Looking deeper into the evidence...History

Near Puma Punku is a large squarish statue that has one hand backwards holding two scepters of strange configuration/s. The surface has strange markings all over the image suggesting it is a robot of some kind with circuit-boards inscribed on the surface. Its information seems to point out a highly advanced knowledge of computer circuity construction not unlike where we are today in our development of computer technology. I have often suggested much of the advanced-look of stone work in Peru and Bolivia seems to have been extruded or laid by a massive fabricator not unlike our present methodology of 3-D printing. I also think that interior to the stones found in that area of the world could have seen the printing of circuitry level upon level within the inside of the stones and sculptures. If circuitry were encased in the stones, might records of this very ancient culture be available to us if we only knew how to access the data stored within these artifacts. I believe the fact that the surfaces are telling us that they knew how to utilize data suggests that interiorly their messages are in a ready state to be deciphered. 12,900 years ago, we have records of entities called Gods due to their superior knowledge and wisdom. We have been in awe of these Gods for ages but they just might have been “us” trying to leave a message to our future state that something real catastrophic happened to Earth that shot us back to a less advanced state of being. Our history is still there, waiting for us to remember ourselves.


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What we are learning here in the golden age of paranormal science is that information does not require boolean operations on bytes. Information or rather energy with information attached to it can remain attached to material objects indefinitely. Certain sensitives can decode that information with but a touch of their hands.