Caesar Must Be Born Again and Again

The following is an excerpt (#10 of 20) from:

"Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians"
copyright 2017 Charles N. Pope

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If someone doesn't believe that the US sees themselves as the latest renewal of the Roman empire, they have not seen the architecture in DC.
Of course the legal structure is more like England version 2.0, but the founding fathers saw it more like a new Rome I believe.

While I do not subscribe to the direct interpretation of Charles' theories,
he does have a very valid point - history does repeat itself, in the minds of
the actors on the historical/political stage. (In my view, politics is just today's snapshot of history, without the long run consequences.)

So, if we go with that model of thinking, how does the newest president fit in
to this? In particular, some of the driving forces in his supporting crew? Some of them have thoughts of their greater meaning in a historal setting.

We are the cat.

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I haven't even finished presenting this new "theory" yet. Come on (haha)!

{The gist of this "theory" is that there was a group of people, a.k.a. the royal family, that made sure history repeated itself, and to their advantage. The solution to the "Grail Mystery" had to be something both simple and undesirable such as this. No one likes the idea of a world that was so totally gamed, but for better and for worse that is our blessing and our curse.}

By the way, your joke post last night about the modern day politician named Cajus Julius Caesar was rather prescient! It anticipated my latest blog and title perfectly.

America was founded when the royal age was still very much in full swing. According to some other research I've done, the Earth was partitioned into 12 regions with each devoted to a particular god or goddess. (The ancients essentially did a virtual overlay of the Zodiac onto the Earth.) North America was associated with the goddess Isis and therefore represented freedom, not in the Roman sense but more along the lines of ancient Athens. In other words, there was an outward form of democracy, but it was still highly controlled by the royal family in practice.