Dubious Group Offering $1 Million for Bigfoot Body


Obligatory Austin Powers opening:

Dr. Evil: Here's the plan. We get the warhead and we hold the world ransom for... ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Number 2: Don't you think we should ask for *more* than a million dollars? A million dollars isn't exactly a lot of money these days.

Just a million, yea? I'll take it! So would most of the world. And one group is placing that bounty on the table. All you have to do is throw a Bigfoot carcass on that very table.

A publicly traded company called Bigfoot Project Investments, inc. (how direct) began this call-to-action. Led by controversial Bigfooter Tom Biscardi, the self proclaimed "Godfather of Bigfoot", the team wants definitive proof. Much like America's Most Wanted, if you have any information leading to the direct capture of killing of a Bigfoot, you could get that dough.

So get out your camera phones everyone. If you produce compelling Sasquatch footage, you could be in for a big bag of money. Or will you?

Tom Biscardi is a very controversial figure and known hoaxer. He's no Les Stroud, let's be honest. It appears his motivations are typically rooted in financial gain above all, so this feels more like a giant press-release than an actual call for a Bigfoot body. His website is quite bare, and some folks believe he is merely increasing the capital of his company for a couple bucks-worth of stock or a quick and dirty sell. Very strange. There's more lucrative ways to lead your life, I think. To each his own.

While I highly doubt that this character would ever pay out the million, I am curious what the most effective way to capture Bigfoot would be? To be honest, using the Les Stroud technique, is the most practical. That is, get them to come to you by putting yourself deep in their territory and availing yourself in a non-threatening manner. Very rarely do we hear about people walking around the corner and witnessing a Sasquatch. Most encounters involve a creature peeking through windows, throwing rocks, sifting through garbage, infiltrating farm buildings, and so on.

Whether or not you get that payday, at least this challenge gets people outside and thinking about capture techniques. Happy hunting.

Does Bigfoot live in Mines?

Does Bigfoot live in caves

Put on your miners hat. Apparently, there are such a large number of empty mines in the United States the government doesn’t know what to do about it. Seeping wastewater from thousands of old mines have already contaminated many watersheds. Recent spills into the Animas River in Colorado raised awareness of the vast number of mines there really are in America: over 500,000. Could any of these half-a-million, perfect shelters provide Bigfoot a place to live?

Bigfoot Vacation Spots?

I could very well see a family of Bigfoot living in a mine, for at least a short time. There are an estimated 47,084 abandoned mines in California alone. And 67% of these are on Federal Lands and likely to be very inaccessible by anyone other than contractors or the occasional government meter-reader. These potentially remote areas would be fantastic for any large creature seeking a new home for a month or two. If anything, I believe that Sasquatch forage within a certain territory. To throw a wild guess, I think a creature of that size, tact, and intelligence would migrate around a 50-mile radius, moving from one seasonal food source to another, and spending a short time at specially selected mines or caverns.

If there are mines in a given area, then I would think the geology is littered with cave systems as well. With only black bear for competition, I believe that these creatures would adore a covered, secure mountain cavern homestead as well. Like I said, I don’t think they need to stay there for the rest of their lives, but as they learn their territories food sources, they find these perfect ‘vacation’ spots. They could also conceivably leave the old and young there for longer periods of time, for protection.
So what do you think? Could colonies of Bigfoot creatures actually lay their heads to sleep in abandoned mines?

Creepy Caverns

This Youtube channel follows abandoned-exploration enthusiasts as traipsing through extensive mining caverns. As you watch these videos, you find out that there really are a lot of large passages down there and they’re not all that safe. Not to mention, they are extremely creepy. This particular video of the Waldeck Gold Mine in Australia features an extremely brave explorer making his way deeper and deeper into the mine system. At one point he stops suddenly, and the camera audio picks up a sinister whispering. A Youtube user AcePvP MC commented, “That is negative energy (or demonic to some) They were telling you to leave, you were in there home, your calmness saved you from any lash outs.”

See video

Father-daughter Team Create 9 ft. Tall Foam Sasquatch

You can buy three-foot-high sculptures from Skymall and the Home Depot garden section, but rarely do full scale Sasquatch replicas see the light of day. An artist in Indiana recently crafted a nine-foot Bigfoot sculpture with his ten-year-old daughter.


Inspired by the whimsical interest his daughter Madison took in the TV show Finding Bigfoot, David Auleman set to work sketching out the full piece. As the process moved along, he decided to mold a juvenile Sasquatch to accompany the full-grown adult and mirror the special creative partnership he had with Madison.

What is the sculture made of?

David and Madison’s sculpture is made from about 90% recycled foam from Tractor Supply. They glued all the large foam pieces together and carved out the shape of the subjects with a hot-wire cutter. The eyes are made from wood knobs and the hair is synthetic. To shape the faces just right, they applied epoxy clay to the foam and molded to match the final sketches.

David spent about four years off and on to finish the piece.

He said that the adult and juvenile can be interpreted as either hiding or hunting. The young creature holds a stick, perhaps about to smack the side of the tree and sound out a chorus of wood knocks.

David's creation was so lifelike that a woodpecker flew into his workshop and tried to peck away at the sculpture’s faux tree.

Sasquatch for rent/sale?

David's been hard at work getting the word out about their unique creation. He contacted Loren Coleman, the world's most well-known cryptozoologist and the curator of the renowned International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine. He also called the Children's Museum of Indianapolis to see if they would be interested in featuring the piece.

Excited by the creative forces of the paranormal and esoteric, David plans to create a new sculpture soon: a crash-landed UFO with an alien next to it.

The sculpture is very cool and, if I ran my own Bigfoot museum or attraction I would be extremely interested in displaying it! Great job David and Madison!!