Things I Want to Remember

Please excuse this blog entry - it's a purely personal one just giving myself notes so that I don't forget some wonderful and funny memories of my children growing up, and will be added to over time. As such, it will largely make no sense at all to anyone but myself and my family.



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Everyone has many things in their life that they want to remember. I'm trying to write some of mine down - some funny, some that show how silly I can be occasionally, some about things that will forever remain mysteries, some of the unusual people I've met, or the strange and wonderful places that I've been lucky enough to visit. Maybe my grandson might be interested one day in reading them. Even if not, I've had much pleasure in writing them, and each, even events from my childhood, seemed as fresh in my mind as I wrote them as if they only happened yesterday. I'll probably never finish this epic, as there is so much to write, but doing it fills in odd moments that I don't like to just waste doing nothing.

Perhaps everyone would like to contribute just one thing from their life that they would like to remember - one defining moment or happening. It's not easy to pick one - I've just done some serious thinking about it, wondering what I would pick!

So - I think for me it was the birth of my beautiful daughter, and the truly wonderful feeling of being entrusted with the care and well-being of a very very small person. I don't think any of the other experiences, however momentous they seemed at the time could even come close to that.

Things you want to remember anyone? (And apologies to Greg for sidetracking his personal blog).

Regards to all, Kathrinn