Turning the Other Cheek? Or Turning Another Mark?

What’s happened in America’s truly awful and few’d be surprised if the culprit turned out to be an American saving America from Americans.

But thanks to the implications of things like the Cyprus banking crisis and developments in the Korean peninsula there’s more than six billion potential suspects.

Yet’s anyone REALLY surprised if you strap your cock to a drone and the world tries to willy-slap you back?

But America seems intent on reviving its old military-industrial habit of willy-slapping its commercial rivals into economic submission.

It seemed to work of course when Commodore Perry stole lucrative exclusive trade rights off the Dutch by willy-slapping Japan into submission with gunboat diplomacy.

Then again Japan claimed it was America willy-slapping them round in their own Asian Pacific commercial basin which led to Pearl Harbour in the first place.

Nor’ve I any argument if you claim Great Britain deserved it when America used War Plan Red to willy-slap us into handing over enormous commercial chunks of our Empire to avoid getting caught between Hitler and a ninth potential US invasion of Canada.

But trying the same stunt on China’s exponentially more risky.

Not only is China already practically the world’s foremost industrial and military powerhouse but it’s been dealing with uppity piratical barbarians circling it and demanding freebies for thousands of years.

Its record’s equally as harsh as America’s or indeed Britain’s when it comes to dealing with provocative behaviour or things not going their way.

Ask Tibet.

So willy-slapping round what many consider China’s Rottweiler North Korea to extort enormous economy boosting commercial advantages from China in exchange for peace and quiet might prove to be a whole new ball game pardon the pun.

Yet for those of you out there who remain as psychotically deranged as our blessed leaders and believe as Blair Bush Obama Cameron various Kims and all the rest of ‘em seem to you’ve some murderous mandate from Heaven to keep willy-slapping round the world until it assumes a form acceptable to you don’t be willy-slapping the little people.

That suits our blessed leaders agenda of full personal consequences for everyone else total impunity for them.

Willy slap our blessed leaders.

Not their wives not their kids.


Maybe if they find themselves jumping out their skin every time a car drives over a carton a ball bounces against a board or a bus backfires they’ll think twice about willy-slapping anyone else.

Personally though I’d rather people’d try this thing I heard about as a kid called turning the other cheek.

Apparently some guy called Gandhi even tried it out.

It might just avoid all this willy-slapping over who willy-slapped who first.

Then again Blair Bush Obama Cameron Merkel etc’re all supposed to be Christians so maybe it’s just something I dreamed up as a kid.


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"Turning the other cheek" is happening as we speak. I run into all sorts of people now who understand the Big Con that is being played on them. I blame the internet for their education and enlightenment - hallelujiah! Of course, the Big Con is as old as history, but there are times when it grows particularly tumescent and dangerous and something has to be done. Not responding as we are being programmed to do is perhaps the greatest act of disobedience and the easiest to accomplish. It is happening everywhere as far as I can tell.