My Blogging Index

As we approach the upcoming TDG site metamorphosis, I decided to do an inventory of my blogs. Some of the content has been moved over to my own web site, because Greg may not allow posting and editing of member blogs after the update.

Teotihuacan City of the Gods

The Magic Brick in Tut's Treasury

The Vulture Stone at Gobekli Tepe

Who Built the Moon Reviewed

Divining Planet 9: Twice Baked

Simcha Back At It For Easter

Graham Hancock's Magicians of the Gods Updated

The Great Pyramid Forgery (Revisited)

NASA Unexplained Files (Revisted)

Star Talk

Bones-upon-Bones: The Missing Mummy of Akhenaten

The Historical Basis of King Arthur

Tut Recycled Nefertiti's Death Mask

Back to Back to the Future

Mayan Calendar Party Time?

The Dark Psychology of Trolling and Astroturfing

Je Suis Charlie

Discovery Channel to Stop Airing Hoax Documentaries

2014 Top-Picks SciFi-Vibes

Strip the Biblical Conspiracies: Crucifixion

Surviving the Exodus Movie

Strip the Cosmos: Mars Episode

Strip the Cosmos (New Series on the Science Channel)

The Tomb of Someone Related to Alexander at Amphipolis

2017: Year the Grail

2014: Year the Binary Star System

Apocryphal Joseph and Asenath, Grail-Literature

New Season of Ancient Aliens: The Sphinx Episode

The Lost Art of Resurrection: Freddy-Silva (2014)

Alexander the Great and the Grail Tradition

Irons Kai: The First Four Minutes of Edward Stafford

Atlantis Above and Below (Part 1)

Atlantis Above and Below (Part 2)

Atlantis Above and Below (Part 3)

The Kofels Impact Event

The Tut (DNA) Report

Funny Money Bail Out Humor

The Limits of Control (Film Review)