From the Words-R-Worlds-Dept.

It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge of what energy is. We do not have a picture that energy comes in little blobs of a definite amount. It is not that way. However, there are formulas for calculating some numerical quantity and when we add it together it gives “28″—always the same number. It is an abstract thing in that it does not tell us the mechanisms or the reasons for the various formulas

--Dick Feynman

Plus Wittgenstein's idea that all philosophical problems (which includes notions of identity, causality, determinism, metaphysics, etc) are problems of language

Energy IS immaterial. It IS action.

We can call energy spirit if we want.

Dualism works.

The immaterial can become material and vice versa.

And we can predict very accurately its behaviour

And we human beings have figures this out


Might have to raise a flag

Or some Human Patriotic thing

And so it goes

From the Judge-Not-Lest-U-B-Judged-Dept

Too late!!!

Drink whenever you come across someone shaming someone else on social media (of which News is now a part of)

More reasons for everyone to larn meditation n a morality conducive for living with other human beings

From the Duty-Honour-Purpose-Dept.

"To death
The best source of life"
--Major Fawcett

So I managed to see "The Lost City of Zed"

After getting over the shock of not having been to a mainstream local theatre in a decade

The movie is a period peice. Wonderful attention to the little details (I heard that the director does this with their films, they want to create a whole world where the characters can inhabit). Ivory Merchant without the dissipation and apathy.

The movie is also a boy's adventure story. Those can be fun
(When I saw a certain scene I laughed because it reminded me so much of a certain famous scene in tbe first Raiders of the Lost Ark movie)

The only issue I had with the movie was with the light. When goinv through the jungle, when sunny, I felt the show was too dim. I had to get up and go to the back to see if it was just my angle. I've been spoiled by Terrence Malik who does amazing things with light in his movies.

Ty DG for serendipitously introducing me to a film I would otherwise never have seen

From the Joy-with-Google-Dept.

I typed in learn remote viewing and I got this:


From the Doing-the-Model-Agnostic-Dept.

Consumerism is billions of years old fellow carbon-based life form emits

And so it goes

From the Reality-is-Normal-Dept

Everything that Happens

Everything that doesn't Happen
Doesn't Happen

"Since the Beginning
Not one
Unusual thing
Has happened"
The Tao

And so it goes

from the quick-jotting-dept.

just a quick mention here that i saw my first bright shiney extravagant UFO last night with my wife

it was dark in a public place

it looked like blue & red lights; i noticed myself being elated and vying between just experiencing it (collecting data), trying to categorize its shape (which i failed at) and trying to define it (which i was constantly doing)

and it moved around

there were witnesses

i will post the video when i can :3

i was so EXCITED!!! it's good to know that i've gotten over my childhood fear of them :3

the sighting was at Delta Park in Portland, OR @23:11

too bad we were in a rush to catch a bus :3

from the missive-regarding-itself-dept.

in yankville

no problems at border

saw a road beaver

See video

keep on seeing special health centres for cynics...but centres are pretty much mt

boltbus pretty cool

typical pac nwet sunshine -- soak the passiveness off an agnostic to be made into a new microbrew to be sold in portlandia

no fortean experiences yet

tho did see emlong & shermer dumpster diving for cocktails (so maybe yes, forteana?)

barack has invented new rubber compound that will enable alan borkee to jump to the moon

and a Child of Bast has been asking around for Kat...

wish you were


from the Fourth-Kind-Dept.

genties & ladlemen of the Grail,

i have a magpie mind and i guess some of you have heard of anal probing with regards to UFOs...and i wonder: where did that idea come from?

i leave it to you to, perhaps, write a post(s) on it

the Dastardly-Involvement-With-September-11-Dept.

And the body count rises as those culpable get theirs as the kristallaone continues

See video

Who is next?