"Caesar Died in India"

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"Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians"
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There has been the legend, from believable contemporary sources, that Alexander's body did not decompose until quite some time after his death.

A reasonable explanation for this has been offered in scientific literature.

Alexander was a man's man, he liked to party. Since technology had not advanced to distilled alcohol, he settle for wine. Today he would be a wiskey guy I am sure.

So the hypothesis is that he drank too much, as had been his tradition all his short life, and fell into a coma. Liver damage or brain, I forget which. From said coma he did not awake in time to drink water, and so died of thirst. His companions did not dare touch him, lest they rouse his anger. Kinda like Stalin, who's doctors did not dare treat him after a stroke.

We are the cat.

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Alexander's body didn't decompose for a very long time. He lived for around 40 more years!