Censoring the Future

I've been over at MINDFUTURES reading Marcus T Anthony's Censoring the Future of Knowledge?


And this was my response

Marcus it seems to me a crisis's arising in science similar to that arising in the media/arts world over copyright and in politics over extending state monitoring and control of society.

Thanks to the emergence of cleverer and cleverer technology those who're supposed to protect and serve us're now no longer content to monitor our existences as closely as they like on every conceivable level storing every tiny detail until such time as they can find a use for it they're now in the process of bypassing the whole judicial process of detection and conviction and evolving algorithms designed to identify potential bad minds and evolve non-attributable anticpatory ad hoc remedies.

Similarly artists like Bono and JK Rowling who during their youth quite happily learned their trades by freely acquainting themselves with the works and ideas of their heroes and predecessors by such means as borrowing and lending cassette copies of their heroes' albums and books all the time poo-pooing the nonsense this constituted theft now not only use every legal means to pulverise anyone daring to even remotely taking advantage of them or theirs but they're seeking to extend into infinity the copyright of work no less derivative than William Shakespeare's but of infinitely inferior quality while all the time happily endorsing the development of technology which'll ultimately mean books'll no longer be readable or music playable unless you happen to have DNA identical to the original purchaser and even then useage'll be limited to a fixed period of time.

Under such a regime Bono and JK Rowling themselves'd never be capable of emerging never mind truly talented world shaking artists like Shakespeare.

Similarly at a time when technology means as you point out we essentially have both the highest numbered and most sophisticated population in the history of the world there're those who want to use the endless possibilities of all this new technology to prune back that sophistication by restricting the types of ideas the technology can access even though the sort of ideas they want to excise from Western if not indeed World Civilization're precisely those that fascinated the minds of individuals like Shakespeare Newton Darwin and Einstein.

And now with the advent of neural interfacing we must be approaching the endgame because if we can get past this need the affluent powerful and influential feel to protect themselves by controlling and restricting what the rest of us're allowed to think own or do then a truly golden age civilization capable of exponential evolution can emerge.

If we don't get past this stage a new Borg like hive mind robotic culture'll emerge instead which'll ban all independent thought or artistry as mental illness and we won't have to worry about upsetting the likes of Bono and JK Rowling by infringing their eternally precious copyrights because theirs'll be the only stuff legally allowed down our neural interfaces.


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something like this?

See video

(sombunall astrologers 'predicted' this increase in fundamentalisms before 2001...the benefit, i hoid, is that on the other side will come neeter spiritualisms...hang on, it's a rough and fun ride)

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