Deep stuff...

In our prime, we sought to be highly worthy and would strive at every event sequence to our soul to be in a high state of zeal. When we once knew the purpose of Existence and were still in contact with the source of our being and becoming, we knew that to be present in this physicality as an entity occupying a form here in Time/Space; we needed to strive for the very best by study and evaluation of all the parameters of this alternate reality. It was then a learning paradigm for the gestalt mind of REASON.

Every second of our stay here in Time-Space, we became better by knowing the totality. The extent of this realm of being and becoming is robust and full of many elementals that one must know in order to utilize as a tool of Human Leveraging. To leverage the nuances of the elements and principles of Deity is arduous and requires sufferance of the soul in order to expand consciousness in this realm. Though we have always had access to total mental expanse, the conditions in Time/space dimensions are another configuration that one must be patient in order to succeed as a worthy entity who acts are indeed worship to our Godliness.

Those who came before us made sure we learned how to negotiate the realms of testing here. The Seven of the One who created this reality via the Broadcast of the Tree of Sefirot (Always), made sure their mission was set in continuance by teaching us of the parameters found in the Laws of God as to how to Leverage in Truths with all the elementals found here.

They imparted the total wisdom of the Primary Technology and taught the means of LEVERAGING every particulate. One does not become worthy unless he/she seeks the Wisdom necessary to exist here. The Primary Technology is the way of this existence. It is how the Laws of God are kept in unison with its purpose. To stray away from the learning of these laws will impact the longevity of the entity. If one becomes worthy they move in grace up the Tree of Existence.

Gestalt Knowledge and Wisdom is/are a body of Godliness that must amplify to accompany infinite realms of potential. No negatives and all positives. It is readily apparent as to how one is to live here. The onboard cursor or brain allows physical interface of the mind to the task or physicality. If one strays past or over the laws present here, Worthiness is subsumed and all zeal is lost to waste within this "seeking to task ratio" of our presence here. Positive behavior is reinforced without one knowing it is taking place. Yet one can learn by stimulus response positives which are onboard and in the program of this realm. Negative acts usually have long-term results and in the end will cause the entity to deteriorate and lose worthiness.

To the majority of us still here, we have become lost and do not remember our primary mission in this state of being toward becoming. The long-term loss of a being who participates in Negative behavior is not on the pathway to becoming and will falter to defeat here. That is why one must strive to learn of all the issues facing existence. Those who have Liberalized their life will soon learn that they live a lie due to their selfish endeavors to boost up their own little godliness which is only a part of the whole rather than participate in the gestalt of the Is. Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is. Thus is the Crux of being and becoming.