The New Long Look at who and what we really are...

New evidence of mankind’s ancient history is being held out by the powers that be for reasons unknown by this seeker. Professors and scientists apparently just do not want to mess up their nice little worlds of academic calm so they may trudge across their respective campuses blissfully undisturbed. The real truth would complicate everything and everybody. They could care less about 1,000 ton blocks sitting in an ancient edifice designed by advanced engineering over 10,000 years ago. So what if their long-standing company-line is wrong?

What if there is evidence that humanity was once just as advanced or more so than we are today? Gee, look how well designed our systems (the human body) for moving about in physical Time/Space is overlooked. What if the secret to how and why we came to this planet is hidden waiting for our discovery? What if flying machines, cars, computers, radios, televisions, nuclear weapons, lasers, spacecraft, advanced medicine, genetic engineering, and master-building-design were representations of a civilization like ours only it was firmly held in the hands of the few, the rich and the politically-powerful elite? They might have ruled the earth via technology, fear, and supreme intelligence. They could have prolonged life indefinitely and discovered the secrets of being and becoming. Compared to common man they seemed like gods and positioned themselves accordingly. Could our civilization be polarizing in this direction now, with the rich getting richer and the poorer masses exploding toward obscurity? Who really built the Pyramids and great edifices of Ancient Egypt or Machu Picchu?

I Am Back

Long Ago in a universe far away I was Oscar. I later came back as Enigmni freak because I lost my passwords! Well I finally remembered the darn thing and I will soon post some very interesting stuff. Thanks Gregg

Mind rides the LIGHT...

We have forgotten our true existence here in Time/Space. We are entities occupying forms here that think and do, but the spheres that we utilize to leverage everything we see and hear seems to be holographic in emulation. Our process of dreaming gives us clues to our true aspect ratios to this realm of physicality. We come here as MIND to take over forms in various configurations to intertwine with in a journey that seems upward toward some finality with this realm. It is the process of discovery that we are experiencing to feed a mental overlording. In the future we will grow massively when we realize that we are all related via this expansive experience of sharing this realm of mentality and challenge. Let's begin to expand our minds so we may advert wars and conflicts. You would not exist without being observed by the OTHER. Feedback Looping is the key to knowing where and who you truly are.

Looking deeper into the evidence...History

Near Puma Punku is a large squarish statue that has one hand backwards holding two scepters of strange configuration/s. The surface has strange markings all over the image suggesting it is a robot of some kind with circuit-boards inscribed on the surface. Its information seems to point out a highly advanced knowledge of computer circuity construction not unlike where we are today in our development of computer technology. I have often suggested much of the advanced-look of stone work in Peru and Bolivia seems to have been extruded or laid by a massive fabricator not unlike our present methodology of 3-D printing. I also think that interior to the stones found in that area of the world could have seen the printing of circuitry level upon level within the inside of the stones and sculptures. If circuitry were encased in the stones, might records of this very ancient culture be available to us if we only knew how to access the data stored within these artifacts. I believe the fact that the surfaces are telling us that they knew how to utilize data suggests that interiorly their messages are in a ready state to be deciphered. 12,900 years ago, we have records of entities called Gods due to their superior knowledge and wisdom. We have been in awe of these Gods for ages but they just might have been “us” trying to leave a message to our future state that something real catastrophic happened to Earth that shot us back to a less advanced state of being. Our history is still there, waiting for us to remember ourselves.

I digress...

The universe is massively filled with potential and that is what we discern from this planet filled with data that only leverages itself via physicality. The means of the generative order or implicate unity is a whole new story that few of us can address due to our lack of knowledge and wisdom of the background structures that allow us to manifest within Time/Space. Humans limp along carrying our mind somewhere around the lens that we use here to discern our predicament. The brain (lens) may not be the seat of mind but acts as a physical apparatus that converts sensual data into useable information. The one mind may just be everything outside of the many manifestations we discern as entities. If we rise in our knowledge and wisdom and look at the potential that we might have been “put” here on this planet then we just may be entities that are utilizing sheaths to experience existence/s. All of the above information is pertinent but nothing is for sure. Scenarios could be written for absolutely every event sequence in the length, width and whatever equational configuration, because existence seems open-ended. There are times when I actually think this is God’s playing. We may be experiencing the epitome of all theme parks just to occupy our universal ONE mind. I digress.

