More Paranormal 'Rushing Wind'

Once again, just documenting a case involving the buzzing/rushing wind sound that I've written about previously (such as in "Her Sweet Murmur" in Darklore Volume 1). This one courtesy of Erich, recounting his personal OBEs (with his permission), via Michael Prescott's blog:

"I was in a meditative state, flat on my back, focused on my solar plexus. Suddenly there was a loud buzzing sound and what I perceived to be a rapid increase in my pulse rate; to a ridiculous degree. There was also a sensation of a rapid rushing wind that sort of rocked my awareness out of my body. I literally thought I was having a heart attack. When my awareness actually separated from my body and somewhat chaotically floated on the rushing wind to a corner of the room I was certain that I had died.

Somehow - I have forgotten over the years how - I found my way "back" to my body. I was paralyzed for a short period of time and then was able to get up and move around. I was in a cold sweat and I was afraid to go to sleep lest it happen again.

The next few episodes were similar. Then I did some reading in the library. I think it was a Moody book, but not sure (too many years ago - early '80s). I also realized that the experiences could be generated by the meditation techniques I was practicing heavily in conjuction with martial arts at that time. They - the daoists - spoke of "soul flight" as a possible result of practice. Maybe that was what was happening. I hadn't died so it couldn't be as bad as I feared.

Then I vowed to relax and let it happen and to learn to control the effects and the journey.

...The weird thing about OBEs is that they can start from a dream state or they can deteriorate into a dream state. Dream features can remain throughout even a veridical OBE...

...The majority of my OBEs took place in the early to mid 1980's. After an OBE in which I saw my mother's death in an airplane crash - an event that happened as precognitively seen - a few months later (NW airlines flight 255 in Detroit, 1987) I stopped being able to have the experiences at will, with a few notable exceptions over the preceeding years. I believe that I have psychologically blocked the ability except when something important and preventable is going to happen to loved ones.

When I have OBEs they tend, though not always, to have precognitive content.

My first OBE was pretty much just as described in a comment above. The few were quite similar. All I can say is that there was what appeared to be a rapid increase in pulse rate (appeared because I didn't actually measure it) and a sensation of rushing wind. If you asked me ten years ago I could have more accurately filled in details. What my memory allows me to feel comfortable reporting as accurate is that the wind sound generated from within me but also surrounded my body. It was this wind that rocked my awareness out of my physical body. The rocking was a little violent, like being at the mercy of intense waves in the ocean.

The wind is a sound (emanating from the head?) and it is also tactile, not so much to the physical body, but to that awareness that is separating from it. I my case it whipsawed my right out of my physical body. The whole time the physical body was paralyzed ans sensationless, I think.

It the initial few experiences there were other loud and somewhat disturbing noises too; buzzing, humming, etc. I guess these could be described as vibrations too.

These initial experiences were chaotic - almost desperate - and frightening.

As I mentioned, over time and more experiences these symptoms declined to where they became soft background effects, but the sounds were always there.

...I emphasize that the wind and noise is only in the initial separation of body and awareness. I always felt a mild breeze throughout the experience, but nothing like the initial phase.

...For what it's worth, as I had more of these experiences, the sound and tactile sensation of rushing wind diminished in intensity, to maybe 25% of its original, though it was always there, doing its buffeting.

I have also had lucid dreams with precognitive content where there was no rushing wind sensation, but I do not consider these to have been OBEs. Additionally, I have had clairvoyant and clairaudiant experiences while completely awake and sober and not in a trance state where the wind was absent. I only associate that wind with a full fledged OBE; meaning the perception that an astral body has detached and left the location of the physical body."

Thanks to Erich for sharing.