Isn't it nice...

Isn't it nice that people like John Bolton just lost their influence. Yes, it's a tough old world out there, and governments all over the world can be plain devious and nasty. But it's time to figure out how to move past brinkmanship...because we're at a stage now that when someone moves past the edge, it's not a small thing. Countries can now be wiped out.

If any Americans think that John Bolton is on the money, pretend he's a Chinese or Iranian diplomat, and reverse the names of the countries. It's a good way of seeing what the rest of the world has seen for the past 8 years.


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We should try to shift international public opinion to support our policies, not modify our policies to try to satisfy international public opinion.

Oh, isn't that grand. Who's this guy, Dick Cheney's younger clone??

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Aren't in charge anymore, come January. Though not gone, this type of person: crude, without empathy, or conscience should not hold power at any level. Obama presents himself with reason, and well thought out arguments. I believe he is more of a centralist, but will get the US back on a responsible and higher minded mission for its self and how we react to the world. My biggest hopes are for health care, and a clean energy "surge". Its a good thing and it creates jobs.

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I get very disturbed whenever I hear negativity about Obama. During the Bush years, we never heard any reports about an assination attempt. Only when he went to Columbia did this come up in the media, but it was brief. Whenever Obama gets mentioned, usually it is a quaint thing like his personal preacher, his aunt getting deported, or where he lived at one time, but the assination plans are front page and get all the media attention. It is like the media machine wishes for something bad to happen. Let's all hope everything works out. Let's all be positive and hope for the best. And if he turns out to be a sex addict like Mister Clinton, put on rose colored glasses, ignore the sounds of outrage from the hypocrites and hope for the best. EVERYONE! Get into a yogic position and start a chant at the TDG. Let's give Obama some positive vibrations!

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This response isn't directly to Paul Collins, but it is about the same current news items.

Personally I would have voted for the other guy, but Obama has not done anything yet. Let us have some presumption of innocence.

Give the man a chance. He is not that old, he can still learn.

And if he does not measure up, give him a hard time and hold him responsible.

Or if you prefer, give the team behind him a chance. Or give them a hard time.

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