I ride the Light...Mind

The mental atmosphere of movement is the All which we are all part of and have permeated and penetrated throughout eternity by physically imbuing matter with our presence in the form of existing. We are indeed one with many expressions cohering with this realm learning and teaching ourselves as we assume our timely venture. Dreamlike at times, we live and die to some aspects and animate over and over in the form of the many, our realms are short-term irradiations or bundles generated in the background of the apparent. In and out of consciousness as we speed along, never expecting the longevity to last as we use every elemental possible to be and become, this is our plight to never present total expressions of an eternal being but strive to be all aspects in this creative chaos of assemblage possible. Our laws of this realm are our minds that set as one massive God Particle seated in expectation of constancy as it has always been. We are forever in one form or another. We are the “air” we breathe, the Love we love and the spirit that aspires to the movement of our own music. We are ALWAYS. NEVER FEAR, FOR YOU ARE WE AND WE ARE RIGHT NEXT TO YOU AS WE JOURNEY TOGETHER AS ONE MASSIVE, YET MINUSCULE PART OF THE WHOLE. THERE IS NO REASON TO BATTLE, OR WAR FOR WE ARE TOGETHER HERE SEEKING AND KNOCKING AS WE PENETRATE OUR OWN MAKING. IF YOU ANIMATE YOUR OWN ASPECT, YOU WILL SEE THE TRUTH OF YOUR OWN BEING AND BECOMING. LOVE IS OUR MUSIC. If this were not so, you would not experience time at the same time. Yet time is our mentality in movement and assemblage. We are localized Godliness. Though you think you are not part of us for we seem not as you, you are us and have THROUGH THE THE PROCESS OF YOUR OWN EMPHASIS ON SELF, MORE SEPARATE DUE TO THAT POSITIONING. JOIN US ONCE AGAIN AND YOU WILL SEE THE COHERENCY OF LOVE…LOVE IS THE REMEMBERING WE ACHIEVE WHEN REAWAKENED ONCE AGAIN. MIND RIDES THE LIGHT.

The BS of Existence is clouding our Truth

I take a lot of magazines on History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Physics, Science, Technology and many more. My wife is a media expert and buys space and time with many publications and sites. So, I get them secondhand. I recently read the December issue of Smithsonian, page 10 From the Castle. I saw the beautiful Clovis points representing the pre-Columbian efforts in America. I now believe we have been fed BS for eons about who and what we humans are. The short article indicates we Homo sapiens some 100,000 to 50,000 years ago were just like we are today. Those Clovis points are from about 12,000 years ago. They were so perfectly made. Yes, the article above is about the PRIMARY TECHNOLOGY that most humans lived within for eons. They studied Nature and lived in unison with what was about them. They used Nature just as we use the tools about us today in our so-called advanced civilization. I say our evaluation of the past is BS.

Here is what I mean. I think humanity came here from somewhere else and perhaps we came to Earth in the form of seedlings or primary examples of DNA carried by our advanced Ancestors to become here on this planet. We might have even come from Mars to Earth when Mars could no longer support life, as we know it. I believe we are a means to an end created as messengers to sample environment and Leverage the elements and principles of Deity. 12,900 years ago the Earth was victim of a massive event that changed its face to Humanity. Some say a comet large enough to fragment and inundate the planet with many potential catastrophic possibilities are the reason why we had to start over. Nonetheless a massive tsunami swept the earth and we had to come back slowly to our present state of potential.

The Younger Dryas impact had a massive impact on the potential of advanced culture on this Earth. If this planet was once in the process of becoming a leading edge world of biological development, and the evidence is everywhere for those of an advanced mind, then the Primary Technology required a lot of field work. Persons familiar with Genetic Engineering were out in the field developing the world we know as “Nature” (the primary technology) to facilitate what is necessary to exist here in this planetary configuration which needed tweaking scientifically in order to establish a Life Structure here. Those Godly-Like entities who were our leaders were also Genetic Engineers but more than that, they were Planetary Engineers who incorporated much more ability than any one person could do today. Yet we have the potential. Your body and the environment around you are highly complex and to develop technology to coincide with the changing conditions of this physicality would need highly advanced knowledge and wisdom. Humanity lives and Leverages from these sheaths that we occupy here as a means of motivation in a physical state. We are the mind that interfaces with the physical world. We use these bodies to create enclaves of experience and perhaps even entertainment. I think our religious base is the true state of affairs but we have forgotten its totality and how we are part of its interface with matter. I hope you get what I am trying to say. I am saying that we are much more than what we have come to think we are. If we were not held back by some who seem to want to thwart our abilities, we could be almost God-like. I am saying that existence may be a whole different scenario that we have forgotten long ago. We must step back and amplify our minds to reclaim our abilities. We have a whole universe out there waiting for us to resume our missions. Think about it.

Getting back into the groove...

Existence is the Soulular process of feedback. It is highly complex and congnition of the parameters involved requires a collective of mentality via a multifaceted entity which is capable of the dedication of thought upon its own being and becoming. Singular dedication to this gestalt is almost impossible due to the distractions of the program which stresses preservation of the self as prime and secondary aspects are not reinforced as the norm. Those entities who can focus this massive system into thought patterns can attain a zenith if they suffer the trials of deep introspection and do not slip into flippancy during the process of meditation and or prayer to the monadic collector and finally to Godhead. Worthyness is the key and worth can be attained by constant reinforcement while in a physical state. Distractions are legend while here in Time/Space and few pay the price of mental sufferance wherein consciousness is amplified. Mind is infinate and is accessible by like minded entities who are reflections of the whole. Holographic principles are the core of understanding the entire scope of existence. One may access this data in meditation if purposeful concentration is maintained over a long period undisturbed by the noise of the physicality. Seek silence or a constant tone. To attain an attitude of benevolence and reverence to the singular isssue of being here in Time/Space and the Wherewithal necessary to be in this form and focusing through the brain from the Mind to ascertain presence is highly difficult unless one prepares mentally for the trek into total knowing. Stress is high and a mindset is necessary to reach this level of understanding.

