The Ghastly 'Possession' of the Nuns of Loudon...and Alan Borky!

Over at Who Forted I'm reading Jasper T. Woodmans' Fox in the Hen House! The Ghastly Possession of the Nuns of Loudun

and this was my response

Jasper speaking from personal experience the bodily contortions of the nuns and the business with the tongues's almost certainly true.

During what I dubbed at the time my Three Stooges phase I spent several months getting twatted off the four walls of my bedroom by what felt like huge bolts of electricity [I've been electrocuted several times since I was a kid] and it always amazed me how it was possible to get thrown in the air and literally land upside down on my neck with a horrendous sounding crunch yet somehow never seemed to get injured.

At times I'd have the sense these bolts of 'electricity' or even lightning' were being launched at me from somewhere very far away but a lot of the time they seemed to go spontaneously go off inside me usually hurtling upwards from the direction of my groin to bust their way out my solar plexus and at the time it felt exactly like a physically real solid steel battering ram was try'n'o pound its way out my chest though the image it always conjured in my mind was that scene from Alien where it busts its way out John Hurts chest.

Sometimes though the flow seemed to reverse and I'd feel like the matter in my spine was liquefying to the point of boiling as things started hurtling in the opposite direction down my spine causing me to lose control of my limbs to the point of having my heels completely of their own accord somehow snap backwards and wallop the back of my head with such violent force it bleedin' well hurt I can tell y'u.

Actually I'd been having intermittent versions of milder version of the same sorts of bodily phenomena most of my life but during that Three Stooges stage circa the Millennium it got so bad it was scaring my kids and other family members so I allowed them to call an ambulance out in case I really was having a heart attack or some sort of brain seizure but after watching the heart monitor calmly going through its paces while simultaneously watching my chest and body covered in various frozen goods out the fridge buck and bronk and convulse like I was having a massive fit I stopped worrying.

I started worrying again though when during a later phase my tongue started leaping so far out my mouth turning almost black while making this horrendous braying sound it felt like I was being turned inside out. In fact it shot so far out my mouth even I could see this sort of cluster of tortured nerve ends forming the tongue's root vibrating insanely in front of my face like one of those party favours you blow in to make them uncurl and razz I had to allow my family to call out an ambulance again only to have this initially deeply alarmed looking ambulance guy suddenly screech "You're puttin' that on!" to which I could only respond in between explosive tongue convulsions "You cheeky fucking bastard the only reason I allowed them to call you out in the first place was because as you can see with your own eyes I'm gettin' me fuckin' innards turned inside out here and you're giving me bad theatrical reviews?"

Anyway I put this here because like that ambulance guy a lot of people'll read your Possessed Loudun Nuns piece and say ah they were puttin' it on.

Well I'm here to state they almost certainly weren't even right down to the demonic possession stuff but that's not the same thing as saying they were really were undergoing demonic possession.


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