From the Doing-the-Model-Agnostic-Dept.

Consumerism is billions of years old fellow carbon-based life form emits

And so it goes

From the Reality-is-Normal-Dept

Everything that Happens

Everything that doesn't Happen
Doesn't Happen

"Since the Beginning
Not one
Unusual thing
Has happened"
The Tao

And so it goes

from the quick-jotting-dept.

just a quick mention here that i saw my first bright shiney extravagant UFO last night with my wife

it was dark in a public place

it looked like blue & red lights; i noticed myself being elated and vying between just experiencing it (collecting data), trying to categorize its shape (which i failed at) and trying to define it (which i was constantly doing)

and it moved around

there were witnesses

i will post the video when i can :3

i was so EXCITED!!! it's good to know that i've gotten over my childhood fear of them :3

the sighting was at Delta Park in Portland, OR @23:11

too bad we were in a rush to catch a bus :3

from the missive-regarding-itself-dept.

in yankville

no problems at border

saw a road beaver

See video

keep on seeing special health centres for cynics...but centres are pretty much mt

boltbus pretty cool

typical pac nwet sunshine -- soak the passiveness off an agnostic to be made into a new microbrew to be sold in portlandia

no fortean experiences yet

tho did see emlong & shermer dumpster diving for cocktails (so maybe yes, forteana?)

barack has invented new rubber compound that will enable alan borkee to jump to the moon

and a Child of Bast has been asking around for Kat...

wish you were


from the Fourth-Kind-Dept.

genties & ladlemen of the Grail,

i have a magpie mind and i guess some of you have heard of anal probing with regards to UFOs...and i wonder: where did that idea come from?

i leave it to you to, perhaps, write a post(s) on it

the Dastardly-Involvement-With-September-11-Dept.

And the body count rises as those culpable get theirs as the kristallaone continues

See video

Who is next?

To the Mixed Nuts of dailygrail

"I am of a sect by myself," Jefferson once said, "as far as I know."

All of us here are in a sect by ourselves, whether we practice onieromancy, marxism, capitalism, nihilism, ismism, postmodernism, gaiaism, HAARPism, wasabiism, whichever...

Wishing you all an interesting holy daze season. May universe continue to shower you with Hir blessings and gifts.

Dies Natalis Solis Invicti & a Hippy Nude Deer

See video

reality as an ever-evolving, self-referential fractal or, "Didn't I see myself in the sky seeing myself?"

An audio-visual riff. Hang on :3

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See video

Computations computing endlessly iterating

See video

universe booms energy condenses into matter some changes into life kills itself again and again as change always happens

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Beware those with power who try to teach you aboot their furrow'd brows being the way the World is, when it is just the way Their world is

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Imagine what could have happened if Moses had not stopped at the burning bush, if Joseph Smith had not taken literally his experiences, if Madame Blavatsky had really questioned the Masters, and so forth?

universe a hypothesis made for testing out further hypotheses? You and I being experiments?

And so it goes.

from the Build-your-Own-Apocalypse-Dept.

Collected sentients. Tired of those folks having all the fun, wearing their hair-shirts and Placards of Doom? Well now, with the help of your computer, your ability to write, and your imagination, you TOO can build your own Apocalypse!

I'll start, but don't feel limited by what I write -- the only 'rule' I posit here is something from Improv Acting -- no blocking. In that, simply, you can't say that something just didn't happen -- if, ferinstance, you don't want Obama begging for his life, write something aboot a faked news report or misleading news report and Obama is _________.

Otherwise, anything goes :3 You can even start introducing other realities/universes if you want :3

The only limit (asides from above) is your imagination. Let it run wild!

Rebels Reach Heart of Washington DC

Live Updates: Regime Clearly Collapsing

Cheny, Rumsfeld, Bernanke, Wolfowitz, Bush Jr & Sr et al arrested and slated for Ritual Human Sacrifice by fatal tractor pull.

White House in flames. The Peoples Liberation Front of the Unborn occupying the Lincoln Memorial. The Leftist Voice of Metatron (nickname: Grammar Nazis) occupying the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Food being provided by the JREF. Media coverage by CSI and the Temple of the Holy Blaspheme.

JHVH appeared for a brief Planck-moment over DC and looked worried that all of his worshippers started going up like roman candles.

Jesus moved faster than the flash, saving as many as He could, while being careful of ripping a hole in the S-T fabric.

The world's first sentient AI, Nermal, achieves this vaunted state...then immediately teleports to Mars where it begins teaching some humans how to solve NP vs. P problems.

Canada 101

Ever wondered just what the mythical, lost civilization Canada is like and don't have the time &/or dinero to spend?

Let these gems be your guide.

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See video

See video

I can't recommend the show History Bites enough -- it makes History what it should be, F U N.

One of the members of the team helps make a show that is quite popular in that Southern British Colony, the US.

"The Red Green Show"

See video

Oh, and Canadian politics are easy to understand if you at least understand the US -- everything in Canada, even our most conservative party, is "left" of any party in the US.

We obsess aboot different things as well. Like IP rights is a big one. We don't obsess aboot religion. We do, unfortunately, obsess aboot our big and louder sister to the South and we do tend to define ourselves by going "We're not American", which is a shame. We aren't afraid of 'socialism' and we 'invented' Peace Keeping (though, lately, I think that is going down the tubes...) Canada is run like a business and every federal election, the fed gov't CEASES TO EXIST :3

80% of our imports go to the US and the #1 supplier of oil to the US is Canada. Both the US & Canada's histories are lovingly entwined.