The Pianist, Invisible...

At midnight, the house is completely deserted. In each of the rooms, it’s pitch black, apart from the room in which the grand piano plays the same wonderful melody, night after night, caught in a web of white light…

What are you saying? That you can’t see the piano player? But nevertheless, the keys of the instrument are touched by invisible fingers! And look… A beautiful young Venetian Lady dances to the tunes straight through the front wall of the mystery mansion we are looking for. And she disappears into the night fog...

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My mother and grandmother were classical pianists and teachers. This led to hearing many stories of how pianos, formerly of renowned ownership, would key without human touch.

Pianos are unique because they are most often built of substantial sums of good wood, ivory and iron. They are each as unique as a fingerprint as far as tone and tuning. They are also often beloved by their owners and passed down through generations.

They are, in the end, a perfect spirit-attractor, IMHO. That we might become so attached to one of these devices in physical life, that it would be the center of activity thereafter, is not surprising to me in the least.

Unfortunately, I tuned in, turned on and dropped out instead of following the family legacy. It is something I have regretted... and may regret further still when I have to go hunting my old Beatle's collection to haunt later on.

"The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don't have it."