling the President and the NSA etc to plausibly deny they're doing any such thing?


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Just on the surface I was early on struck by Snowden's constantly invoking images of his persecution and a sort of "it is futile to resist" meme. I completely agree with Wolfe's suspicions. He hasn't actually told us anything we didn't already know, but he has contributed to the paranoia about speaking out or doing good journalism.
Another thing I am seeing - there was an instant internet wide backlash against the idea that Snowden could be a plant. That was quick and organized. It had the feel of a script in waiting once again.

"c) He keeps saying things like, “If you are a journalist and they think you are the transmission point of this info, they will certainly kill you.” Or: “I fully expect to be prosecuted under the Espionage Act.” He also keeps stressing what he will lose: his $200,000 salary, his girlfriend, his house in Hawaii. These are the kinds of messages that the police state would LIKE journalists to take away; a real whistleblower also does not put out potential legal penalties as options, and almost always by this point has a lawyer by his/her side who would PROHIBIT him/her from saying, ‘come get me under the Espionage Act."