Can Hearing from the Dead Heal the Living?

Every day, people are receiving readings from psychic mediums in order to hear from their deceased loved ones.  But is this helpful for the grieving?

At the Windbridge Institute, we have just launched a crowdfunding initiative to support a randomized clinical trial I designed to look at this issue specifically.

The proposed project is titled the Bereavement and Mediumship (or BAM) Study.

More information is available at

Thank you for your support!


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2 May 2004
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I hope you achieve the target and beyond. The Aussie dollar's going strong, so I'll be chipping in.

It's a shame crowdfunding wasn't around when Dr Raymond Moody was researching how mediumship can help grief. He took massive personal hits pursuing his research, but his psychomanteum work produced interesting results. The skeptics can scoff, but the research is worth it.

PS Purple suits you. ;)

~ * ~


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7 May 2010
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Thanks so much, Rick!

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18 September 2007
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It also depends on what the passed over are saying. That can be a variable as it is with the living.

May I humbly submit that the study also considers the body of evidence and reactions that have accumulated around the medium Lisa Caputo? I would imagine that the "value" of the information to the bereaved depends heavily on its accuracy, and Caputo has stellar accuracy.

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7 May 2010
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3 years 26 weeks

Thanks for your comment, emlong. The mediums who will participate in the BAM Study are the ones from our research team, the Windbridge Certified Research Mediums (WCRMs). The WCRMs were screened, tested, and trained using an 8-step procedure that include testing their accuracy under entirely blinded conditions -- that is, with no feedback, without the sitter hearing the reading, and when only interacting with a blinded experimenter. That will ensure we are collecting data around readings from capable mediums.

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18 February 2014
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And Your visible dead people are the ideas of the persons from this Yahoo Group (as the researching of the graves skeletons structures in the felt)
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Sorry, but Your presentated ideas... ANSOLUTELY EASILY.

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19 April 2007
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Hello Julie, sounds interesting and best of luck.

personally its understandable some wanting to seek out a medium to try and find some answers about a deceased love one when something troubles them.

i have had 1 reading with a popular person online medium, im open minded to esp, namely because thru out my life i have experience the odd esp precognitive dream. thus in a life time, i wonder why these dreams, and what was the science behind them, whether it may be for the sub-concious or soul, or rips thru time for the subconcious mind to be able to read ones thoughts which ripped thru the fabric of time.

problem is with dreams, we dont always remember some of them, i was trouble by not recalling one dream until it was to late, regarding a operation where later my mother died.

anyhow, certain other deaths, and even a precognitive dream regarding 911 which i did have recall of a hijack, flight being flight 93 and only 1 death but not the buildings falling that i dream on sept 4 2001 of the actual newscast of sept 11 2001 of one of the mothers.

so for me, it was more than a simple reading of finding confort from a spirit a love one.

i have done hynposis to find if i could find any clues but no luck.
i tryed a medium, they claimed to have make contact with my mother but i was someone sceptic because i didnt feel she could read me, especially with the chain of events.

anyhow clearly with deaths they are looking for answers, and some may find comfort, as in one finds in comfort food when down. possibly some blame something could of been done, or wonders if someone did somthing, or certain other questions regarding.

needless to say, some people may not go to another medium after a bad experience with a medium, but perhaps if they are really troubled with something they might.

would be interesting to see other family members find comfort when a individual sees a medium mulitiple times. ( multiple reading suggests the person believes and finds the medium advice usefull and informative).

i open to esp, would be nice if a test could be maded with these specifuc mediums and individuals and spirts to see when one cross pattern tests. example medium number 1 reads person 1 regarding spirit 1 multi times giving results. medium 2 sees person 2 regarding spirit 2 giving result.

i love to see the cross results of extra readings done.
meaning medium "ONE" reads Person "TWO" with Spirt "TWO".

clearly with medium one always wonders about the honestly and reliablity of that individual.

i know its possible some may go to some dishonest medium and its quite possible they will find comfort with something which isnt based on anything honest but just a fabrication for profit. while one can wonder if there is any harm, i frown on the profiterring for long term use, its one thing for them to give comfort for 1 session but to abuse it to a long term can be expensive and terribly wrong.

but im open minded that some mediums may have esp, and some may be honest.

while im not a medium, i do experience the odd precognitive dream, while all dreams are not precognitive i did have one of my mother. i tend to be open minded i may of cross the veil and open to the idea, it could be true, where she mentioned a couple of things.

somethings we wonder about the wild journey our souls have to take and just wonder about our love ones souls journey too and why and why it is cut short sometimes.

ciao clemente