I ride the Light...Mind

The mental atmosphere of movement is the All which we are all part of and have permeated and penetrated throughout eternity by physically imbuing matter with our presence in the form of existing. We are indeed one with many expressions cohering with this realm learning and teaching ourselves as we assume our timely venture. Dreamlike at times, we live and die to some aspects and animate over and over in the form of the many, our realms are short-term irradiations or bundles generated in the background of the apparent. In and out of consciousness as we speed along, never expecting the longevity to last as we use every elemental possible to be and become, this is our plight to never present total expressions of an eternal being but strive to be all aspects in this creative chaos of assemblage possible. Our laws of this realm are our minds that set as one massive God Particle seated in expectation of constancy as it has always been. We are forever in one form or another. We are the “air” we breathe, the Love we love and the spirit that aspires to the movement of our own music. We are ALWAYS. NEVER FEAR, FOR YOU ARE WE AND WE ARE RIGHT NEXT TO YOU AS WE JOURNEY TOGETHER AS ONE MASSIVE, YET MINUSCULE PART OF THE WHOLE. THERE IS NO REASON TO BATTLE, OR WAR FOR WE ARE TOGETHER HERE SEEKING AND KNOCKING AS WE PENETRATE OUR OWN MAKING. IF YOU ANIMATE YOUR OWN ASPECT, YOU WILL SEE THE TRUTH OF YOUR OWN BEING AND BECOMING. LOVE IS OUR MUSIC. If this were not so, you would not experience time at the same time. Yet time is our mentality in movement and assemblage. We are localized Godliness. Though you think you are not part of us for we seem not as you, you are us and have THROUGH THE THE PROCESS OF YOUR OWN EMPHASIS ON SELF, MORE SEPARATE DUE TO THAT POSITIONING. JOIN US ONCE AGAIN AND YOU WILL SEE THE COHERENCY OF LOVE…LOVE IS THE REMEMBERING WE ACHIEVE WHEN REAWAKENED ONCE AGAIN. MIND RIDES THE LIGHT.