Donald Trump the first Paranormal President

The Trumpster as a Trickster

Donald Trump may be the first paranormal President of the United States. Here’s why: Trump has displayed characteristics simpatico with the “Trickster” and the paranormal.

People who are deeply involved in paranormal activities often display these character traits: The Trickster personality mixes into their daily routines, which means non-normal activities are engrained in their lives. They may hold down normal jobs, but their thinking is not at the center of society's thinking. It settles on the fringes of society where most people choose not to go in thoughts or behavior.

The 1999 thriller Eyes Wide Shut features a Trickster operating secretly in the underbelly of society, hidden from acceptable society. In the TV series, House MD, Dr. House gets away with being devious, obscene, liminal, undiplomatic, adolescent, obnoxious, uncontrollable, and erratic because the doctors and hospital administrators know House successfully uses unconventional thinking to solve medical problems. His behavior revolts them until they discover he has saved yet another patient. In the Showtime series Billions, hedge fund manager, Bobby Axelrod, is a Trickster character.

Trickster and paranormal personalities express an entertainment
value. As a jester or comedian, a Trickster can say things others dare not say, but secretly wish they could. Paranormal people also tend to be obsessed with the concept of conspiracy: Trump and his wall to protect the western world, for example. They think anyone who doesn't agree with their position is aligned with a plan to attack them. Sometimes they may be right: People can be out to get them because of their behavior.

Few of us openly speak our minds. Those wishing to behave in an acceptable manner may think a thought they don’t know how to verbalize politely or their etiquette and defense mechanisms prevents them from saying what's on their minds. Hence, their every thought is edited and evaluated for social acceptability or political correctness before it’s spoken.

In contrast to the norm, paranormal people speak openly and without inhibitions from their subconscious minds. We call them "loose cannons," realizing these types often get into trouble for inappropriate speech, similar to a child blurting out whatever comes to mind. Some of this uninhibited, unedited speech brands them as anti-social or societal rejects. Only a person with extreme charisma can get away with this type of loose communication, but not forever.

Just as psychics draw on their unconscious thoughts leading to their intuitions, Tricksters tend to speak out spontaneously. Despite spontaneity, a Trickster doesn’t solve problems through harmony; on the contrary, they prefer to stir things up.

Critics and admirers discover charismatic Trickster people to be moving targets that they can't predict.

Americans want a president who thinks outside the box. If Trump is elected, they may get that by voting in a president who thinks way out there, in the outer limits.

Bill Sweet
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18 September 2007
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Even if Trump does not win the thing what he represents has "won" in the sense that many media'd taboo subjects have been aired in high visibility settings. A presidential outcome is not a "winner take all" affair. The Trump phenomenon has changed the discussion.

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22 November 2004
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Last night, I got hungry.
So I went to a place where they sell overpriced burgers.

I prodded the sales lady (not physically) a little, and she talked about the Trump campaign intelligently.

Much more intelligently than Trump. Not that this is difficult.

We are the cat.

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