from the Build-your-Own-Apocalypse-Dept.

Collected sentients. Tired of those folks having all the fun, wearing their hair-shirts and Placards of Doom? Well now, with the help of your computer, your ability to write, and your imagination, you TOO can build your own Apocalypse!

I'll start, but don't feel limited by what I write -- the only 'rule' I posit here is something from Improv Acting -- no blocking. In that, simply, you can't say that something just didn't happen -- if, ferinstance, you don't want Obama begging for his life, write something aboot a faked news report or misleading news report and Obama is _________.

Otherwise, anything goes :3 You can even start introducing other realities/universes if you want :3

The only limit (asides from above) is your imagination. Let it run wild!

Rebels Reach Heart of Washington DC

Live Updates: Regime Clearly Collapsing

Cheny, Rumsfeld, Bernanke, Wolfowitz, Bush Jr & Sr et al arrested and slated for Ritual Human Sacrifice by fatal tractor pull.

White House in flames. The Peoples Liberation Front of the Unborn occupying the Lincoln Memorial. The Leftist Voice of Metatron (nickname: Grammar Nazis) occupying the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Food being provided by the JREF. Media coverage by CSI and the Temple of the Holy Blaspheme.

JHVH appeared for a brief Planck-moment over DC and looked worried that all of his worshippers started going up like roman candles.

Jesus moved faster than the flash, saving as many as He could, while being careful of ripping a hole in the S-T fabric.

The world's first sentient AI, Nermal, achieves this vaunted state...then immediately teleports to Mars where it begins teaching some humans how to solve NP vs. P problems.