Good Morning...

In the coming days those who live upon the Earth will have urgent need to consider a new form of political and socioeconomic structure. This new form is due to many psychographic and demographic conditions that go beyond religion or self-induced religion to manifest as survival. This movement toward such a new structure is called THE BURGEONING. The Burgeoning is a movement not of any political pressure or organization but of necessity to save civilized standards that are necessary for all to exist in unison or some degree of harmony. It is not unlike the standards of the ancients who impacted the civilization of what some call Egypt and parts of China and India. The Burgeoning will take humanity away from the dictates of some religions (religion will become inner directed) and some forms of government toward a more suitable system of governance that includes merit of one who studies and trains their mind/s to impact society. Money will not be a part of the system. Credits for mind and research will determine the quality of life and it will be considered a phase two civilization that will address the lifestyle/s of all residents of the planet so an equal and just system can allow some comfort to all beings. Population is causing undue problems to this world and conditions necessitate a new form of living together. People on Earth are on the threshold of springing into the universe and must institute a system whereby continued expansion and development can address the conditions of tomorrow. This new form of governance will begin to be planned by many and offered up to all who see the need to become more than we presently are in order to survive the coming age of high density living where harmony is addressed and rights are protected. There are systems already developed in the past, but this age will require something highly advanced and pointed to the protection of each individuals well-being. Humanity must prepare mentally to become a necessary part of this new direction where we all can have rights and concerns that involve families and continued human love. This phase two civilization will be The Burgeoning of Humanity outward and toward the universe in the form of cities in space and on planets not associated with the planet Earth. NASA has some experience in this area of development and its data will be part of this planning. We have come to this and must face its repercussions.

Unless this situation is addressed, Humanity will slip into chaos and criminality will flourish within a high density population not unlike pure Hell. Already thousands of researchers are working hard to put this new form of governance into some master plan whereby movement into The Burgeoning will be as seamless as possible. We have no other choice other than chaos in this matter. Liberty and Freedom will be of prime consideration and if done correctly it will resemble our dreams not unlike Star Trek or some old expression of futurism.

Deep stuff...

In our prime, we sought to be highly worthy and would strive at every event sequence to our soul to be in a high state of zeal. When we once knew the purpose of Existence and were still in contact with the source of our being and becoming, we knew that to be present in this physicality as an entity occupying a form here in Time/Space; we needed to strive for the very best by study and evaluation of all the parameters of this alternate reality. It was then a learning paradigm for the gestalt mind of REASON.

Every second of our stay here in Time-Space, we became better by knowing the totality. The extent of this realm of being and becoming is robust and full of many elementals that one must know in order to utilize as a tool of Human Leveraging. To leverage the nuances of the elements and principles of Deity is arduous and requires sufferance of the soul in order to expand consciousness in this realm. Though we have always had access to total mental expanse, the conditions in Time/space dimensions are another configuration that one must be patient in order to succeed as a worthy entity who acts are indeed worship to our Godliness.

Those who came before us made sure we learned how to negotiate the realms of testing here. The Seven of the One who created this reality via the Broadcast of the Tree of Sefirot (Always), made sure their mission was set in continuance by teaching us of the parameters found in the Laws of God as to how to Leverage in Truths with all the elementals found here.

They imparted the total wisdom of the Primary Technology and taught the means of LEVERAGING every particulate. One does not become worthy unless he/she seeks the Wisdom necessary to exist here. The Primary Technology is the way of this existence. It is how the Laws of God are kept in unison with its purpose. To stray away from the learning of these laws will impact the longevity of the entity. If one becomes worthy they move in grace up the Tree of Existence.

Gestalt Knowledge and Wisdom is/are a body of Godliness that must amplify to accompany infinite realms of potential. No negatives and all positives. It is readily apparent as to how one is to live here. The onboard cursor or brain allows physical interface of the mind to the task or physicality. If one strays past or over the laws present here, Worthiness is subsumed and all zeal is lost to waste within this "seeking to task ratio" of our presence here. Positive behavior is reinforced without one knowing it is taking place. Yet one can learn by stimulus response positives which are onboard and in the program of this realm. Negative acts usually have long-term results and in the end will cause the entity to deteriorate and lose worthiness.

To the majority of us still here, we have become lost and do not remember our primary mission in this state of being toward becoming. The long-term loss of a being who participates in Negative behavior is not on the pathway to becoming and will falter to defeat here. That is why one must strive to learn of all the issues facing existence. Those who have Liberalized their life will soon learn that they live a lie due to their selfish endeavors to boost up their own little godliness which is only a part of the whole rather than participate in the gestalt of the Is. Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is. Thus is the Crux of being and becoming.