A Doubtful Future

When one gets to thinking about the exciting scenarios of the future world - for example, Ray Kurzweil's ideas about integrating machine intelligence with humans to make us all super-intelligent and eternal beings - it's hard not to get carried away. I have no real argument against the possibilities he and others talk about...and yet I do doubt whether we ever truly will move that far.

Why? Because, while I sit here typing, and everyday marvel at the things I can do with technology, there aren't many days where I would prefer doing this to simply sitting out in nature, in the sunshine, enjoying the company of good friends.

Is this an inbuilt part of human nature? That no matter how far we progress, we still feel better when 'at one' with nature and other beings? Does technology, no matter how impressive, represent some artificial satisfaction for humans?

It's not a question that I expect an answer to. But it does make me wonder how far humanity can progress with technological priorities before it reaches a critical point - be that apocalypse or mass disillusionment.


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I think you hit the nail right on the head as far as satisfaction needs. Perhaps we get bored with self creativity and need others to balance it. Perhaps loneliness is very important. Every one wants their own way but don't want to do the work kind of thing. Is converstation just a form of environmental manipulation for our benefit or is contact with another needed?

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Or, following in the Kurzweil frame of reference - are we destined for 'borgness'. That is, through machine integration, will we all be linked to each other at some point...the collective.

Doesn't sound better than a barbecue down beside the local river though does it.

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