More Paranormal 'Rushing Wind' (Part 2)

For my own personal research reference, documenting another instance of the paranormal rushing wind (earlier references here and here).

From "Common Themes in South American Indian Yagé Experiences", by Michael Harner (in Hallucinogens and Shamanism, ed. Michael J. Harner, 1973):


Of the group yagé session of the Desana branch of the Tukano Indians in eastern Colombia, Reichel-Dolmatoff (1971:173) reports:

The hallucination has several phases, and during the first the person feels and hears a violent current of air, as if a strong wind were pulling him along; the kumu [ritual leader] explains that it is the ascent to the Milky Way; in order to arrive at their final destination, they must leave this world and first find the current of communication with the winds. Now, following the Milky Way, the men descend to Ahpikondia [Paradise]. (my emphasis)


Update 13/1/2012:

Came across this account by Sven Johansen at the BBC, on a radio program devoted to Mystical Experiences (

In 1986, I was sitting alone one evening, listening to very beautiful music. Suddenly it was as if the air changed temperature, and as if a breeze blew through the room which was closed - and I knew, immediately, I was in the presence of something more sacred and more beautiful and more vast than I had ever known. Around me was a very bright light and the next two hours I had implanted in my mind an understanding - almost as if it was plugged in, in an instant - it gave me an understanding of the purpose of life, and an understanding of my purpose in life. The overall message was: "Don't worry, it is all happening according to plan".


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Hi Greg
I was very interested to read this as I had an experience of rushing wind about a month ago. About 3 years ago my kundalini awakened and this has resulted in a number of paranormal experiences. In this case my cat of 14 years was dying and I was very sad, although I know our consciousness survives death I was still scared for him and I begged to be given some knowledge. That afternoon I lay down near him on the bed and the kundalini energy came very strongly into my forehead/ third eye. It spiraled round and round and then I heard/felt a very loud rushing of wind as my consciousness was pulled through my third eye. I was aware of being in the room but also of being in several other places at the same time. I was shown many things it was a kind of journey and very beautiful, with colours and messages. I'm not sure if it lasted one minute or one hour , there was no time. I felt very comforted afterwards, it felt like an NDE, that I was given some insight as to what my cat would experience. I've had some other experiences which closely match those of ayahuasca shamans. I think that kundalini gives a person very similar phenomena but without the need to actually take the plant itself.

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Awesome, thanks for sharing your experience!

In case you didn't read the original article, I referenced kundalini sounds in "Her Sweet Murmur", first published in Darklore.

Kind regards,
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That's a great article Greg. Another sound I've had during a similar experience has been crickets, millions of them! Also when leaving my body for an OBE I got really loud mechanical machine type noises. Anyway, I've a full diary of events, dreams, visions ect, some if ut quite 'out there', which the kundalini has brought me over the last couple of years, and I can describe them in great detail. Ive been readin TDG for years, and love it. If you ever want anything for an article don't hesitate to contact because I've no problem sharing this stuff, in fact I think it's important.
All the best

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Thanks for the new info, Greg. I wonder if these wind effects are experienced by ALL bystanders to the experience, as well (i.e., if the effect requires being "tuned in" in some fashion, or if it is a localized effect that hits everywhere within a certain space).

Also thank you Brendan for the mention of "mechanical sounds". The LOUD machinery effect, or a "surging engine", or something similar is a routine annoyance for me just as I am falling asleep -- annoying because it startles me awake. Guess I should just relax into it and see where it takes me, lol