Smokin' 'n' Dun na nGall

Despite great protests as to the aggregious disregard of civil liberties, the new laws against smoking in pubs in Ireland were passed recently. They were designed to improve the health of the people, and since government is always right, they made it so.

However, it has come to my attention that it will have the opposite effect. People are going to take up smoking so that they can go outside and smoke. It turns out that it is a real ice-breaker between people. Whereas, when smoking in the pub, people had bums on seats watching the footy or talking in little cliques.

So, I reckon that there will be a great deal of friendship and romance forged this way. Non-smokers will be encouraged to take up smoking in order to be a part of this new phenomenon and smoking in Ireland will get completely out of the control the government hopes for until everyone is doing it just for the craic of having to leave the pub and actually meet people. Once this has been achieved the government will have no choice but to end the smoking laws because everyone will be smoking.

The question is: will the government really get rid of the smoking laws just to keep in tune with being against what people actually want? And furthermore, will people protest the repeal of those laws because it might destroy their social lives? And finally, would such a state of affairs finally prove that the Irish get everything right because they think backwards?


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1 May 2004
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Would it have not been simpler to have the 'non-smokers' pubs and the 'smokers' pubs where those who don't smoke and don't want to be exposed to smoke could have gone to the non-smokers' joints and the latter would have had, properly placed in plain view, a large sign stating:

People are allowed to smoke in this establishment.
If you don't like it, carry your rump elsewhere.


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5 May 2004
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I frequently see comments about smoking bans in pubs. The whole point of a ban on smoking in a pub has nothing to do with the health of the patrons, but with the health of the employees. European law makes provisions that every worker has the right to a safe working environment.

As a student I spent many long hours behind the bar (as a barman) inhaling others people's second hand smoke, although I don't smoke myself. I am glad that the health of pub workers are now seen as important.

I know that the response will be: "Well, if you don't want to work in such an environment, go work somewhere else!" That is unfair because people who do those sort of jobs usualy do not have much choice in the sort of work they do. If you don't get any social benefits and you don't want to steal to stay alive, you will do any job to keep going, even if that means that you have to sacrifice your health for what seems like the short term. (Although the effects could be long term...)

"To die for patriotism is pointless; dead people don't care."

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It would be a fair comment that you could work somewhere else. There are many more jobs you could have done, but to be fair, few would be as good as working in a pub. Besides, your health may not have been in danger - see hormesis.


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Exactly. Pubs are privately owned and the owners can determine what behaviour they find acceptable in their own establishments. It is none of government's business. In Ireland, it also became dangerous to allow visitors into your own home. If you smoke in their presence the government has made it possible to sue the owner of the house. This is government gone mad for controlling the lives of individuals.

I get the notion that European legislators are watching how Ireland reacts to all this, and that if things go well for them, and people in Ireland will tolerate such overt invasions of government into their own lives, then Europe will go ahead and formulate a blueprint for a fascist federal system in the latter half of the 21st Century.


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