Copyright or Copywrong?

Over at the BBC I'm reading Google Gets Ungoogleable Off Sweden's New Word List.

Apparently Google've banned a new Swedish word 'ogooglebar' which in popular Swedish usage mean a thing which can't be found with search engines because they insist it should only apply to Google's search engine so the Language Council of Sweden've simply tossed it.

Now the cheek of this's Google aren't the first to commercially use that name in that form and they themselves pinched it from the mathematical/philosophical term googol meaning the number 1 followed by 100 zeroes and one wonders how they'd've felt if Edward Kasner and his nephew Milton Sirotta who coined the term'd duffed them up before their enterprise'd even gotten underway in much the same way they're now throwing their weight round with the speakers of the Swedish language.

For that matter I bet Larry Page and Sergey Brin as students vacuumed their own floors before they hit the Google jackpot and whenever they did they'd've almost certainly've called it hoovering even though they'd've equally as certainly've been using any kind of vacuum cleaner EXCEPT Hoover in which case how much's that got'o be worth in compound interest to the descendants of the Hoover family?

What next the English banning any other nation from speaking English unless they pay royalties? Come to think of it doesn't the Irishman Bono write his lyrics in English...?

It's like Lady Gaga. She is to my seventeen year old daughter what David Bowie was to me GOD and as an out and out admirer of Gaga myself I can actually see Gaga's very definitely the first female David Bowie.

Yet that name Gaga was pinched off Queen's hit single Radio Gaga so when I read Gaga's banned some ice cream parlour from paying homage to her Ben & Jerry Cherry Garcia style by calling one of their breast milk ice cream products Baby Gaga I can't help wondering how she'd feel if at the start of her career Roger Taylor the writer of Radio Gaga'd planted his legal boot equally firmly between her musical plums. She might never in fact've sufficiently recovered to become the considerable recording artist she now is.

What next England forbidding any other nation from using the English language unless they pay royalties?

Now there's a thought because doesn't that Irish guy Bono write his lyrics in English...?


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sounds like google is being intentionally ironic? :3

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