Phantoms of Bruges-la-Morte

Good day, my friend... Will you be so kind to let me tell you this little story?

That’s fine! That’s really... very nice of you! Now listen, I will tell you this cute little story...

Not so long ago, one of those many timeless tourist coaches stopped before me and the coachman offered me kindly a free ride. He showed me a map of medieval Bruges, which showed little or no differences with a map from your century.

‘The city still is a labyrinth,’ the coachman said, ‘lying beyond our laws of time and space. An unsuspecting tourist as you are, not guarded by a supernatural compass, would constantly return on his or her point of departure. Blame it on the medieval masons and the urbanists who have built this city in black magic rings.’

Why have they done that?’ I asked.

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